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  1. The announcement of this year’s Bb. Pilipinas winners is the most unique. Since Metro Manila is still in the ECQ category until the end of the second quarter (June) and the candidates from the provinces cannot go to QC,so the the BPP will announce the winners online and can be viewed through the different social media platforms and a TV program. The winners are:

    2nd Runners up – Patrizia Garcia
    1st Runners up – Samantha Panlilio
    Bb. Pilipinas Globe – Vickie Rushton
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Carina Carino
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Samantha Bernardo
    Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational – Maureen Montagne
    Bb. Pilipinas-International – Hannah Arnold

    O di tapos na. KALIMUTAN NA YUNG MGA NANALO ng 2019. Move on na.

    • @ paul Welcome back, Dude!

      Regards to @ Pierro Rocco. 🙂

      Very interesting selection! You are along the same wavelength as Delfin Lara, the US-based pageant vlogger. You two have these candidates in common (although placed differently*), and you both picked Maureen for Poland.

      You have no Independent in your final line-up. What happened to Justine Felizarta? Delfin Lara said she spent time in Canada… In my opinion, she is good for at least a semifinal finish.

      * – Delfin Lara made an expanded line-up extending to a semifinal 15. Could you do so, too?

      • Hello Flor! Miss ya a lot. Okay, i will do that greetings to PR.

        Right now I do not have the knowledge of what they are doing with Justine. I just hope her team is DOING the RIGHT things up to the Finals. And I wish she will SHINE on that BIG day.

        On your REQUEST for the 15 semifinalists… The top 15 are the following:

        1. Vickie Rushton
        2. Samantha Panlilio
        3. Carina Carino
        4. Patrizia Garcia
        5. Justine Felizarta
        6. Karen Laurie Mendoza
        7. Honey Grace Cartasano
        8. Hannah Arnold
        9. Hazel Joy Ortiz
        10. Maureen Montagne
        11. Patricia Babista
        12. Ma. Franchesca Taruc
        13. Mercedes Pair (for humanitarian reason)
        14. Graciella Lehmann or Meiji Cruz
        15. Samantha Bernardo

        Medyo nahirapan din ako dito Flor. Ano tinging mo sa aking top 15? He, he, he…

      • @ paul Not bad.

        I would replace Panlilio with Pair for the Reservas. Mercedes could use the additional exposure more, if humanitarianism is the justification.

        @ Norman Sir, we REALLY need those Swimwear photos, soon, please. TIA. 🙂

  2. Until a vaccine is discovered, hopefully earlier than the predicted 18 months, the only thing governments can do in this pandemic is impose lockdowns and social distancing, which it cannot prolong without dragging the already-battered economy to a yet deeper recession. Opening up businesses has to be done in staggered basis, while cautious of a possible second or third wave of outbreak. Just like any other spectator-driven businesses, local and international pageantry is one of the last to reopen– unless it reinvents its annual contest into a zero-spectator made-for-TV or live-streaming event. But corporate sponsors may not find this worth their investment, especially that they also are in an economic recovery mode. As local contests get their cues from their international franchises as to when and how to proceed, the international franchises also consider the pandemic timeline in the participating countries. As things stand now, everything is still a wait-and-see game.

  3. I think th ey can proceed with the MUP Coronation in July. But it has to be a simple coronation night. While we are still in quaratine period, from the existing official candidates, they can choose 5 or 10 finalists by organizing an on line interviews. They can also organize an on line swimsuit and gown competitions. In July or August, they can stage the finals or coronation in a small venue.

  4. One thing is almost guaranteed: neither of these ladies will be appointed as MUP2020. All of them are still in contract with BPCI until December of this year. And MUP needs to have an MUP2020 appointed/crowned on or before Nov. 1. The only way that any of them might be appointed by MUP Org is if they resign from their titles with BPCI.

    Patch is a lawyer and I’m sure she knows the repercussions of resigning/abruptly ending her contract with BPCI. So most likely she will not resign and will finish her contract with BPCI until December. Hence she cant be appointed as MUP 2020.

    If in case Shamcey and Jonas decides to appoint an MUP 2020, (and as a side effect use the current official candidates to select/crown an MUP rep for next year), then Patch will have no chance to be MUP 2021.

