16 comments on “Four Filipinas (or Half-Filipinas) who conquered National Pageants in Scandinavia and Western Europe

  1. Considering how far Iris has gone in France , shouldn’t this inspire other Europeans to follow suit ?

  2. Bakit kaya nakapasok sa semifinals yang si Skarne na malaki ang ulo at walang leeg sa Miss Earth? Sayang yung placement niya na dapat sana sa iba napunta. Half pinay kasi. Chweh!

    • @ VINA YU Cloie is not half-Filipina. Read the article carefully again, po. 🙂

      She got her Swedish surname when Jenny Syquia re-married; Cloie settled there with her mom. It was reported in Entertainment/Show Business sections of broadsheets at the time.

      Being “artista” pedigree, hindi puwede’ng “thank you girl” lang siya. But yes. ME 2016 had many beautiful faces. And among them was the German-‘Noy Imelda Schweighart. We here had a wonderful time discussing her “rambutan” and “Hitler” gaffes.

  3. I think one factor why many women of mixed Filipino-foreign lineage are winning beauty pageants in their respective countries is that they are inspired with the successes of many Filipinas we sent to various international beauty competitions. This is a domino effect.

  4. It is no surprise that Filipinas win European beauty contests because they are well educated, credentialed and very articulate. It also helps that, as per a scholarly study found out, interest in beauty contest in inversely proportional to the degree of economic freedom a country affords women. In most European countries, participation in beauty pageants is low among the native-borns in the social mainstream than it is among the immigrants and those in the social margins. That is why these countries sometimes get to be represented by someone of Indian, African or Filipino ethnicity.

    • So they win because they only have to compete with trailer trash white folks and other Minority groups?.
      I find this comment extremely demeaning to the minorities of Europe

      • @ Fabian Reyes With all due respects. I will butt in.

        I sensed nothing negative with @ scorg’s comment. He merely cited a study.

        That being said, in recent pageant history “native-borns” won, not “halfies” – Oksana FeDOrova, Iris Mittenaere, Paul Luzineau, Pedro Mendes (but of Portuguese extraction), and Mirea Llalaguna.

      • The ever so diplomatic Flor , u always see the good in everything and everyone . And I always try to provide an alternative point of view.
        Thanks for being the referee on this blog

    • @ scorg In addition, some Filipinos based abroad act as Managers/ND’s, appointing reps to international pageants, particularly if pageant will be held in the Philippines or if the pageant is Philippines-based (such as Mutya and Earth), in both female and male tilts.

      For example, I could be a well-off OFW in the UK and with @ Norman as my contact, Ms. Cosmos International can be “supplied” with five (5) reps – Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, & England. Ako’ng bahala humanap ng ipadadala…. Not that it would actually be this way…. just as an example. MCI is US-based, btw.

      But that means I pay five (5) times the franchise; on my second year, I can get some discount…

      Right, Mr. Tinio, Sir?


  5. One Western European country in which international pageantry never really took off is ITALY. I think the only time they were in the spotlight was when they finished 1st Runner-up to Cecilia Boloccos of Chile in MU.

    Mr. Tinio, I know there are a number of Italian-Filipino pageant organizations with whom you maintain contact to this day. Could you ask them to locate/discover, convince/encourage, hone, and sponsor a BEAUTIFUL rep for The Republic? Someone like Bianca Tirsin (MI-Romania 2018).

    No, not biracial. Maybe she will require incentive/s of some sort, bahala na sila…. If she wins her assignment, they can take full credit for the bragging rights.

    Philippines could then be included in her global itinerary. Ta’s, exclusive feature dito sa blog….

    Mille grazie! 🙂

  6. Cloie salvaging the fallen apples reminded me of “Big Yellow Taxi”.

    “Farmer, farmer, put away that DDT. I don’t mind worms in my apples….”.


    Mr. Tinio, Sarah Binder represented Fil-Comm Germany at Mutya, no?

    Could you ask her if she hailed from Tuttlingen? Tyia, po.

  7. from north america – riza santos represented canada in ms earth 2011, ms world 2013 and ms universe 2016.

      • Pero Philippines na nirepresent niya sa Miss Global. May sumpa talaga sa kanya ang pagbitbit ng Canadian sash. Chweh!

  8. Angelina Glass , MU Germany 2007 , is also half-Pinay if my memory serves me right …

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