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  1. This is the first yr of Zcovid 19
    Knowing how infectious and deadly it can be , not knowing it’s behavior through different seasons, … I doubt there will be a live audience at all this yr . The contest will be held some other way or not at all.

  2. another year when you have one of the best top 5s ever…. nobody can be kicked out and almost nobody can be allowed in to the magic circle of 5 ( except maybe Iceland and Puerto Rico , but if you did , who would you bump off of the pedestal ??? )

  3. Unless vaccines are discovered, produced and distributed this year, which is realistically unlikely, social distancing requirements will constrain international and local pageants from holding their respective 2020 editions with live audience, pre-pageant activities, and sponsor visits. They may hold innovative online contests, but this format may not be appealing to corporate sponsors who are also reeling from the debilitating effects of business shutdowns. Nor will the concept excite fans if dished out on a pay-per-view mode. On the other hand, online platforms can be less expensive than live contests as plane fares, hotel accommodations, venue hosting, and TV airtime fees are deleted from the huge overhead. If the cost-benefit analysis will yield a favorable result, why not?

    • @ scorg The Science correspondent of Deutscher Verien provided some perspective.

      HIV, TB, & malaria are pandemics that STILL kill millions worldwide and have no vaccine. Yet, the world is able to function with these in our midst. We have MANAGED them through a combination of vigilance, discipline, and cooperation.

      You might argue that CoV19 is far more contagious and fast-acting than these three combined. But the pandemic is not playing out to the same extent everywhere. There are pockets where we literally can catch our breath. Plus, we have now at our disposal and as arsenal knowledge and technology unavailable when the three earlier ones came out. It is said predator and prey are in an evolutionary arms race. If this virus had come out even just five (5) years ago, it would be so much worse, the (immediate) impact. Thought in that way, we are somehow still lucky this happened now, and not earlier. Just imagine if this occurred not long after the SARS-MERS-Avian flu saga, GOSH humanity surely would not have stood a chance!

      December to February is the Boreal Winter and a time when the host countries of the bigger brands are more prone to sickness precisely due to the cold. It is tempting to consider the warmer Austral hemisphere to host, but both Latin America and Africa are generally perceived to be where the pandemic could make a major blow due to largely inadequate health care systems. With the exception of…. Australia (at least for now)!

      @ Fabian Reyes Between Tyra Goldman and Celeste Cortesi, whom do you think will have a better chance of winning MUP? Just based on how both ladies look now. 🙂

      • “HIV, TB, & malaria are pandemics that STILL kill millions worldwide and have no vaccine. Yet, the world is able to function with these in our midst”

        It’s quite interesting to note that before this Covid-19 pandemic, which indubitably started from a province in China, the CCP was having a hard time containing the ever-festering pro-democracy protest in HK. When Covid-19 happened; the HK protest is gone from the collective discussion in the West.

        As the Covid-19 antibody testing got underway, it has become apparent that more people have been infected: a clear attestation of being highly contagious. However, majority of those who tested positive for Covid-19 antibody did not even manifest the slightest of those feared signs and symptoms. And that only indicate Covid-19 is way less virulent than purported by the media. In fact, most likely less virulent than seasonal influenza.

        Would a Covid-19 vaccine be helpful? I hope so. But then again, Covid-19 is a virus. As a corona virus, Covid-19 is a fast mutating virus. Which could assumed a totally different genomic identity by the time a vaccine is readily available. And would unfortunately render the vaccine less effective if not utterly useless. On the brighter side, maybe its new genomic sequence will render Covid-19 less contagious and and far less virulent.

        On a side note, will you please Mr. Norman check the security settings of your site: it’s been flagged a number of times for being loaded with massive malware, etc. I just … your blog. Thanks.

      • @Flor, HIV, TB and malaria may not have vaccines yet but there are drugs that have been discovered and produced to stop or minimise their disastrous effects on those inflicted. Only vaccines can completely exterminate a virus by way of enabling human antibodies to kill them. The major challenge with Covid 19 is that this deadly virus is easily transmissible and the symptoms show up only after 14 days when it has exponentially been transmitted to communities. Worse asymptomatic people spread the virus everywhere without even knowing that they are the virus carriers that killed vulnerable people with weak immune systems. Even if drugs are discovered, they will only mitigate, but not completely eradicate, the pandemic. What does this imply? Unless a vaccine is discovered, social distancing maybe the new normal everywhere.

      • @Flor, in an era of social distancing, holding pageants in tropical countries may not be viable, not only because they are likewise battling the pandemic themselves, but because of the extra costs involved. Think about the increased air fares due to therequisite social distancing inside airplanes, and maybe about the increased hotel rooms due to the no-sharing of rooms rule. Finally, think about the challenge of convincing potential sponsors who are yet recovering from the crippling effects of the business shutdowns.

