6 comments on “Harbingers of Hope

  1. Kay Bella ako dito. Pero mas bet ko pa din talaga siya sa Miss World Philippines. Chweh!

  2. Bella Ysmael exudes sophistication. I love her cheekbones which she must have inherited from her aunt, Margie Moran.

  3. Not a good Picture from Bella . But wasn’t Janine’s face pic on MU page extremely ugly too?
    My bets include:
    Bella – has the best pasarela along with Sorsogon
    Michelle-I am worried abt the weight and the ordinary face.
    Pauline – needs to lose a little weight
    Sorsogon – after seeing her video with the bag snatcher, I don’t think l will ever be a fan . But she has the best pasarela And is very driven ..Her comm skills are limited and face is ordinary .

    • @ Fabian Reyes You mentioned again my primary concern with Michelle.

      Not her weight, really…. She has demonstrated before that she can lose….

      IT’S THE ORDINARY FACE. Even Viets can now put out someone of equal. Or Laos.

      Look again at her performance at The Miss Globe 2018. Facially, typical Asian filler candidate.

      “Cavite” is Billie Hakkenson. She is striking with that cut. But pre-MUP, in long locks, meh.

    • Ikaw pabyan, the ugliest among the extremely ugly chimpanzees. Marami kang kuto. Ambaho baho mo. Nanlilimahid ka and even your ashes pag namatay ka na kinutuko pa rin at abot ang masyohong amoy from the Arctic Circle to the bosom of Antarctica!!!!

  4. Paula Ortega is becoming blooming growing. The pause only made her stronger. Paula would be our candidate for the MU !! Gooo Paula

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