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  1. It is obvious na hindi siya retokado!

    Ganda ng grad pic niya! Ang linis tignan!

    Kahit seguro tignan mo twenty years from now yung grad pic na yan, maganda pa rin! Timeless, ika nga!

    As for her being an architect, regardless, if she tops the Board Exam, unless, she has structures within the level of Zaha Hadid, all of it doesn’t make sense!

    I think given na rin sa mga UP graduates especially the “millenials” to have a strong personality! Her answer at MU is kinda stiff! Ganun din nangyari sa final speech ni Patch at MI kaya hindi nakukuha yung top plum!

    In contrast sa mga GenX graduates like Nina Ricci or Sarah Jane na finesse and diplomatic sumagot!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson (Just) for me, both SSL & Atty. M register shy, even defensive.

      Both came to Manila for their tertiary education. Both were country lasses but with the proverbial old-school virtues SHARPENED by diligence and focus. While it’s true you need guts to blend in, if not stand out, in a university ranked among the world’s Top 1000, you could very easily lose yourself in its proverbial vastness; a good head on one’s shoulders, the type “probinsiyanas” possess, keeps one grounded.

      I had such a classmate in college. She is now abroad, gainfully employed, & happily married. 🙂

      GenX would be more consistent with mine…. that being said, neither Alagao nor Paez struck me as international crown material, really. The former I find more beautiful than the latter, but even when they competed abroad, I was not too sold….

      Just based on their respective speeches, I would swap assignments for the architect and lawyer.

    • Claire , topping the board exam is a big deal . It will be an amazing memory for the rest of your life . I’m not saying u you should sit on your laurels . Kailangan mo sa adobo yun . Life is a constant competition . You have to keep fighting for your place on earth .

  2. @ Fabian Reyes- bakla, bakit ang hard mo kay Shamcey? May kasalanan ba siya sayo para maging sarcastic ka sa kanya? or baka naiingit ka? Bumusina ka bakla kung hindi ka din naman kagandahan. Kailangan bang mamintas ng ibang tao so you will feel good about your self. Hinay-hinay din bakla, baka sayo magboomerang yan kapangahasan ng dila mo.

    • Lol YesI have Been harsh on Shamcey
      Don’t worry , she can take it

      • So that gives you the right na magsalita ng ganyan kay Shamcey? Naiinggit ka lang kaya ka ganyan or walang masyadong magandang nangyayari sa buhay mo kaya may oras ka pintasan ang iba. Sa harap ni Shamcey mo sabihan na vavaeng ahas siya at walang delicadeza, ewan ko lang baka tawanan ka lang nila. Haha

      • Jona ( I hope u have her voice but not the nose ) , show me anywhere I did that . I have never criticized her for taking on the job as MUPO director …LOL napaghahalata hangin ang laman

      • @ Fabian Reyes- that message is for PaquitaX, nagkamali lang ako ng reply kanina pero it doesnt mean na hangin lang ang laman ng utak ko. Ikaw na!!! Ramdam na ramdam ko ang perfection sayo bakla. Haha

  3. ANG VAVAENG AHAS, walang delicadeza.
    Bat kaya niyang ahasin ang vavaeng nagpasikat sa kanya???

    • Sa tono ng pananalita mo, I would assume na andun ka nung nagpatawag ng meeting at napagdesisyunan na si Shamcey ang maging ND ng MUP? Nasabihan ka din ng buong MUPO kung bakit si Shamcey ang napili at kung bakit niya to tinanggap. Aber!!! Kalma lang sa pamimintas ha bakla at pagiging hard tapos abangers ka pa din sa MUP. haha nganga


      • @ PaquitaX- at sino ang gusto mong maging ND ng MUPO? Ikaw??? Hahaha

      • Is that true ? The position was first offered to Pia and Venus ? I thought Shamcey Got the job over the other girls due to her excellent academic credentials .

      • Ha ha ha !!! Ang masasabi ko lang isa siyang Vavaeng ahasssssss !!!! Ha ha ha. She involved herself sa mga manunulot ng franchise ng may franchise !!!

  4. Having graduated with top honors from the top Philippine University, and topped the board exam for Architecture… i am more interested to know about the infrastructures she has designed after.

  5. I’m seeing a pattern….

    Kapag hindi agad in-accomodate ang fans, ergo suplada.

    Guys, baka upset, pagod, or mahiyain lang talaga…. kaunti’ng konsiderasyon, sana.