      • @XYZ , so if more people are affected by covid 19 , it will make % mortality lower than the common flu. I understand that argument . But what planet are you living in ? If more than 20k have died in NYC from covid 19 , how is the media reporting exaggerated?? 87 people died in 1 nursing home At one time , have u heard That happening from the flu or any other illness ? Idk what your propaganda is but Covid 19 is there to kill you if you aren’t careful

      • @ XZY I would like very much to pick up from where you left off on the HK issue, but I have sworn NOT to politicize the blog with references to the CCP & the RP-USA military bases….


        Let’s just hope for the best but anticipate the worst. Low morale kills. Guaranteed.

      • @Flor, I think Tyra has a better chance than Celesre. Tyra is very pretty and articulate. She just needs to improve on her styling and Q and A performance.

        I’m not a fan of plastic surgery and Celesre has issues with comm skills. So I don’t know how far she’ll go at MU . This thing for sure , Celesre will not win MUP.

      • “If more than 20k have died in NYC from covid 19 , how is the media reporting exaggerated??…”

        Based on the latest CDC guidelines, anyone who tested positive for Covid-19 and died for whatever reasons, has to be counted and reported as a Covid-19 death. Meaning, even if those nursing home patient deaths were due to COPD or CHF exacerbation, high blood pressure or heart attack, as long as those who died tested positive for Covid-19, then those deaths will be reported and counted as Covid-19 deaths. In same way, if a person died of gunshot wound and tested positive for Covid-19, then that person’s death will be counted as Covid-19 death also. One underlying reason why facilities are more than eager to report those deaths as Covid-19 is because CMS mandated a higher reimbursement. Just remember, even with this Covid-19 pandemic, CDC is still not mandating a national reporting for flu related death.

        “87 people died in 1 nursing home At one time , have u heard That happening from the flu or any other illness…”

        Yes, and that was way back in 2014-15 flu season, particularly in the Southwest. And that was due to the fact that the strain of H3N2 flu virus affecting those states was not part of the vaccine used. And those deaths were not limited to nursing home residents or elderly only.

        Based on the latest NY Dept of Health Data, majority of those listed as Covid-19 deaths have diabetes and hypertension. In simplistic point of view, preexisting serious health conditions play a significant part of those deaths.

        While most countries manage the Covid-19 pandemic with lock-down, people should look at Sweden: no lock-down. Regardless, the Sweden Covid-19 mortality rate is no worse than those with lock-down.
        “The idea in Sweden is to essentially pursue herd immunity — let the virus spread as slowly as possible while sheltering the elderly and the vulnerable until much of the population becomes naturally immune, or a vaccine becomes available.”

      • @ XYZ Points taken. So, CoV19 has exerted a force on domestic (US) politics? Donald Trump is anticipating re-election, and working to re-glorify America’s oil industry in a time of negative world crude price due to drastically reduced fuel consumption prompted by CoV19? I will go no further. I promised not to…..

        Calamity brings out both the best and worst in humanity. Loyalties are tested.

        A friend of mine on FB just shared a local poll done in her/his town, the result of which showed the vast majority wanted no further extension of the lock down imposed by the Mayor. She/He was sad, saying an across-the-board unlocking will be a move everyone will regret…. But we can all agree here in the blog that at the very least none of us enjoys being cooped up for a long time. 🙂

      • @ XZY (cont.)

        The herd immunity thing has been brought up here before. Nobody took the bait, so to speak. 🙂

        The theory sounds promising, but it is based on robust assumptions and is a best case scenario. And more importantly, it is done NOT BY ITSELF but in conjunction with other measures.

        But yes, Sweden is one of the best places to try it out. We wish them all the best! May their efforts pay off BIG time.

  4. national pageants not only in the PH will push through. But international pageants? possible na hinde matuloy. our national pageants should stick to Plan B which is Live with no audiences or Plan C Live with Family as the only audiences. audiences is a challenges for the candidates. but judges can play the role of the audiences. pick kontrabida artist na may knows sa pageant as a judges lol. pero with audience or none makakapag perform pa din ang marunong magperform. makakasagot pa din naman ang kayang sumagot. if national pageants push through everything should be done safely. kaya naman siguro nilang mag pa pageant ng walang audience. among our national pageants. i think bbp can do it. hinde na prob ang venue at gastos don since sya may ari ng stadium. 2nd si MEP. 3rd si MWP and 4th si MUP. how about mutya? what do you think sir norman?

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