    And if the MUP 2022 screening will not start before her 28th birthday on April 27, 2022, then Patch will be overaged for MU 2022

    Bottomline, the MUP 2020 pageant needs to happen, otherwise Patch’s chances of being MUP significantly decreases.

    BTW today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Patch!

    • @ unorthodox ….. OR…..

      MAG-ADJUST NG MAXIMUM AGE ANG MU. Gawin na nila’ng 30, parang Deliart Association.

      ‘Oh, deeevah? 🙂

  5. It would be better if wwe will just cross the bridge when we get there. Mas better na wag na munang magkaroon ng national search sa kahit anong beauty contest. We need to focus on the health of everyone and makaahon muna ang bansa sa in terms of our economy. In case need talaga mag padala ng candidate to the international stage mag appoint na lang ang mga local owners/organizers. As for the 2020 candidates kung talagang gusto nyo manalo or I represent talaga ang bansa dapat ready kayo all yera round. Hindi yung magpapa ka healthy lang kayo at mag participate lang kayo sa advocacy nyo kasi may sasalihan kayong beauty pageant. Dyan magkakaalamanan kung sino talaga ang bukal sa loob ang advocacy nya at laging handa para sumabak sa International pageant.

    • @ Nasaan si Catriona You will not be able to claim a future you did not help bring about. If you sit back and simply hope for the best, your chance of success is only 50%. Adopt the former attitude, THOUGH HIGH-RISK IS ALSO HIGH(er)-RETURNS. Sweden might be reckless, but it is precisely because they know exactly what their capabilities are….

      Ang WME-IMG lubog sa utang at bumaba ang credit rating PERO DETERMINADO sila MABUHAY. Kaya sila mag-le-lay-off ng marami…. It is an austerity measure to appease their creditors.

      THE WAY TO RECOVER IS TO GET ECONOMIES BACK ON TRACK ASAP. That vaccine WILL BE FAST-TRACKED; it’s an unusual time, and it may call for unusual solutions/approaches.

      As for the readiness of candidates, wala tayo’ng away diyan. DAPAT LANG.

      Si Tito Rodgil na mismo nagsabi. They are “pageant soldiers”. And soldiers are LAGING HANDA, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. 🙂

  6. I don’t want to sound nega pero at this point in time parang wala na importansya ang beaucon. Even before the existence of covid19, Americans and Europeans didn’t give so much time sa pageant eh di mas lalo na ngayon. Some African and Asian countries na di naman masyadong nagpe-perform sa MU eh nawawalan na rin gana to hold their local pageants. Kaya most likely walang beauty pageants na magaganap this year. Siguro by 2021 pa dahil even the sponsors are hard to find these trying times. Yun ngang Tokyo Olympics na ginastusan ng bilyon halaga eh na-postponed pa, eh di lalo na ang pageant. Ang pinaka-importante sa ngayon ay health and safety ng bawat isa regardless kung anong lahi.

  7. There are cases of re-infection after the patient recovered from COVID-19 as experienced in Korea! By default, once the body is already exposed to a specific pathogen, it should be able to create antibodies (e.g., bulutong) but its a different case with COVID-19!

    Vaccine will surely take time to develop! Clinical trials has three phases before being approved. Each phases entails months of waiting!

    COVID-19 is the second wave of pandemic itself! The first wave is the SARS virus of 2004! And yet 16 years after the first wave, no vaccine has been developed since then! So what is the assurance that there will be a vaccine for COVID-19 in the next 5 years moreso in the next 18 months!

    Having said that, staging a presentation (a form of social gathering), and in this context, a beauty pageant is close to impossible! Schools, unfortunately, has to be shut down for a year! You do note that colleges and universities are not a luxury but a necessity!

    Given the current situation of IMG and despite the instruction of MUO of selecting a candidate before 01 November, I don’t think a pageant can be held this year!

    Now, if for some miracle happens and the MU pageant will proceed, Jonas and SMA needs to settle their indiffences? It is a bitter pill to swallow for Jonas but in this situation he actually loses his leverage!

    In as much as I would like to see Aya compete, unfortunately, she is already over-age!

    Samantha Bernardo is officially and technically resigned!

    When Tisha Silang was stripped of her title to compete at MU, Miriam Quiambao (BP-World titlist) took over! When Anjeanette Abayari was stripped of her title to compete at MU, Alou Gonzales (BP- Maja Titlist) took over! When Marilen Espino got infected with chickepox prior to competing for Miss World, Marina Benipayo (BP-Maja Titlist) took over!