    • I have never heard anyone say she was a nice person
      On the other hand , more and more people have come up with their no so pleasant encounters with Shamcey .
      Shouldn’t you be in your most positive state during a pageant event ?
      She’s nice to co-pageant girls and celebrities but to the fans? I saw an old lady come up to her and say Hi Shamcey ……she didn’t even bat an eyelash .
      But I get it . She doesn’t owe us anything . She’s done carrying our flag . Not everyone is a fan eie person .

  6. In person, supladita talaga tong Shamcey girl na to, which I understand naman to begin with, hindi talaga sya warm sa mga fans nya. They deserved a private life. She’s pretty yes, bumbayin in person. There but I don’t hate her ha. And I don’t adore her either. Betsina ko talaga si Leila Lopes from the beginning .

  7. If you wanted to feel better, Leila looked very ordinary too . But she was very charismatic . She was much more appreciative of fans than our kababayan

  8. Who are we kidding ? Lea was there . She was not going to let another Filipina steal her thunder .
    BTW , next to each other , Lea and Shamcey looked like mother and daughter .

  9. The crown wasn’t out of reach. It really came down to the final answer… she got too serious and showed a flat personality. She could’ve won that year, I really believe that.

  10. i am not a fan of this gurl..yes, goodlooking but not gorgeous as thought when seen made up..bodywise, bagsak din..flat ang katawan from head to toe..skinny-malnourished ang awra..as to her speaking skills, shes not at all that articulate at kulang sa substance, to think, she graduated with latin honors..thats why i share the view of fabian..feel good pag magkatabi kau..di ka mainsecure..un na

    • Gondoh ka, teh? 🤨 I find your audacity quite entertaining on this otherwise boring lockdown morning.

  11. Seen her in person
    It makes u feel good because when u see her, u can say , “She became 3rd runner up , I think I could, too “

    • Yes u could too aling pabyan. You could win the Ms. Chimpanzee Universe because of your witty sarcasm and your undeniable beauty among the beasts.

    • talaga ba? so anong meron ka na wala si shamcey na pwedeng magpakaba sa aming lahat? haha

      • Siguro gusto nya maging unang transexual na candidate sa Miss U way ahead of Angela Ponce. Kaso hindi sya na castrate kasi may pus lawit nya. Besides kahit siguro sa kapanahunan ni Charlene Gonzales masyonda na sya. See where her bitterness is coming from? Poor ghourllll. Hahaha!!! Tsupi!!!!

  12. Dapat pala lalaki lang ang mag palit ng relihiyon sa 2 taong nagmamahalan. Dahil pag hindi sya nagpalit hindi nya talaga mahal ang babae.

  13. Ang ganda ng mukha niya. Matalino pa. Hindi ko lang bet masyado ang comm skills niya. Hindi siya ganun katatas IYKWIM. Para lang siyang better version ng kapwa UP alumna niyang si Ariella pagdating sa pananalita. Sa delivery ba. Yung 2011 batch ang isa sa may pinakamagandang stage production ng BBP at may strong set of candidates din na naging successful din sa ibat ibang pageants (maliban sa mga crowned winners).

    Angelia Ong – Miss Earth 2015
    Janine Tugonon – MU 2012 1st Runner Up
    MJ Lastimosa – MU 2014 Top 10 Finalist
    Queenie Rehmann – MW 2012 Top 15 Finalist
    Elizabeth Clenci – MGI 2017 2nd Runner Up
    Martha Mcculley – MWP 2011 2nd Runner Up
    Suzette Hernandez – Miss Supra Canada 2013
    Glennifer Perido – Miss Tourism Intl 2014 2nd Runner Up

    PS: Ito din ang taon na nadisqualify si Bianca Paz kaya sa 1st edition na lang siya ng MWP sumali. Chweh!

    • She is pretty with or without make-up. One of the most beautiful and intelligent Bb Pilipinas- Universe winners.

    • I’m not a fan because of her attitude
      But She is articulate , Vina Yu
      She doesn’t speak American or British accent but her English is not bad at all

      • Not bad at all pero hindi pa rin matatas kahit magtagalog pa siya. Chweh!

    • I miss Maria Paula Bianca “third-runner up” Paz. I hope she’s doing well.

  14. Beauty. Brains. Character. Just what a beauty queen should be. What we have to thank for is that the Philippines is blessed with many holistic beauties like Shamcey, crowned, uncrowned and yet-to-be crowned.

    • She looked like a reject from a Ms. International Queen Pageant when she won Bb. Pilipinas.
      That white bridal gown was horrible.
      Glad that she transformed well along her journey to Ms. Universe.
      Her answer in the Q&A at Ms. Universe wasn’t impressive.
      Still thankful she became a runner up.

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