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  1. Basta chaka para sa akin si Toni Ann Singh. Not because she is of colour. Talagang di lang siya kagandahan para sa akin. Pinakachakang Miss World mula sa taon ni Lisa Hanna na kababayan din niya. Chweh!

  2. Miss World is like… we need a supermodel or someone who could SING.

    Tsaka may nanalo n bang MW n nakuha rin ung BWAP nila? as in ung solo nyang nakuha ung award?

  3. I love Rolene (besides Megan, of course)! She looks regal and angelic!

    She married D’Niel Strauss. Ang galing; no need to change to her married name!

    Also, who decided to field her sa Miss World instead of sa Miss Universe, since she’s SA’s rep to both? Dahil nauna ang Miss World? Plus, wala na bang iba? I’m sure they could have appointed a different person. Or ganun talaga sa SA?

    • Yes po dahil unang naganap ang miss world sa universe so dun sya sumali. Pero as far as i know she could have declined just like what Demi did, but she didnt, so baka mas feel talaga nya ang miss world. Remember sa south africa and while africa mas kilala ang miss world (as a matter of fact south africa hosted miss world countless times). Demi on d other hand aimed for miss universe kasi mas feel nya na mas bagay sya don at feeling din nya mas malaki chance nya manalo sa miss universe dahil kakapanalo.lang nila sa world

      • @ Lina Fang Sa madali’ng salita, the winner of Ms. SA gets to choose where she wishes to be dispatched?

        So, ZT opted for MU? She was allowed to choose, as with all her predecessors?

        … wow….. 🙂

  4. Still a mystery of how Chef Julia chooses the winner…esp this year…anyare????? I would definitively choose shamcey hands down!!!! (Based on the previous post, some are rather hurtful or with a sense of insecurity? Dami perfect kasi na mga pinoy e…kung maka comment wagas!)

  5. Miss World does not test the candidates spontaneity because the girl’s answers are somewhat rehearsed. Final questions are somewhat predictable. That sets the miss universe apart from miss world.

  6. Manushi Chillar, I would flunk. Mothers do not count (as salary earner).

    Toni-Anne Singh contradicted herself. At the beginning, she says she is “no different from the other women on this stage”, but finishes with “set apart (from the rest)”. She, too, I would flunk. But will concur with @ Fabian Reyes – she’s very endearing. Over-all, much like the MI speech. Full of diplomatic pathos, safe, harmonious rhetoric. Foolproof. 🙂

    Rolene Strauss, look and listen closely and you will realize a resemblance to DLNP. Something about the water there, maybe? Prior to checking the blog today, I had just watched a YouTube video on a Pelargonium private collection currently in the Nederlands. Majority of species are from South Africa. Dutch sounds much like Afrikaans. And even Head Curator (?) is surname Havinga, which is Havenga in SA.

    MU is more blatant, true to its rugged All-American sass.

    Shy girls should go for MWP. Fun girls should try for MUP. In-between-girls, BBP.

    • Common Flor , these girls are under immense pressure
      They may not say the ‘right’ words but we understand what they are trying to say .

      Despite a good interview , I’m surprised she won. She looks short and pudgy . Check the waist area . MW is becoming more like Miss America nowadays . And I don’t like it .
      It’s a beauty contest and I want beautiful people to win.

      • @ Fabian Reyes You are correct. Great effort from all of them. Reminds me of Cyrille Payumo, who NEVER lost focus and kept her nerves reigned in through the duration of her Mutya Q&A. 🙂

        Now that you mentioned Toni-Ann Singh not really living up to your beauty standards, this photo grid reminded me of a similar one I had seen of a decade’s worth of MI titlists. Save for one, all were exquisite. Try to guess what decade it was…. Clue : it had a sole winner from her continent.


      • Flor , not my own . It’s the world standard of beauty Jamaica defies . Color is not the issue here . It’s the body

  7. Jamaica is a lot prettier when she talks. And she’s very likable . Reminds me of the people I met in Jamaica . Very nice people.

  8. This is a good gallery , no repeat winners ! If there are any repeat winners, I can only feel good if it is Pinas ! … I did not realize that Gibraltar is pretty, Philippines and South Africa are again 1 and 2 , just like in MU… Jamaica and Puerto Rico are the bottom two …

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