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  1. Pasensya na po at medyo malayo sa topic itong comment ko. Nagka interest ako sa pageant after reading Tito Norman’s blog kaya nanood ako ng Miss Earth including ung 2013 telecast sa youtube. Pagka ganda ganda halos ng mga contestants! Pati ung opening nila, the best… Sana ganito kaganda ang presentations nila sa mga susunod na mga taon. Yun lang po….

    • I am not pabyan. I am your terminator and tormentor. I will hound you to the ends of the earth till you accept the incontrovertible truth that you’re a mere untamed chimpanzee out to spread your ebola virus!!!!! So stop undermining others. Okay mashonda at mashohong ape?

  2. Someone decides to eat a Pangolin .. forgets to wash his hands …then touches his nose. Then gets a viral infection no one in the world has immunity against . … igniting a worldwide pandemic.
    Or did someone leak it from a lab?
    Induced or caused by climate mate change , I don’t see the difference at all. Why blame someone’s stupidity or evil nature to climate change ? And why blame ME candidates for sashaying in their swimsuit and EG while some spoiled brats zoomed out of their classRooms? The MEO aims to inspire the world not change I with a magic wand

  3. The criticism against against the show is the lack of close up shots of the candidates . By doing this online thing , each contestant will get an opportunity to be seen heard and ‘examined ‘ .
    I think it will give the judges and the audience a chance to know the candidates better


    Si Scorg from the world (or Earth rather) of Economics to the disciplines of Environmental Science & Management and Public Health (School of Economics + College of Science + National Institutes of Health).


    And the winner is… SHERRY ANNE TORMES! (Para maka-graduate na siya sa pageantry.)

    Sa tingin mo Flor mananalo na (finally) si Patrixia Santos? (schoolmate/Law graduate)

    • @PAUL, welcome back. Nice to see that the lockdown seems to have doused cold water on your brutally frank language. No, my Econometrics background is not from UP School of Economics. My knowledge on environmental science is not from UP College of Science and National Institute of Public Health but from my managerial expat post in an animal health and nutrition company whose staff includes animal scientists, vet meds, pharmacists and chemists.

  5. I have to agree with @ Fabian Reyes.

    The fact that MEO can proceed simply means they already have a selection. It’s that simple.

    The on-line pageant, while a pioneering effort in many ways and justifiably interesting-exciting, is mere formality.

    Mr. Tinio just wasn’t giving too much space for MPE because he is committed to MUP atm.

    But those who know (I am alluding neither to myself nor to anybody in particular here) are aware that a reasonably substantial Screening has already been done. I suggest we just watch the series of LIVE CHATS on the MPE page to get an idea who among the candidates understand….

  6. In response to a commenter below twisting my “climate change-induced pandemic” to “climate change-caused pandemic”: Scientists have long known that the rise in average global temperatures is expanding the geographical presence of vector-borne diseases. The resulting adaptation of microbes to a warming world, and changes in how viruses and bacteria interact with their animal hosts, could unlease a slew of new pathogens to which humans may not have immunity. Most microbes normally cannot survive a 37-degree environment, the normal human body temperature. But the higher ambient temperatures expected in a changing climate favors pathogens that will be more difficult for the human body to fight. In a warming world, humans lose the thermal barrier if the microbes adapt to a temperature close to ours.

    • This underscores how relevant and urgent ME’s advocacy is. I’d like our home-grown pageant to be THE pageant. The time to shine is now!. It should seize this golden opportunity, before other pageantries with open-ended platforms steal its thunder.

    • How do you explain the fact that covid is extremely much more prevalent in America and Europe than South East Asia?
      And what about the Spanish flu that happened 100 years ago ?
      You have to realize that viruses are so tricky they can change and adapt and cause a human body reaction that produces a minor cold or a deadly consequence .

      So Pls don’t use climate change as an excuse to berate a pageant that celebrates beauty with environment as their advocacy

  7. Hay buti naman di na ako makakakita ng mga DOM sa live finals this year. Chweh!

  8. @ scorg It was interesting, your mentioning that epidemics can be linked to climate change. There’s no shortage of discussion on this.

    But back to this post’s topic. Question is – will conducting pageants online help Mother Earth?

