6 comments on “Undercover Asia and the Hidden Side of Philippine Pageants

  1. Exploitation especially of minors is really a sad reality in pageantry. Remember the FACE OF THE YEAR in late 80’s, a male high profile personality was once a victim of this.

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    Guys, watch Voltaire Tayag’s YouTube canale, apparently a response to this report.


    For myself, here’s the stuff I got.

    Huwag tatanga-tanga; kailangan alisto! Take note of things and folks. Predators single out the socio-economically disadvantaged candidates (like JSM & the male pageant vets); a candidate who is well-off will probably be less desirable to them, if socio-economic empowerment (PG’s relatively-affluent background, with stage mother captured in the video!) translates to stiff resistance. And, guys tumulong kayo humanap ng kidney donor para sa nanay ni MP….

  3. Temptations are everywhere in this mundane world. As long as the aspirant is not coerced to do it, he/she has the choice. Beauty pageant organizations on the other hand, must check the credibility of their sponsors. It is not all about gaining profit, but the welfare of the contestants must be on their top priority. I think it is about time that these pageant organizations create a regulatory board which will serve as checks to some organizations doing monkey business in the pageantry. This regulatory board maybe composed of top executives of these organizations and could issue permit to hold beauty competetion or even given the power to revoke the franchise.

  4. There are truths,half- truths..even truths coated as lies. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there!! ….and in pageantry,as a whole— Money is its Lifeblood. It is a thriving business all by itself…….think make-up,surgery,cosmetics,Advertising,…even Advocacy!…all in a gamut of disguises! It has all the trappings of Vanity and Exploitation….and such is not confined only to Venezuela and the Philippines!!.. it’s as old as Adam & Eve..and that slithering Snake!

    • @ Viggo Bjorn The snake is wise. It represents CHOICE.

      Yes, it was deceptive. It did not present the BIG picture. But it also presented valid point/s.

      I was a little surprised that Mr. Tinio opted to post this. I myself only watched it (on YouTube) yesterday. I thought he would just let it pass…. But like the seasoned serpent, he obviously expects us too pick up a lesson or two somewhere…. 🙂

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