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  1. That stage and everything is second to 2018 edition.
    that is sad that she was discriminated. our halfies is also experiencing this in different ways. Glad that catriona did everything to proved that Being a Filipino/Filipina cannot be measured by physical looks just to be a pageant representative. im sure that japanese girl did her part too and succeed too.
    i was expecting that time that pias hair style would look like miss venenzuelas hairstyle mga ganun mas gusto ko pero hinde bagay sa gown nya ang style na yon unless tangalin ung makapal na details nung gown mukhang babagay sa hairstyle ni miss venenzuela. i really hate bun style pero kung bun lang talaga mas bagay ok na din pero kung marami pa namang style na mas bongga sa bun so no to bun.
    Nakakaexcite na ang miss universe….on MUP and bbp they can start the pageant even ist week of june. mabibigyan sila ng permiso as long as 1) No audiences or 2) 3 to 5 seats ang pagitan. either way all people inside the arena will wear a mask exept the ladies during performance and dapat monitored ang temp ng lahat ng papasok 2x ang monitoring una sa main entrance and another one sa gate entrace and another temp check during exit after the show.

    • @ jed Hello. 🙂

      I prefer ‘yung dati’ng proposal mo.

      PPV. But instead of paying more to get ringside coverage, pay for DURATION. So, mas mura kung Announcement of Winner/s lang ang interes mo. Mas mahal siyempre kung Full Show. This way, EVERYBODY gets the exact same vantage.

      Ganu’n din, ‘eh. Papanoori’t-papanoorin din ulit ng mga fans.

      Dapat, may pa-Shout Out din, since nagbayad naman ang fan. Me? Basiano at BBP & Veronilla at MUP.

      • sa proposal na yan if gawin nila yan. either way expect that they will implement pay per view and base sa calculator mo flor how much kaya bawat isa ? may pa general til vip pa ba or one category only? i assume iba iba and price ng ticket for online viewers lalo na kapag no audience ang piliin nila the price will be same na para kang nanonood sa arena mismo iba iba ang price from gen to vip. i prefer number 2 para mas mababa ang price tickets kahit full show. number 2 is highly recommended for safety purpose. either way. i think the show will start on TV after the coronation

  2. I saw Olivia J as the major threat to Pia … Then she started shaking her body with her fisted hand up in the air . From then on , I knew Olivia was not going to be MU . Her ‘women empowerment ‘ speech later sealed Poa’s fate to be the next MU.
    Colombia, I am not impressed at all.
    AUS and France could have won MU in a different setting .
    Brazil’s voice I think was the nail in her coffin . She should have modulated her voice .
    Thailand looked gorgeous but she was too meek.
    Venezuela could be mistaken for a trans with her thick neck and muscled core.
    DR was not articulate enough .
    Japan was meh
    Curaçao was too generic
    SA was lucky
    Belgium was cute
    Indonesia was Indonesia
    In the end , Pia had no competition at all. It was her night to win.

    • Olivia was too playful for my taste, just like how you described. Parang di appropriate behavior, especially when she was gunning for the crown. Maybe not at that moment, for sure. Shandi was also energetic and playful yet classy. Like I said, though, Olivia being comforting to Pia during the confusion made it up for me.

      Not a fan of Australia and France. Pero kung choice lang, for sentimental reasons, France over Olivia. But I’m still in love with DR.

  3. Brazil’s Martina Brandt missing the Top 10 was already shocking enough (considering she had one of the best bodies in the Top 15)… but the fact that Japan’s Ariana Miyamoto made it over her made it even more stupefying. Having said that, I will forgive the judge’s lack of judgment on that one ‘cuz, after all, they ended up crowning the worthy Pia in the end anyway.

    • @ Lily Speaking of “body-worthy”, Pia was jiggly in all the right places. Review the Swimwear.


      No wonder GSM gave her a calendar. Will Catriona possibly follow suit? Dapat mas high-end….