    BPCI never appoints a runner up to compete at MU! (please don’t argue the case of Danielle Castano assuming the BP-World).

    In the above example, they usually appoint a titlist who haven’t competed yet or a titlist for a minor pageant! In the current situation, all has been exhausted already!

    Which then leads us to a minor beauty titlist who haven’t got a major placement internationally and still within the age bracket,

    Only two will fit the mold – Emma Mary Tiglao or Michelle Gumabao!

    • Just a little correction, 1998 nanalo si Tisha and was replaced by the runner up, Jewel May Colmenares Lobaton. 1999 Bb. Pilipinas Universe was Janelle Bautista and was replaced by Miriam Quiambao

    • The importance of a runner up is to replace the winner if she can not perform her duties as winner. That is being announced in every coronation night. Sa case ng BbP, mostly they elevate the winners or change their titles. But there are times they assigned it to the first runner up. Jewel Lobaton is the first runner up but competed in MU. Nicollete Henson took over MUP 2010 when Venus Raj was dethroned as MUP for few days.

  8. Sana hindi na from KF ang MUP2020. Nakakashokot na baka ma-unplaced na tayo ng tuluyan. Pangit kasi sila maggroom ng mga girls na sinesend sa MU. Makaluma ang datingan. Buti sana kung sa MI lang sila magpapadala. Agree mga vaks? Chweh!

    • PS: Yan ay kung hindi lang naman tuloy ang MUP 2020 at balak nilang magappoint na lang ng runner up from BBP 2019 since may connection pa din naman sila (Supsup et al) kahit papaano sa huli. Kahit sa 20201, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027……sana hindi galing KF. Chewh!

      • @ VINA YU MUP will be beyond reach of KF as long as the franchise is “on the other side of the bvackyard”.


        The ONLY way for KF to regain access to MUP is for the franchise to either have a totally new owner or return to BPCI (and that is unlikely while the existing Board and Mdme. SMA hold sway).

      • Flor , I though KF and &Q were Friends . If they were friends and had the country’s interest at heart , they should crown the most deserving regardless of camp affiliation .

      • @ Fabian Reyes Let’s just say the MUP-BPCI partitioning put KF in an awkward spot.

        But let’s wait for that time when MUP actually crowns a KF girl.

        Talk is cheap, mine included. Actions speak louder, and it does so without uttering a word. 🙂

  9. KALOKAH, @ Norman at ang isa’ng commentator dito ngayon sa post na ‘to…..


    Birthday ngayon nu’ng isa’ng kween diyan sa photo grid. ‘Di pa kasi agad sinabi…. LOLZ.

  10. Seems like the UNIVERSE is paving the way for Bea Patricia Magtanong’s pageant journey… I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole brouhaha would springboard her chances to the top.

    • I believe she will not join pageants anymore . . Anyway , the field is already crowded with amazing women.
      What Pinoys need to concentrate on is how to stop these Thai stunners from winning the MU crown . So far , I donot see anyone who can best these girls.

    • Sorry I believe Patch will not join anymore pageants
      I just don’t see the point
      What if she loses ?

      • @ Fabian Reyes Sir, YOU said you wanted Patch and Hannah to square off again; you even wanted Maureen and Teresita in the picture…. For you, it’s MUP or nothing, and MUST MAKE TOP 5 OF MU OTHERWISE TV WILL SWITCH OFF. You even disapproved of my call for Sharifa to be MEco-Filipinas, that “only MUP matters since she already won MAPI” and that she can switch camps, why not….

        Why? Simply because there is DEMAND for the Attorney. Market forces at play, po. As demonstrated by Catriona, it is not frequent that national pageantry can have a figure as unifying. Surely A&Q will seize…. 🙂

        The camp (NOT “The Camp”) realized, partly thanks to efforts such as yours, that Michelle Gumabao just wasn’t going to rake in as many golden eggs for the organization as much as Patch potentially could.

        Puwede naman’g i-appoint si Patch ng MUP organization for the 2020-21 season. Unless it is CLEARLY STIPULATED that an MU franchisee MUST CONDUCT A NATIONAL PAGEANT to determine country’s MU rep for THAT franchise year, there is NOTHING to prevent Atty. Magtanong’s “journey” (refer to @ Closer2Fame’s comment). Aren’t some European bets hand-picked, too?

