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  1. MABUTI PA ang PINSAN kong (he, he, he) si ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, MARAMI BESES na NIYANG SINABI/INAMIN na SIYA ay HALF FILIPINO. NAGSAGAWA pa SIYA noon ng FUND RAISING activity for Yolanda victims. ITONG si VANESSA MINNILLO, PESTE ang babaing ito. Ni minsan she NEVER RECOGNIZED her FILIPINO ANCESTRY. Or kahit magbanggit man lang nang kunti about FILIPINO. Mabuti pa si Olivia Culpo, hinanap ang Philippines (probably because she was heavily bashed before by Filipino netizens for the Paquiao-Mayweather fight) in last MU. Kung galit siya sa nanay niya, HUWAG niyang ISAMA ang Pilipinas, mga Filipino at si Miss Philippines. He, he, he…

    Hindi na siya dapat pang gawing host ulit ng MU. Mas gusto ko pa si Natalie Morales ang bumalik. Ang DAPAT GAWIN sa kanilang 2 ni Nick Lachey ay TALIAN nang MAHIGPIT sa backstage ng MU while the show is going on.

    Sa suggestion ni Flor Tula na imbitahin si Steve Harvey na mag-host sa MUP, mas mabuti pang dalhin yan siya sa South China Sea at IHULOg either sa dagat o sa mga Intsik na nakapwesto dun. He, he, he…

    By the way Flor, SCHOOLMATE mo pala si Fabian Reyes at ka-batch ko pa! Hay na lang…

  2. There’s nothing Pinoy about her.
    She doesn’t speak Filipino.
    Filipino culture isn’t a part of her life.
    She’s merely an asian-american woman 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • No such thing as “looks very Filipino” 🤷🏻‍♂️
        I have Cambodian and Vietnamese friends.
        They all look like any other southeast asian person ‘pag tinabi mo sa Pinoy.
        Di mo malalaman nationalities nila unless you asked them, heard them talk, or saw their mannerisms. Medyo mayabang mga Pinoys compared to other SEA nationalities, especially abroad.

  3. Sana makita ko siyang maging main host ng Miss Universe kasama si Andy Cohen.

  4. I am glad she is happily marriage to Nick. I hope her sad experienced with the separation of her parents and abandonment of her mother will make her stronger and wiser person.

  5. Their son Camden is cute mixed with European and Asian features with almond eyes. The dtr Brooklyn is a blondie.

  6. She is a wonderful host. She would have an excellent partnership with Bob Barker, had they been in the same era. To be honest, I do not like Steve Harvey as emcee of beauty pageants. Dick Clark, Bob Goen, and Bob Barker are better hosts than Steve. They gave beauty pageants some degree of elegance. I believe Steve should focus on “LITTLE BIG SHOTS” where his personality is more suited.

  7. Nick Lachey now with the facial hair reminds me of Gabby Concepcion in quarantine at his beach house in Batangas. Juices! Ka-WAFU. He has aged gracefully. Yummier than ever. He busies with his plantain patch, and has some oregano bushes…. 🙂

    Someone who has not aged gracefully? Piolo Pascual. Juices! He looks like he just endured an Armageddon. Looks totally washed out, horrible skin. 😦

    Mr.Tinio, can you convince MUPO to get Steve Harvey as host in the future?

    • My reaction when I first saw Gabby was , OMG , what happened to him ?’ He looks decrepit . He needs to work out
      The ones that stay good-looking are Christopher Deleon and Richard G

      • @ Fabian Reyes Oo, naman, with Boyet. 🙂

        Have never been a fan of Goma. Tall, dark, but looks plain… perhaps he has a Gene Hackman, Clint Eastwood, or Sean Penn thing?

        Btw, they are my fave American actors. Also Edward Norton, who is UTTER LOVE.

      • Just to add my choices, Flor. My favorite American actors are Mark Ruffalo and Peter Sarsgaard. I don’t know why but I have always fancied the two of them always. 😊

      • A lot of People say that about Goma . I guess he is just photogenic

      • @ Fabian Reyes ‘Ay, hindi. Sorry. Richard Gomez should be at least 8 years older than me.

        @ Norman Mark Ruffalo, YAASSS!!!!!


      • He was in PUP When he was discovered. then He went to The university of the Philippines in his 30s.
        I wish I kept my College ID
        I think my first 2 digits were 91

    • you made me smile a little on steve as host for MUPO. But i realized pwede. may sense. worth it. good strategy. dagdag viewers internationally. im sure steve will surely accept the invitation. TF? kahit 1/4 pa sa TF nya sa MUO. harvey will not miss this.

  8. Isn’t she estranged from her Filipno mother? I’ve never heard her acknowledge her Pinoy roots

    • Totally agree, the fact that she was born in the
      Philippines. Have somebody heard her say about
      her Philippine roots?

      One wonders if she has gone back to the
      place of her birth..would she plan to bring
      her kids to the Philippines one day?

      For sure, she has maternal family in the

    • Her mum left her when she was 9… actually, she was not even invited nor informed of Vanessa’s wedding… based sa mga nabasa ko… maraming naging asawa ung mum nya.

      BTW… nung una kong makita si Vanessa… sbi ko kamukha nya c Criselda Volks. LOL

      • Yes, that is accurate. Her mom abandoned the family which must have left a lasting scar on then 9 year old Vanessa. This is possibly why she doesn’t acknowledge that side of her family.

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