14 comments on “Miss United Continents 2016: When Jeslyn Santos of the Philippines reigned supreme

  1. She looks like morena version of Laura Lehman. Beautiful but not much x factor.

    Gov Daniel Fernando is one hot daddy.

  2. I like Jeslyn. She won after Pia. When I saw her wearing this gown, it reminded me of Pia’s gown. If I remember correctly, there were a few “copycats” of Pia’s gown. Ok lang, winner naman eh!

    • I didn’t realize it was him until u said something. I thought he was some Ecuadorian . He still has not lost it huh

  3. This pageant and RHA should have their own national pageant. i will name it Miss Filipinas. the candidates should be able to speak and understand spanish and they will deliver their answers in spanish and the judges should be fluent in that language and of course dapat may english translator so Filipino pageant fans can able to hear who among them has the best answer. both pageants doesnt required spanish speaking reps especially MUC. But to speak using their language during coronation boost our chances to win. good advantage. as a respect na din sa pageant. Dahil most of the companies or organizations. businesses they are working and sponsors are spanish and those people are more comfortable on speaking and hearing their own language. I think its a good idea to have this national pageant. i think may sense and theres more reason. culture and etc etc. Some latinos and latinas pageant fans will surely love this. @norman bumuo ka na ng teams for that pageant hihi. teams who have passion and love everything in spanish. yung mga ganyang klase ng tao ang mamuno dyan of course may alam din sa business since pageant is a business hihi. pero passion and love sa mga bagay bagay sa spanish is the number one 1 that owners should have para mas maging successful. this pageant is different sa mga english major pageants.

      • as a representative po ba or as your pageant co team? hihi. pero pwede naman lalo na si paula. kaya lang nakay JDV pa ang MUC franchise. but i think willing naman sya to transfer the franchise sa may gusto but dont know when. and rha naman na kay alv pa. but if jdv cannot give up muc. i think much better palitan nya ang pGeant nya from Jewel to Miss Filipinas and MUC lang ang title or kung makuha nya din rha much better. para kasing mas ok na muc lang or both at alisin na ang ibang titles na nasa jewel. its a win win decision pa din for JDV. so kahit sino sa ortega sisters will have a chance to be part of that team if she wants to and of course counted ka sir norman hihi. sir norman talk to JDV about that and make it happen. para naman maiba. puro nalang english pageants haha. if cant make it sa mup. it is possible to appoint her as mucf 2020 since A&Q si paula and JDV is only prefered independent or his alaga only?

      • JDV regularly includes the Miss United Continents title in his Jewel of the Philippines – not necessarily his alaga but the girl has to join his pageant and risk getting a different title

    • You are forcing the candidates to speak and understand Spanish and so are the judges but not the audiences? Tas may translator? Utot mo.

      • Those pageant is latin based. we should send spanish speaking representative. the reason why candidates should answer the question in spanish is to determine who among them can speak and answer in spanish well. gets? how they can determine who among the candidates speaks and answer spanish well if the judges cannot speak and understand spanish? gets? the reason why they need spanish to english translator during the national competition is viewers can be able to know the answers of each finalist. gets?

      • @ Utot mo Ang akin lang, ‘di bale’ng lost in translation ang audience. Hindi naman sila ang hurado. What’s crucial is that BOTH candidate AND Judges get each other perfectly.

        Case in point, ‘yung MI 2019. Napag-usapan din dito sa blog ‘yata…. obviously with the exception of Ms. Japan, the candidates were at the mercy of the translator.


  4. Tinalo lang naman niya dyan yung representative ng Mexico sa Miss Universe nung 2013 na kamukha ni Michael Jackson. Chweh!

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