30 comments on “Throwback photos: Miss Universe 1999 (and where is Mpule Kwelagobe now?)

  1. I don’t have a problem with Mpule’s win, considering how Miriam buckled under pressure sa Q&A.

    What I do not like about her is yung facial expression nya. Bakit parati syang gulat?????

  2. Ganun ba? Or so she said. Thanks for the info. But I highly doubt the veracity of that info. That’s what he claims. We have no way of knowing. Maybe she is suffering from insomnia triggered by the meds she is taking to manage her schizophrenic tendencies. Or perhaps nag sa shabu ang lola mo.

  3. Tito Norman ask ko lang po. Would you know if aling pabyana is unemployed na recipient ng SAP? Kasi parang dito sya lagi tumatambay. Nakikitsismis… nakikicomment. Ganun po kasi gawa ng isang dreg of society. Thanks po.

  4. It looks like she absolutely made the most of her MU title as seen in her successes long after her reign! Miriam had her own success too until she married that Italian guy and it went downhill for her.

  5. Isa lang dinarasal ko nun… ung ndi makapasok sa Top 5 ang India… dahil kung hindi… pwedeng minani lang nya ung Q&A.

    Botswana was one of those beauty queens in the 90’s na wlang nagnumber 1 n area ng competition pero tumodo sa Final Q&A.

    naisip ko nun… pang secong tlga c Miriam nun eh… she was SECOND during the prelims (1st was South Africa). SECOND din sa SS and EG (behind SPAIN)… not to mention n SECOND din cya sa ranking ng BBP when she joined.

  6. The judging was fair. India was first in the interview round but last in the swimsuit round. Had she gotten higher marks in evening gown, she would have edged out Miriam from the top five.

    • malabong ma edge out nya si Miriam kc #2 si Miriam sa eg ss with a very near score to the one on the #1 spot…and her interview score was not bad either

  7. First and only edition of Miss Universe where blondes were shut out from the semifinals. Miss Universe had an all- brunette line-up of semifinalists.

    One of the rare instances when three of the top ten were from the African continent.

    And the second time that USA didn’t make the first cut

  8. Ang final question kasi sa MU eh minsan mahirap gaya ng sa MU1999. Minsan naman ang dali-dali lang at parang ewan lang gaya ng “What makes you blush?” Kaya unpredictable talaga ang MU q&a.

  9. Eto yung isa sa mga case na hindi nanalo sa Miss World pero pinalad sa Miss Universe just like Catriona! Iba-iba talaga hinahanap ng bawat organization!

      • Nakakaumay na
        Let’s move on . Cat already won MU
        Just respect the fact that The MWO had someone else in mind to be MW 2016.. magtitili ka man

  10. gosh, if this Top 3 happened in 2002-2007 or towards the middle part of the Trump Era, Miriam would definitely win no matter how strong Mpule’s answer was. Gosh, with that uber gorgeous face, Miriam could have easily cruise through any of the years in Ph’s MU Dark Era (except 2008) and still win it all. Sadly, 1999 was still part of a period in pageantry when q&A was really the deciding factor.

  11. Napakaregal at classy talaga ni Miriam. Judging them with these photos, she was way ahead of her competitiors. Chweh!

    • It was a heartbreak … like in 2012
      Could u imagine how Colombia feels having had so many near wins ? They are probably the best performing country next Venezuela . But until 2014 , they were never perceived that way.

  12. Those 2_Asians (_one was Korea) were so excited to see Botswana win . What was that all about ?

  13. MU 1999 has one of the most difficult Final questions in MU history. Any lady would have a hard time answering the question. This is the edition where I disagree with the 3 finalists’ answers.

    • Agree. Philippines and Spain are predominantly Catholics. I believe Miss Botswana is an Atheist, that’s why she answered the question without difficulty.

      • What are you talking about? Mpule is a Christian. Christian charities donate to her causes.

        Also, abortion has been legal in Spain since 1985.

  14. How shrewd is that, if indeed?

    Financing. But of course, the organic-produce farmer needs a loan (agriculture), and I will assume “global energy” translates to non-greenhouse-gas options like wind, solar, tidal, hydroelectric, nuclear, and geothermal, which are “scary-iffy” for most creditors.

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      • @ Fabian Reyes Quite the opposite.

        You are right. I should have omitted “shrewd”, which could have negative connotations.

        I wanted to say that the business model seemed “nice”, “clever”, “brilliant”. 🙂

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