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  1. Hi Norman! Thank you for featuring our project on your page! We have been friends (as Korona group) for 5 years now and some of us go way back kinder pa and some sa college. Nakakatuwa that we’ve been inspiring people to talk about pageantry in this setting. 🙂

    We will continue to do this live sessions every Sunday at 9PM and hopefully offer some more interesting thoughts. May mga individuals who also asked us to have them join the conversation so I am looking forward to do that too when the time comes. Ingat ka always!

  2. Hi Norman!

    This is Moks, Bessie’s friend from the video. We met once before. Thanks for the feature. 🤗 Just wanted to let everyone know that this really just started as a passion project. We’re pageant fans just like most people who have presence online. We don’t claim to be experts or anything. We really just wanted an escape from what is currently going on and we thought we had a unique voice to share. Kumbaga nagchichikahan lang kami. 😆 TPP just happened to pick it up. Nagulat lang ako with some snarky comments. 😅 Nevertheless, we do appreciate them for taking time to watch.

    And yes, 3 of us are from La Salle. One is from Ateneo. The other is from UP. Apologies if how we talk offended some people but that’s how we really are. 😁

    Thanks again!

  3. Good morning Flor. What can you say about the ideas/thoughts of this La Salle Squad (3 are confirmed Lasalita & the other 2 mukhang taga-La Salle rin)? Thanks.

    • FLOR GOOD NEWS! SCHOOLMATE MO PALA YUNG TINATANONG MO NA GUY SA SQUAD. Yung naka-blue shirt sa unang video at naka-white shirt in the 2nd one. He, he, he…

  4. Writing in English is fine because spelling is easier
    But should they not speak in Filipino? The flow would be more natural .

  5. sir norman, yung choices nila for the best ms universe stage speaks of their age, noh? they speak of the thai editions where the host country’s culture was highlighted. i will never forget the 1980 stage in korea, 1987 in singapore and 1988 in taepei. yung mga bagets sa group, review the videos.

  6. Mr. Tinio, the videos are too long. But the topics look nice.

    The panelist in white shirt with “Manila” on it is CUTE. 🙂

    ‘Yang mga conferencing apps na ‘yan, ingats always. Keep in mind what happened to Mayor Vico.

    • (cont.)

      His name is Nigel, pala…. Inglisero, pa. 🙂

      Mr. Tinio, is “Korona” the beginnings off a beauty camp or styling team? Will Bessana lead them?

  7. Da Who ang mga yan? Sorry si Bessie lang ang may K sa kanila


    • I agree
      Laila knows how to talk on cam . She’s even better than Nicole .
      However , Some people dismiss her as too righteous and quarrelsome .

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