    Candidates of MPE 2020 should be able to answer to MEO’s organization’s satisfaction. 🙂

  9. Juskolord! Aling Pabyana is at it again Tito Norman! This beeeee ach is a loose cannon! Lahat na lang pinupuna. Kesyo hindi daw presentable ang background. May common sense ba ang hitad????? Alangan naman mag sashay ang mga kandidata sa brgy. hall Hello! Haller ka ba? Hahahaha. Pag ikaw pabyan na masyonda ang kandidata pagandahin mo ang zoo with matching electrical wires at doon ka maglambitin!!!!!! Maligo ka nga! Masyoho ka!!!!

    • Pls read again ..paano Kung sa barong barong nakatira yung candidate , pueee ba yun ? Beauty contests are a celebration of beauty .Lets leave the sad realities aside … at least for a sec

      • Manahimik ka na bakla, kagaya namin wala ka din naman maiiambag sa kung ano man ang gagqstusin ng MEP. Kung wala kang magandang sasabihin the best you can do sa mundo ito ay itahimik ang bibig mo.

      • What a condescending bitch u are pabyan!!!! Go back to reality lolang kulubot!!!!! At inumin mo gamot mong hitad ka!!!! Just stop hallucinating!!!! You are what you are!!!! Masyoho… masyonda!!! kulubot na amoy luoang chimpanzee!!!!

      • What a condescending bitch this pabyan!!!! Lola inumin mo gamot mo. At maligo ka!!! You peed your skirt again lola and ate your crap!!!! My goodness!!!!

  10. The candidates will be sending videos from home ? What if the homes are not presentable ? i think the MEO should take a video of these girls on the same stage with the same lighting to make the judging fair . … though I’m sure the org already has 4 girls in mind to win the titles

  11. Katapusan na! Ng Abril. Good day, Blog Admins.

    ‘Ala, Blogger Bossing. Talaga’ng prangkahan na, ‘ah… Lack thereof (shapeliness) at “you can already imagine what will happen, right, dear readers”. Maganda ‘ata gising niyo, Sir. 🙂

    Kaya pala nanalo sina Nellys at Phuong Khan – they are good examples of the hourglass. So was Ibasco, imo (just me).

    Naalala ko tuloy ‘yung usapan namin’g office mates dati, tungkol sa mga Viva Hot Babes. ‘Yung isa, wala’ng korte; parang “masa” (flour dough). ‘Yun naman’g isa, “paling” (wide-angle).

    @ CatrionaFan You STILL expect anything from MU in the medium-term? Didn’t @ ClaiRe IbbeTson recently share their surprising financial status? It only adds fuel to early (2017-2018) chit-chat that MUO bailed out of BPCI because the latter refused to give in to the former’s request for “more”. MW, isn’t is allegedly all just politically-coaxed culinary show? And MI is just too old-fash? ME, on the other hand, is bristling with sponsors and can boast of a very-doable advocacy if modest in scope…. But I agree that four home court wins is appalling. For me, Ong & Henry were not the best course of action. And if Mdme.’s Schuck & Veneracion carefully peruse this blog, then that financing firm of Laila Lopes’ Indian husband may be worth consideration as a partner. Besides, I think we owe Dr. Tejaswini Manogna BIG-time. And Nicole Fahri deserves a successor before long. @ Fabian Reyes said India will return to the spotlight. MEO can jump start this.

    • ME bristling with sponsors ? I hope that’s true
      I find the title of ME prestigious and the whole procession of events amazingly ? Original . No more winners from the Philippines unless they are absolutely justifiable .

  12. Some pageants will copy this for sure, Miss Earth is quite innovative but how they execute it sucks !!! They cannot even provide a HD quality streaming during their important activities like prelims and other sub-contests.

    • Last year’s ME show was amazing .. except that they failed to take good close up shots of the girls

  13. If the revenue of an entertainment enterprise is wholly dependent on ticket sales, then it would be tough to survive in this current lock-down. However, if it’s from TV airtime (commercials, etc.), then a web-based or a live-stream production with no-live audience on whatever venue of choosing would be a viable alternative.

    In this gloomy covid time, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other live-streaming companies are making considerable profit. I guess ME is just following suit.

