3 comments on “Miss Universe 1981 as a Politician

  1. Haynakoh. Nakita ko na naman si Pilin Leon, the Annabelle Rama of Venezuela. 🙂

    Chacao looks like HK, with the geometric architecture of a few buildings, against foggy green hills.

    Guaido said in a recent patch-up to an independent India news channel that Venezuela will essentially succumb to CoV19. 😦

    Venezuela is home to Cattleya mossiae, currently in bloom worldwide. It is the “Easter Cattleya”, as the flowering season is in the Spring. La forma alba es muy encanta!

    I wonder how the Floridian lock down is going…. All the USA news I get is on NY, and those Americans who insist on their right to freedom of assembly, mobility, that the pandemic is a hoax.

  2. With the economic downturn Venezuela is currently experiencing, could she have navigated Venezuela to a better direction, economy wise, had she won the Presidency? Sayang, she was not given that chance.

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