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  1. Kahit attitude itong Ate Apriel mo, sa kanya ako pupusta among these girls here on this post. I still believe that Pauline is best for the MIP crown. Chweh!

    • @ VINA YU Amelinckxz reminds me of Jolene Marie Rotinsulu Cholok. 🙂

      • Jolene is too fluffy/floppy for me . Pauline is more firm and athletic training

  2. Para mairaos lang kahit may banta pa ng covid19. Dadaan lang sa mata at madaling malilimutan ang event na to dahil ang focus ng mga tao sa ngayon ay paano kakain at maghahanapbuhay para makabayad sa mga naipong utang. Sana ma-realize ng organizers lalo ng mga candidates that winning the crown won’t spare them from catching the virus. Wag naman po sana Lord magkaron ng headline na beauty pageant candidates covid19 positive at makita na lang natin sa iba-iba hospital. Wag naman po sana Lord kasi vaccine is not yet discovered.

  3. Gets ko na kung bakit ganito ang grouping ni Blogger Tinio.


    My vote for Role Model is Apriel Smith. For Rallying Point, Alaiza Flor (siyempre, tucayo). And “Harbinger” means the one whom I wish to see again on another stage in the future – Galeria.

    Bella,…. a lot of people want her to try for MWP…. a good alternative to Aberrasturi, imo.

    Norman San, what about ALV? Ano’ng plano niya? Siya na lang hindi pa nag-Press Release…

    • @Flor I have a feeling that A&Q will field Ahtisa to oppose KF’s Aberasturi. With those two, Bella’s only choice would be to gun for Miss Eco Ph.

      • @ unorthodox Then, that settles it!

        The Camp will probably instruct Bella to skip a year. We will see her again 2022, at the earliest.

        I want Ahtisa for RH.

      • @Flor Bella would already be 27 years old by the time of Miss World finals in 2022 (assuming that it happens on the last quarter of that year), and Miss World’s age limit is 26. So if Bella really wants to the blue crown she’d have to do it next year (2021) when she’s still 26 by the last quarter. I personally wish tho that she joins BBP and gun for MIP 2021 instead.

        Per Ahtisa, the only crowns higher or at least of equal prestige from her MIP title are MEP, MWP, and MUP. With all due respect, Miss Eco Ph (or any title other than the first three i mentioned) will be a downgrade for Ahtisa.

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