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  1. i like their plans for prelim and finals and for some events. pero para mas maging safe. they should cut something on their list. there are some events na hinde na kailangan. they are literally doing their pageant not just as a beauty pageant. but the schedule of events/activities is too long. Parang less ang safety sa mga girls pag ka ganon. in this time of pandemic less is more. kahit pa may schedule ng flights. dont fly. just do the photoshoot on okada or sa hotel ng press presentation nila for glamour shot and i think they can do SS photoshoot there. they can do their mission and vision in 1 to 2 months of pageant activities.

  2. Concentrating on advocacy is what’s going to kill pageants . Candidates will be forced to make a stand they do not exactly believe in and the fans will turn their heads away cringing at the thought of these presumptuous candidates.
    What will draw fans to the pageant is a fun and exciting finals show preceded by equally entertaining pre-pageant activities.
    Have u seen whats happening to Miss America ? Fielding plain looking candidates in plain looking clothes is killing the pageant . There is a place for common folks and it’s not a beauty pageant .

  3. I think a simple MUPh message to the masses would’ve been just as effective: We will endure, We will thrive, and We will see you in October!*

    (*Sana lang and subject to change**)

    (**Sana may vaccine before Miss U)

  4. Pageantry will simply slide down to extinction without an advocacy that will sustain its meaning to its followers. Post coronavirus, what meaning does a beauty contest present to a community that has been battered physically, emotionally, financially, and mentally? What show to present a nation trying to adjust to social distancing, hand sanitizing and face masking as a new normal? Finding that meaning is definitely easy for a pageant organization that is not defined by form, but of substance. As Shamcey Supsup-Lee declares: “The wonderful thing about MUPH is that it is not just a beauty pageant—it is a platform for women to develop authenticity and purpose, and to act through empowerment and influence… contenders need to channel the phenomenal women in them, and inspire others to do the same.”

    • Because it is advocacy-driven, Mario Garcia notes that sponsors are evaluated based on their congruence with MUPH’s “objective of providing every Filipino a roadmap for the phenomenal version of his or herself through stories of beautiful transformations, love of country, and charity.” No wonder, the partnership with sponsors persists through the post-pandemic new normal because sponsors are “fighting for the same things we find important.“ Branding 101!

  5. Dami ek ek, hype dito hype doon, Pa Thesis ang presentation

    Talo pa IATF sa bullet points mag report

    In other words

    Michele Gumabao, 28, Philippines


  6. Their willingness to push through the pageant despite the covid scare is a welcome development for MUP. As the MUP National director, Mrs Supsup-Lee’s desire to continue the legacy of Philippine pageantry despite the odds made her an epitome of an empowered woman.

  7. Habang may covid19 pandemic at wala pang vaccine available, I don’t think beauty pageants are relevant these days. Tapos yung abs-cbn eh nagsara pa ngayon, kaya malamang gma lang pede mag-broadcast kung magkakaroon pa ng beaucon this year or next year.

    • @ Adrienne Just look at all this traffic.

      Do you think something irrelevant will generate so much commotion?


      • In this period of social distancing, face masking and hand sanitising, the only raison d’etre of beauty pageants is advocacy. The beauty pageants that people can draw meaning from nowadays are only those with advocacies like MUP and ME. To me, parading the antiquated sense of physical beauty before a citizenry that is devastated physically, financially, emotionally and mentally is insensitive and irresponsible.

      • Hey @flortula, we’re in the crisis, wala pa nga sa middle… paakyat pa towards the middle. Health and safety ang importante these days at di ang pageant. Mae-enjoy ba ng winner ang crown kung mahawa ng virus sya along with the other candidates sa kabila ng strict implementation ng social distancing at sanitation ng venues? Bakit di na lang hintayin ang vaccine? Mas masaya at mas feel ang excitement ng beaucon kung safe tayo at sabay-sabay o grupo-grupo ang lahat ng fans manonood sa mismong venue man iyon or sa harap ng tv na gaya ng dati. Kung ang goal ay mairaos lang kahit may banta pa ng covid19, dadaan lang sa mata at madaling malilimutan ang event na to dahil ang focus ng mga tao ngayon ay paano kakain at maghahanapbuhay para makabayad sa mga naipong utang.

    • @ Adrienne Ang dahilan kung bakit itutuloy ay upang mabigya’ng KASIYAHAN ang fans.

      Mental health, mahalaga din. New normal, yes. But, hindi ibig sabihin miserable na lang tayo.

      ND na mismo nagsabi – “Even without the pandemic, we realized this was a direction we should take – to be responsive and not pageantry as done before. This is an opportunity…” (similar).

      Worst case scenario, hindi ma-fa-fast-track ang vaccine. We will just have to compensate. Hindi pu-puwede’ng magpalit ang taon – 2020 to 2021 – na tenga pa rin tayo. Economies will DIE.

      The way to pay off debt is to get working again, to earn money for that payment. Banks anticipate heavy borrowing; WB just granted a fresh loan to the Philippines to help the government cope.

      October was chosen for good reason. We will have to trust the organization. And in any case, the prevalent mood is one that is hopeful that 4th quarter 2020 to not later than 1st quarter 2021 will allow for some sort of resumption.

      The ABS-CBN thing, like I said here before, will “not end well”. True enough. But if history is any indication, “life will find a way” (quote taken from “Jurassic Park”).


      • @Flor, while I agree to some of your points, I beg to disagree that the reason why beauty pageants should be staged in at this time is “upang mabigyan ng kasiyahan ang mga fans”. To me, it would, could, and should be staged not so much for its entertainment value but more for its ability to inspire confidence to, and positive action from, a populace physically, financially, emotionally, mentally and perhaps spiritually devastated by this pandemic. Shamcey is correct when she said that “the wonderful thing about MUPH is that it is not just a beauty pageant—it is a platform for women to develop authenticity and purpose, and to act through empowerment and influence… [and] channel the phenomenal women in them, and inspire others to do the same.” In other words, what we is being staged now is the more relevant beautiful transformation of a beauty pageant.

      • @ scorg You know why their sponsors did not bail out?

        They saw the TRAFFIC in this blog, and in similar other pageant fora. WE MAKE IT HAPPEN.


        No contest on transformation extending as well to pageantry. That much is plain, in fact expected.

        The call for positive action and confidence will impute in their format. They are eager to show us. It’s a fearsome time. IT IS ALSO RIPE WITH PROSPECT.

  8. All of it all look good on paper,

    The final verdict is the finish product!

  9. Excellent professionally-written planning document—vision, mission, and action plans! It is amazing how MUP is able to chart its new reinvented self post-coronavirus. The brilliant brainpower and business acumen is very evident in the planning document. I think this pioneering effort can make MUP the gold standard in pageantry, which other pageants worldwide can benchmark from.

  10. Taray may revalida. Miss France ang peg. Chars! Anyway, congrats Michelle Gumabao for winning MUP 2020! Runners up are Bella Ysmael and Alaiza Malinao. Chweh!

  11. May MUP merchandise sa July.


    Mr. Tinio, pakisabi po, ref magnet, coin purse, at key chain. With Mario Garcia’s CUTE mug printed…. (hihihih…).

    Puwede rin si Atty. Nad. If he starts working out now, he can REALLY look like Kenley Ong-Filarca by October. #WFH (A-hahahah!!!).

    Siyempre, sina Mdme.’s SSL & LARM, they must put out limited-edition minaudieres. Get in touch with an AP who can work on the embellishment…. SSL is architect; she can conceptualize.

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