        Assuming NONE of the current crop of MUP hopefuls will overage by 2023-24 (!) at wala’ng specific commitment ang MUP organization sa mga franchisees na NGAYO’NG 2020 magaganap ang pag-corona (the headpiece, not the virus), at ma-convince nina JG et al ang mga nagbayad ng prangkisa na i-defer na lang ang current batch to 2022-23, AT I-APPOINT NA LANG SI PATCH FOR 2020-21. Pero,…. I think si Alaiza naman ang ma-o-overgae by 2023-24….. Hhhmmm….. 😦


        I meant defer current batch of MUP hopefuls to…. 2022-23.

        But now that I think about it, why not allow franchisees the option of which season to join?

        Kasi, baka open-ended ‘yung pinirmahan’g kontrata…. Wala’ng specific dates/time frames/YEAR. BASTA, mag-pa-pageant lang ang commitment nila sa mga franchisees. MUP reserves the prerogative as to when EXACTLY to implement, perhaps?

        Atty…. Nad Bronce should be better able to explain to all. But yes, maybe this is Patch’s chance! She can be fielded on a technicality? Is “technicality” the appropriate term? Mag-comment po ang mga abugado sa’tin ditey, ti prego!

  11. I think it would be better to just appoint a MUP2020 now, sooner than later just in case IMG holds MU2020 in Dec 2020. MUP can still hold a pageant later this year say in Sep or Oct or Notv but the winner will be the rep of Pinas for MU2021. I think they should appoint Michelle Gumabao for MUP2020 and let the other strong candidates like Molinao battle it out in the MUP pageant later this year 2020 and the winner will become Pinas delegate for the MUP2021 title. Longer prep for MU2021 will be better for Molinao ,,, for any eventual winner

    For Bb2020 , it would be hard to just simply do appointments … there are 5 crowns to give away

    • @ jaretwrightlover Baliktad, imo.

      Precisely because MUP has stakeholders – franchisees – they have committed to.

      BPCI, being sole entity, can be the one to appoint. In any case, Mdme. SMA always gives the final blessing.

      The way I see it, it’s “good” the pandemic’s first wave played out within three months (March to May, with Latin America and Africa as the possible next hot spots within a week or so from now). Singapore recently declared their second wave. Vietnam relaxed social distancing requirements after six (6) straight days of zero (0) new cases, but of course they would still be wary… With each passing day, more is learned about this problem and with that learning we are getting better at keeping it at bay at least where we are. IF it will be safe to extrapolate-assume that second waves will likely not last much longer than that first one, and a third (or more) wave will be unlikely due to rolling out of fast-tracked vaccines (research is now not wanting in funds and probably at no other time are virologists and drug makers as encouraged by incentives and urgency), then it should be safe to assume that most curves will plateau by August. The “ber” months will be when everything can be done in rapid succession, WITHIN REASON, so that there will be few, if any, accrual to 2021.

      Health services worldwide would have then be able to catch their breath again. Our reps for internationals must themselves be vaccinated beforehand (one National organization here plans to do this….).

      • I thought MU org allowed countries to appoint reps to MU2020 if actual pageant competitions are not yet possible to be allowed to be held early enough

      • @ jaretwrightlover IF it is mot possible.

        But if everything is good to go otherwise, why not the conventional route?

        Refer to @ jed’s comment in a previous post. This is a GREAT time to be creative! While adaptation is inevitable, we cannot allow this to bring life to a complete halt. We will all unlock eventually, anyway….

  12. If BPCI is unable to hold a pageant this year, perhaps they should just consider appointing last year’s runners-up to represent the Philippines in some of the international competitions — that’s if international competitions are even happening in the first place.

    • Its not that easy since they have started already the search for 2020. We do not know if there are legal implication if they will just scrap the 220search and appoint 2019 runner up. Also there are only 2 runner up actually only 1 left since Aya already assumes the Grand International title.

      • I guess what I really meant is… Binibining Pilipinas will still take place whenever they are ready… but in the meantime, should there be an international competition already taking place prior to Binibing Pilipinas happening, then we will just appoint one of the runners-up from last year to represent us. Should Binibining Pilipinas happen soon enough that we are able to send the actual titleholders, then good — and all this will be mute. I just brought this idea up just in case Binibining Pilipinas does not take place before those international competitions.

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