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  1. I love Justine Pasek. She looks very grounded and “maternal!” Very approachable personality!

    I’m sure that Oxana was crowned even before the pageant started. I’m not celebrating that she was dethroned (she’s the most beautiful Miss Universe winner, accdng to surveys) but I’m happy that Justine was the rightful recipient after her.


    Banned under ECQ, GCQ

    Roque also released the DTI list of recommended sectors prohibited during ECQ and GCQ:

    1. gyms/fitness studios and sports facilities;
    3. business-related mass gatherings such as trade shows, conferences, conventions, workshops, retreats;
    4. politically-related mass gatherings such as election rallies, polling centers, parades, speeches/addresses;
    5. sports-related mass gatherings such as trainings, games, tournaments, championships;
    6. libraries, archives, museums; and other cultural activities;
    7. gambling and betting activities;
    8. travel agency, tour operator, reservation service and related activities; and,
    9. activities of membership organizations


    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson The current guidelines are UP TO 15 MAY. IN ADDITION, LGU modifications are implemented to tailor-fit…. The idea is to force the plateau earlier. What follows after 15 May is yet to be seen. By then, a few business sectors will be allowed to slightly unlock. Chill lang tayo. 🙂

      Ang SAYA-SAYA sa mga pageant pages! Dami’ng LIVE CHATS at lock down gags ng candidates.

      Three (3) things seem crucial to minimize recurrence (second wave, or even third) – TRANSPARENCY in reporting cases, SOCIAL DISTANCING, & CLOSED BORDERS. These measures TOGETHER will allow Health Services and allied support services (ex: PPE suppliers) to catch up, too.

      The aim is to NOT let the pandemic accrue to 2021, to be brought to manageable levels by year-end. Vaccine’s role in all this, IF ever, is unclear….

      One Singapore-based think tank suggested the last outbreak/hot spot will be the Middle East, and plateaus by March 2021. Point is – EVERYTHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW so we can get data. Tell your friends, virtual or otherwise, to TEST, TEST, TEST.

  3. Back in the 80’s, first runner up for Miss USA was being sent to Miss World just like the case of Halle Berry in 1986. So, hindi lang sila spare tyre?

  4. I agree, being a Miss USA, there is a responsibility from the MUO. I believe is a different responsibility from being a Miss Universe.
    In BbP, what are the responsibilities of a MUP? It should also be assigned to the 1st runner up in case the MUP becomes MU, unless there is none.

    • @ miss tissa There may be none, after all.

      Was Rushton promoted to take over the remainder of Cat’s MUP tenure after the latter was crowned in Thailand?

      SamBer said so herself, right? That Runners-up are not obliged to show up at BBP-official events; this was last year when she became 2nd-RU again, that little drama…., & Aya playing cool. 🙂

  5. Jineane Ford was announced as Miss USA 1980 and received “USA” contestant sash in Seoul, South Korea after Shawn Weatherly won Miss Universe 1980 because she was one of the audience along with other Miss USA 1980 contestants at Miss Universe 1980 as part of their gifts from the Korean host committee during the Miss USA 1980 pageant.

    Nana Meriwether was Miss USA in New York in a live press conference crowning ceremony just like what happened to Justine Pasek when she inherited the title as Miss Universe 2002. Justine was crowned by Donald Trump while Nana was crowned by Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo.

  6. This is applicable to MISS USA ORG. considering that It only gives out single title and when MISS USA is crowned Miss Universe , she becomes very busy traveling around the world promoting the Miss Universe Org advocacies all year round. The Miss USA first runner-up assumes Miss USA title where she, in turn becomes busy promoting Miss USA Org advocacies to the entire nation. I don’t think this is applicable to BPCI because it gives out multiple titles where other winners can cover for the absence of one titlist.

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