6 comments on “Green-and-Go for Miss Eco International 2020?

  1. Diyos ko day!!!! Sumali ma lang sana siya sa Miss Earth Philippines, diyan lang pala ang bagsak niya, ang pageant na second rate, copy cat ng Miss Earth !!! Kalokah , binababa niya ang branding niya, ang masaklap niyan ma Luz Valdez pa shea

  2. If she doesn’t win due to the fact that our country just won that pageant recently.. This could be her trainning ground to become our future BBP international.

  3. Kelly Day is gorgeous and is a good communicator too. She gave Michelle Dee a run for her money during MWP 2019. I hope that COVID 19 curve will be flattening by the time the pageant starts. She stands a good chance of winning the competetion.

  4. Mr. Tinio, what became of the original Eco-International Teen, the one dethroned for (beep!)?

    By including Thia on the Announcement’s cover photo, MEcoInt organization is implying they count on Philippines for ALL-OUT support.

    Three (3) weeks, roughly. Looks like it’s going to be little more than a marketing blitz for the sponsors, again.

      • @ Norman I keep confusing these pageants, that at one point or another happened along the Mediterranean Sea, for one another – MEco-Int, MIntercon, TMotW, & WTM.

        They all have the same branding and vibe. Little to distinguish one from the other. Generic.

        (The occasional “culinary” allegation does not help.)


        But, yes. Let’s hope air travel would even resume by then. Kelley must be semi-bonkers, atm. 🙂

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