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  1. I dont get the hype on Sandra Lemonon. Dahil ba dun sa shallow honesty niya sa pagsagot nung 2018? Di ko talaga bet ngiti niya. Maybe because of her lips. Chweh!

  2. why don’t they appoint a representative now for MU2020 and start training right away ? … it will make sense to appoint because there is a pandemic and it is a transition period between Bb and MUP. Then, in October , who ever wins that pageant will be our rep for MU2021… good long training for the winner.

    I feel like they should appoint Gumabao for 2020 and hope Molinao wins in October for 2021…

    • @ jaretwrightlover Atty. Patitay is being mulled for 2021, you forget…. 🙂

      • that’ true … so they should appoint Molinao … I will feel sorry for Gumabao … unless Magtanong can wait one more year …

      • @ jaretwrightlover As per comment of @ unorthodox in the “Binibini’s with the longest reign?” post, Atty. M. will overage at MU if she postpones to 2022. For her, it’s 2021 or nothing, her last.

    • Eww… Ang Chaka nung Gumabao! Unplaced khit sa Ms. Globe dhl chaka is chaka. 🤮

  3. I saw Shmacey’s video on MUP . I wish she had spoken in Filipino . I don’t think she can be an effective YouTuber.. unlike Laila who sounds very natural and spontaneous .

    • the purposes of the videos are different. Laila’s (and most yt vids) are pegging a more “conversational” vibe because the purpose is to engage the audience in a conversation thru the comments section. This conversational approach provides more flexibility to the speaker, because as normal day to day chikahan goes, you can edit, repeat, omit, and/or add other ideas as you go along. On the other hand, Shamcey’s video aims to disseminate information much like how tv commercials are doing, with a specific information set that they want to share/convey. Therefore a script must be followed, that’s why if you notice Shamcey’s eyes it was very evident that she was reading a script. And a script does not provide flexibility to the flow of ideas coming out of the speaker’s mouth, so we cannot really expect spontaneity and “natural sounding”-ness to come out. Even Pia’s and Catriona’s BBP Final Walk live speeches did not sound natural at a few certain points because both of them were adhering to a specific script that they prepared beforehand.

      My point is, you cannot really compare the two videos because their nature is very different with each other to begin with.

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  5. Mariam bears some semblance to Fred Cull.

    “Mariam” is the Q’uranic equivalent to the Bible’s Mary, right? She was the Prophet Mhd.’s mother.

    Mother took her infant and fled to evade marauders, taking shelter in a cave. God (Allah) ordered spiders to build webs at the entrance, and a pair of birds to nest there, too. Pursuers bypassed the cave, thinking no one was inside; the deception was successful. 🙂

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