    • I’m not sure it is a viable alternative . Not too many people watch pageants . Even in the Philippines ,I believe it is a very small community .

  14. The world has witnessed how this climate change-induced pandemic can shutdown businesses and trigger a global recession in a matter of weeks. Consequently, like all other industries, pageantry is forced to reinvent its business model. But since its inception, the only pageant that carries the most relevant advocacy for this generation has only come up with perfunctory parochial activities. When last year students in major cities of the world walked out of their classrooms and stormed their respective governments, and the United Nations, to demand for urgent climate action, Miss Earth country reps are busy sashaying on stage in glittering gowns mouthing paeans to Mother Earth. Now that ME has tralblazed the online contest, I hope it will also trailblaze the uncharted frontiers of its advocacy—the gut issues of climate change

      • Isn’t it pretty obvious? ME is the only one trumpeting environmental protection, its candidates claiming to be Earth Warriors. Is it too much to expect them to be in the frontlines, if not the first responders, in this fight against this existential threat to humanity?

      • I demand MU to be the frontliners in combating AIDS. I demand MW candidates to establish charitable institution themselves. I demand MI to be diplomats.

      • CatrionaFan , frontlines in combatting AIDS ? Do u want them to be condoms or the church ? Humanity has already won the war over AIDS . Now it is considered to be a chronic illness as Hypertension .
        So no frontliners needed , sorry.

      • @ Fabian Reyes Is it safe to assume that the “pro”-AIDS agenda leans more towards the Democratic Party? If so, would there be value in Endeavor dissociating itself from this issue for a wider acceptability of pageantry in general ACROSS America, and as a result finally make profits? Anyway and as you said, AIDS management has gotten to the point where it is something routine (?) at least in your part of the world… After all and in the end, Endeavor and the MU brand MUST MAKE IT IN AMERICA. Everywhere else is just secondary/bonus. Frankly, the whole HIV awareness advocacy is starting to sound tired…. so 80’s-90’s… should we move on to other matters, too?

    • Busy sashaying on stage ? Are u kidding me ? Has the MEO said this is not a beauty contest ? There are different ways of showing your support for the Mother Earth . This is their way . You have to accept it or get the hell out.

    • And to blame The pandemic to climate change , do u have any concrete proof of that ?
      I hope you are using nothing but renewable resources in your daily life .

    • It is not expected of Miss earth to mitigate climate change overnight. Its effort to spread awareness on how to take care of our environment is already a big contribution to climate change solution. As Karen Ibasco answered during the interview, the real problem is us because of our ignorance and apathy. We have to start changing our ways, recalibrating our minds and redirecting our steps because together, as a global community, our micro-efforts will have a macro-effect to help save our home, our planet. O di bah, he he he. Everyone of us should give our fair share in solving climate change. And I thank you. He he

  15. Until a vaccine is discovered, businesses that depend on a large assemblage of people, like beauty pageants, sporting events, concerts, and stage plays may be restricted from reopening. Within this period, pageantry can only present a contest within the constraints of social distancing, and the leverage afforded by internet technology. Its only recourse is to reinvent its annual contest into a zero-spectator made-for-TV or live-streaming event. MEP is the trailblazer. I’m sure other pageant organizations will come up with their own variant of this modality. Their only major challenge: convincing corporate sponsors who may not find online contests worth their investment at this time when they are still on a recovery mode.

  16. I wonder if the final show constitutes an essential part of the pageant org’s income . If so , how are they going to get that money ? It will be harder for the MEPO which touts themselves as the savior of Mother Earth .

  17. This is unprecedented in the sense that MEP is the first to announce what appears to be the logical modality for pageantry in this era of social distancing and lockdowns. I’m sure other pageant organizations are headed into this direction, and I hope they would not be accused as copy cats if they take a similar route.

  18. Beauty telecompetetion is feasible provided every candidate has good internet connection. Judges have to evaluate each candidate during the swimsuit, long gown, and questions and answers portions real time and simultaneously in order to simulate the conventional beauty contest. There are apps that are capable of doing this. If Carousel could do this, this will be a beauty contest unprecedented in the history of Philippine pageantry.

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