27 comments on “Celeste Cortesi: She may be from the Land of Amoré, but winning #ForThePhilippines is preferred

  1. @ Fabian Reyes Taking @ paul’s comment into consideration, I now think I know why CC no longer showed up at the Finals to crown her successor.


    It was a gesture of MUTUAL DEFIANCE….

    @ BPCI …. and you guys know the TRUTH/REAL STORY. 🙂

    OK, Mr. Blogger. You got me. CC #forthePhilippines! But I will still insist she be given Miss Charm. Wala’ng kahirap-hirap. I-a-appoint lang siya ni JG…. Anyway, she isn’t with KF anymore, right?

  2. I wonder if only the lips were done
    It looks like a plastic face . I’m not a fan at all .
    As for her pageant intentions , I don’t know what she’ll get from joining more pageants . She’s already won MEP . But If she really wants to be MUP or MWP , let’s go. If she shows personality and eagerness , I think the fans will forgive her ,
    First of all , what happened ? Why did she miss that night ? I think we need to hear her side of the story .

  3. Undeniably beautiful but why didn’t they move the electric fan in the first pic? Goodluck to her . That face is outstanding

    • She has one of the prettiest faces of all Miss Earth PHL titleholders. The others in my Top 5 are Carlene Aguilar (2001), Sandra Seifert (2009), Jamie Herrell (2014), & Angelia Ong (2015)

  4. Fake lips???? Ok another half looking foreigner and capitalizing her Looks in the Philippine pageantry?

  5. Future Miss World Philippines….
    She just needs a nice-girl persona and character…hihihihih

    • Since naging Miss Earth winner na sya, I’m guessing na ang goal niya ay either MUP or MWP lang. I’m pretty sure that she’s not dreaming to compete in minor pageants.

    • If Celeste wants to represent the Philippines..Why not!??.. She has it!! That face can launch a thousand pageant fans…and bashers alike!?.. that’ll add a diffrent flavor in the table!… She has a face that looks Latina,yet can be Pinay- mestiza..can also be Fil- European!! You have here a Global beauty that Other countries will love..can love!!….aangal pa ba tayo?.. She is ripe for it!.. if She wins…that’s added honor…and for her too…having that POWERHOUSE SASH of the PHILIPPINES on her bodice is a no brainer!! Works both ways!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

  6. Norman are you DOING PR WORK for Celeste Cortesi? IF YES, these are the ISSUES that will hound (or pester) HER if she joins Miss World Philippines or Mutya Pilipinas this year or BPP and/or MUP next year:

    1. ATTITUDE PROBLEM – I think she needs to be reoriented with the culture, beliefs & practices of the Filipinos in general, and the Philippine pageantry in particular. Celeste needs to THINK & ACT more of a Filipino rather being a European (& Italian) so that she will not get into TROUBLE with pageant owners/organizers as well as pageant fans.
    2. LANGUAGE PROBLEM – She needs to improve her proficiency in the English language as well as in Filipino. NAKAIINTINDI na ba siya ng salitang MALNUTRITION? How about PANDEMIC, COVID-19, etc? Baka magkaproblema na naman siya sa Q&A dahil hindi niya naiintindihan ang ibig sabihin ng mga salitang tinatanong sa kanya?
    3. SALAMAT PO DOK – She needs to be prepared for the people’s bashing on this matter. Halata pa man din masyado ang pagkagawa sa kanya. The UPPER part looks like Anne Hathaway & the lower part is that of Angelina Jolie. Hay na lang, remember that Binibini winner who transferred from one camp to the other but is more famous for her cosmetic surgeries. By the way, napatanggal nya na ba ang SUPER TATTOO niya?
    4. IMAGE BRANDING – Celeste and her team should BE VERY CAREFUL in releasing PICTURES such as those posted above and that very revealing picture which was posted several weeks ago. Pictures that will bring POSITIVE RESULTS and certainly not the FULLER LIPS and the TATTOO POINTING TO HER _____.


    NAAAWA ako sa batang ito pero parang ILL-ADVISED by some quarters. So far sa aking nakikita at nalalaman, she IS NOT doing the RIGHT things. SORRY NORMAN because I know you love this girl just like Alaiza Malinao.

  7. Mas maganda pagkakagawa nito kumpara dun kay Gazini na hindi pantay. Agree mga vaks? Chweh!

  8. The reason she skipped this years pageant season is really to have a character overhaul.


  9. OMG! What happened to her lips???? Way too much filling, they look horrible. Sorry, but she really had a pretty face before.

  10. Sans the caption, I do not recognize her at all. She is totally transformed. She is pretty with or without cosmetic surgery,

  11. She looks like an “enhanced Barbie doll”…..and not in a good way! She looked better when she won Miss Earth.

    She now reminds me of that new STARLET Ivana Alawi! Dun muna si Celeste sa bf nyang si Joseph Marco. I don’t think she’ll win a crown again! Sorry!

  12. parang i remember i said theres something to be done on her face or to improve but cant say exactly kung ano. But looking to this picture its her lips pala that needs improvement. ok ang pagkakagawa. sakto lang. hopefully wag nang galawin yan.okay na yan. go for bbp2021. pwede di ms charm.

  13. And that reason is insufficient residency?

    FULLER LIPS??! Really??! Well, they look GREAT. Good job, Doc. 🙂

    Finally, animal print. Unfortunately, that electric fan and those medicine bottles (?) on the cabinet photo-bombed….

    I hope she could eventually be sent where her Schengen VISA can be advantageous. But just based on this, Miss Charm? The Camp should closely observe once Ashley Subijano Montenegro competes; the inaugural edition has some MU alums. I will assume CC has crossed over from KF because I recall in earlier posts/comments that Mr. Blogger was in touch with Bella, Alaiza, & her. He even went on to discuss how having ink should not be a hindrance to joining pageants.

    “Don’t be afraid. When you need to sleep alone, the room is dark, and the moon does not switch on. When all you ask for is a promise. But all you have is lipstick. No photos, no, no! Bring your mouth to my ear though I know this will not end well. I think of you as if it is the end of the world. The night is chained. You are the gasoline. Yours is the face on the mirror”. – Tommaso Paradiso.

    • True, flor! Para bang hindi pinag isipan ang background!

      I’m sure na it wasn’t their intention to make this photo shoot glamorous or PR for future pageant ambitions. But come on, why post these when you have the electric fan, fridge ba yun??? What were they thinking??? Naumay tuloy aq!!!

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