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  1. Admin, may comment du’n sa kabila tungkol sa isa’ng naging kinatawan natin sa isa’ng minor….

  2. OMG! She’s one of my favorites pa naman… 😦
    Kaya pala nahirapan makakuha ng VISA nung crowning the next winner. 😦

  3. Not married yet… winner ng 2nd tier title…
    25-30 years old… hmmmm
    This is hard…

  4. I believe that this is Norman’s euphemistic way of describing the story of a past BB Pil winner. She won one of the coveted crowns but resigned halfway thru her reign. Rumors circulated that she was actually fired by the organizers of the pageant due to unprofessionalism. According to her mentors, they tried hard to prepare her for the international competetion through intense training to prove her worth in the international beauty contest so that she could justify her victory in the local pageant but she blew that chance because of her allegedly unprofessional behavior. Gets nyo na mga baks?

    • Serge, I would say that your interpretation is 80% in the right direction. The remaining 20% I will just keep to myself.

  5. Tito Norman , the fact that no one from the parties involved have confirmed anything means the story is still a strange fiction. Who was your source ? Some Pinoy DH?

      • NASA LV purse ka ba ni Janina SM so u were privy to everything that went on ?

  6. Feel ko si Venus Raj itey!

    East Philippines – Bicol?
    Few years over half Ruffa’s age – 31 years old

  7. This story alludes to a fairly recent winner of an international pageant.
    Could not perform duties but organization was kind enough not to dethrone her.
    Sino kaya?

  8. its a filipina title holder from one of the smaller pagents

  9. had the same guess, ruffa g… married a “moneyed” foreigner and now based here.. and Norman, what a description of your fictional character.. “ostentatious person lacking in good taste..” LOL!!!

  10. Tito Norman,

    Did you have a bad experience with Ruffa to inspire you to write this ? I only hear good things abt Ruffa as pertains to her interactions with fans and people around her .

    • Fabian, the story’s the farthest from Ruffa. She wasn’t even inside my head. Hint: someone who’s a few years over half her age. Ruffa is now 45. Take it from there.

      • Around 25-27 years old? Hmmm…
        Parang me kilala akong world din na foreigner napangasawa… Ahh w8… eto ba yung nagquit kuno kasi nasa ospital yung lolo? Yung hindi makakain ng salad kaya kinain yung ulam ng katulong?

    • @ Fabian Reyes OHMYGAS! Honga, no…. 🙂

      Iniisip ko, “East Philippians/Philippines”. ‘Eh, eastern Visayas, ergo Annabelle Rama.

      Ta’s, si @ Closer2Fame, pa…. World, daw.

      Which got me thinking….

      What has become oy Ylmaz Bektas?

      • I wonder what a young foreigner with no formal education would do in Turkey ? She spent most of her formative years in the Philippines where everything was served to her on a silver platter .
        Same thing with Miriam,,, who left her glorious life in Manila to settle down with a foreigner in a foreign country ? What was she going to do there ? Did she even think about that ?
        At least Janice is married to a Pinoy and lives in a friendly country ? I hope she’s doing something to further up her education

  11. Blind item ba ito Tito Norms?
    Sounds famillar…
    I heard this story before…
    Connected ba ito sa World?
    Yung tatay ba nung Prince e business magnate?

    • It depends on how you want to read it, C2F. Remove the royalty parts and make it more contemporary.

    • @ Norman Mr. Blogger, sabi ni @ Fabian Reyes, huwag niyo na raw ulit gagamitin ‘yang font na ‘yan. ‘Yang ginamit sa story, na medyo italicized at manipis. 🙂

  12. On the brighter side,

    Remdesivir vaccine is already on the Phase 3 of Clinical Trial and it was already approved by FDA for emergency situation. I hope this is the holy grail that world is waiting for!

    It was sort of expedited! I hope it will not have any side effects just like the DengVaxia!

    Oh ayan na, mga Vekla! May silver lining na ulit ang pageantry! The next question is, ngayong bankarote ang WME at lumalangoy sa utang, tuloy ba ang Miss Universe?

    • Have u seen the studies ?
      I don’t think it’s something to be excited abt
      But anything is better than nothing

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson ‘Ika nga, if you stop swimming, you sink and surely shall you drown.


      Creditors will not be happy if Endeavor just waits for a knight in shining silver armor (or Prince Alonso, in this case) to come out of the woodwork to save them. TULOY! Postpone lang….

      @ scorg is right, though. A pageant of MU’s scope CANNOT just be done on-line. Dapat LIVE.

      It will all depend on how CoV19 plays out in the USA. Btw, Ms. New Mexico is LOVE. Puwede!!!

    • @claire

      Remdesivir is not a vaccine. It is an antiviral drug. Totally different mechanism.

      • I did not see the word vaccine there
        U r right , it’s not a vaccine

    • i don’t think it’s a vaccine. It’s a drug that could potentially help treat COVID. so far, the effectiveness is just shortening recovery from hospitalizations by 30%.

  13. As an analogy to contemporary beauty contests, let this story be a reminder to the girls who aspire to become beauty titlists that being beauty queen is not only being physically pretty, but more importantly, it is also being internally beautiful for them to inspire people and leave lasting impression to the people they inspire.

  14. Mr. Tinio, let me guess….

    Niece/nephew did the sketches. Very, very nice. Our complements.


  15. This is a powerful story of redemption and freedom from oppressive exile similar to the Exodus, a narrative of someone who, due to gender, culture, and circumstance, was powerless and invisible, but was transformed by God to be a pivotal, formidable heroine. And it all began with a beauty pageant!

  16. Norman, I thought you are narrating a similar story as Esther’s, the poor beautiful girl in exile who married the king of her adoptive country when she won the first beauty pageant ever recorded—in the Bible. @Jay ThePogi and @Lina Fang referenced this in your previous post. More than 100 years after the Babylonian captivity under Nebuchadnezzar who scattered the Jewish people thoughout the Persian empire, King Xerxes I (486-465 B.C.), decreed to find a replacement new queen via an elaborate beauty contest of all the kingdom’s beautiful maidens. From all over the 127 provinces, beautiful unmarried young women are brought to the palace for the king to select his new queen. The reps from the various “APs” included Esther, an orphan and a concealed Jewish exile to the Persian capital city. After a 12-month pre-pageant “beautiful transformations”, where the “finalists” were perfumed with myrrh and allocated certain foods and servants, Esther was adjudged the winner. She became the queen.

    • This is a powerful story of redemption and freedom from oppressive exile similar to the Exodus, a narrative of someone who, due to gender, culture, and circumstance, was powerless and invisible, but was transformed by God to be a pivotal, formidable heroine. And it all began with a beauty pageant.

      • Norman, your fictional character seems like a depiction of the deposed wife of King Xerxes whom Esther, the Biblical heroine, replaced. Indeed, in this world we should not take our blessings for granted, and our gratitude is best shown by our exemplary behaviour everywhere and every time.

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