12 comments on “When Miss Universe 1980 became a Baywatch Babe

  1. I think many stunning Misses USA were crowned from 1980-1990. Julie, Christy and Carole could have won as well.

  2. another year when you have one of the best top 5s ever…. nobody can be kicked out and almost nobody can be allowed in to the magic circle of 5 ( except maybe Iceland and Puerto Rico , but if you did , who would you bump off of the pedestal ??? )

  3. I was already a Miss U fan in my late teens in the 80s when I spotted her at a pharmacy in Brentwood, CA, on the westside of LA. She had no make-up except I think for a light shade of lipstick. Very gorgeous face. No one seemed to know who she was as she browsed through the aisles. By the time she picked up her medz I came as close to the counter to make sure it was her (customers have to state their full name). I just gave her a smile and she smiled back.

    • Thanks for the story!

      It’s not surprising! She looks very down-to-earth and approachable. An All-American Girl!

  4. Angela Visser also appeared in Baywatch!

    Akala ko dedo na itong si Shawn Weatherly!

    Anyway, I just find out that Facebook will host a virtual Commencement Address with Oprah Winfrey. I think it’s worth watching how is it gonna be to at least somehow have a template on the possibility of conducting the local pageant in the same level.

  5. Powtek, Blogger Man!!! My youth just came rushing back. A-HAHAHAH….. 🙂

    Miami Vice, Kenny G, and Tadao Hayashi – Sadao Watanabe.

    ‘Eto rin po ba ‘yung dekada ng “That’s Incredible”?

    Uwian na ang mga ses. May wyn-wyn na…. Si Erika Eleniak. Ka-love team ni Billy Warlock. May LQ pa ‘yan…

    5’8″ si Shawn Weatherley? So, ano si David Hasselhoff? 6’6″?

    • (cont.)

      I also followed Falcon Crest and Lace (Phoebe Cates).

      “Faces” was THE discotheque. I remember Mimilanie had at least one “Mod” cover. “Mirabella” was still in print. For me, Louie Mamengo designed that time. Pitoy, Mang Bhen, & Sir Aureo were on the latter-end of their careers. Inno Sotto was emerging; Frederick Peralta, too. Armani RULED.

      • We often got wasted at Faces then one time we were so wasted when we boarded the plane for Caticlan. The flight attendants had a hard time waking us when we arrived in Kalibo haha. I didn’t realize that the high altitude and alcohol can render you immobile haha

      • I loved and I am an fanatic for ‘Falcon Crest’ … so many great actors , Jane Wyman is the best , and so many good looking actors … Robert Foxworth is best !

  6. The crown can only do so much . Ultimately , it’s the talent that counts .
    Btw, has Iris M stopped pursuing dentistry ? It looks like is gaining ground in France . I’m hoping Pia and Cat will get the same opportunities .
    Pia needs more acting lessons
    Cat will have to re-invent herself in the music industry . Modern pop does not suit her Once nor does the Filipino audience . We always gravitate towards kundiman songs . I know she can do it .

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