3 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines answers all the questions (Part 2)

  1. Quote from an Entertainment Reporter,

    The “hot” Hwood rumor is a big shake-up at WME that sees Ari Greenberg exiting, Ari Emanuel elevated and focused on IMG-Endeavor, and Patrick Whitesell taking over agency’s day-to-day. Other defections as well. Denied to high heaven. Truth will reveal itself soon. It always does.

  2. Medio nawindang ako ng very light dun sa part na,

    “We are most in touch with Valerie Lim … with whom we are discussing some donation initiatives”

    Anong donation ito at bakit kung may mga guaranteed sponsors naman sila?

    Kasi kung mga PPE lang naman ang usapan, andame na designer na nag-create ng PPE, lahat yon donation!

    And kung October gaganapin yung event, that means, barely two months lang preparation nung winner kasi 01 November yung deadline and rumored date is 06 December!

    So by this time, yung mga merlat, dapat kabog na ang pasarela at ang communication skill nila eh hindi parang interrogation ng pulis!

  3. So, tourism has been set aside… I guess that means we will no longer see the remaining “Beyond Coastlines” videos. 😦

    Scholarships, unemployed teachers (private schools, no?), repatriated OFW’s who lost jobs, MU-Singapore to donate masks, and reaching out to pageant support industries, and the hope for a still-joyous Yuletide season.

    Good thing no sponsor or candidate pulled out. My CV will get her own MG car….. 🙂

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