      • @Flor — Pia was definitely my “body goals”. Curvaceous and “jiggly in all the right places” as you said. LOL
        I won’t be surprised if Cat’s calendar is next, or at least in the near future, definitely.

    • @ PAQUITA X German-‘Noy halfie versus Nip-‘Noy halfie (“Nip” is for Nippon). I only know Urvashi Rautela openly sided with Ariadna. And of course, there was that mutual burning-in-effigy by a Colombian fan of Pia and by Ethel Booba of Gutierrez.

      Seems being biracial has no implications on character. They can still be b_tches if they wish?

      Good Sunday morning, Admin. 🙂

  4. MU 2015 had got one of the best Top 10 in MU history. The candidates were all gorgeous and their gowns were fashion runways fit. MU 2018 would also have the best Top 10 were it not for Nepal’s and Costa Rica’s tacky gowns. But, boy, the MU 2018 Top 5 was the best in history! I mean looking at the quality of the girls and their shimmery gowns, they were all over the top.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund

      Nepali women are beautiful. They just need styling/dressing guidance, I guess….

      Paging The Camp. Kathmandu beckons for a Bureau. Or, get in touch with Official Nepali Beauty?



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    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Reads much like the Mt. Pinatubo eruption saga….

      It came just as the Philippines Senate was deliberating whether or not to to allow US military bases to stay any longer (renewal of the lease cum “assistance”). Apo na Mallari preempted the American withdrawal; Joe had no choice. The CoV19 pandemic behaved just like the volcano, necessitating Endeavor to implement what in essence COULD/SHOULD have been done much earlier.

      Mr. Tinio, there was a comment here in the blog before that MUO owed TPN for the latter’s MU 2018 hosting, but LCS paid for it and that’s why Gob had first blood on Catriona, bringing her over on his private jet…. so, has MUO paid LCS? Presumably, that 4.6b USD debt includes this….

      Now I will say something controversial-if-insensitive for this time and circumstance.

      Had the pandemic not happened, the CCP could have had yet another opportunity to expand investments in America by offering to enter Endeavor through China state-run corporations. But yes, the virus was like the volcano, the proverbial (ash) rain on the parade (of beauties).

    • You guys need to respond in a more relatable way . I refuse to read your entries more than once

  6. Top 10 was too much for her. Kahit nga Top 15. Nagpaingay lang sa kanya yung pagiging biracial niya. Yun lang. Chweh!

  7. She should have never put her hair in a bun, and instead should have sported the same hairstyle she did during preliminary competition. That would have given her a more modern look and would have taken the attention away from her hideous gown. She also lacked variety in her facial expressions that to me she looked too uptight. She really performed much much better in prelims than in finals.

    • I didn’t see the prelim show and I’m not sure if she wore the same gown. But when she came out wearing this gown during finals night, my jaw dropped, and not in a good way! The gown reminded me of a Twix wrapper 🙂

      • oh yeah you’re right! it really looked like a Twix wrapper!!! And yeah, she used the same gown for the prelims, that’s why i can really compare and say that she was better in prelims and horrible at finals night. Heck, even her swimsuit performance during prelims was better than in finals.

  8. One of the best top 5 in MU history … not sure where I would place Japan among the top 5 because I do not who to bump off , France or Australia ? … Dom Rep is also in the same situation as Japan …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Now that you mentioned it, I would retain Flora because this was the time after the bombing (?) incident in Paris and would repeat the gesture given to Olivia Culpo (after the shootings at an elementary school).

      Monika, while certainly beautiful, was tentative in her Question Round (on the legalization of marijuana in her country) and let’s face it is just like Julia Horta – defeated by a Filipina at MTI prior.

      THIS, to me only, is THE BEST EVER EVENING DRESS IN MU HISTORY – the shimmering column Barazza made for Ariadna!

      Ariana Miyamoto’s placement was nothing but WME/IMG’s pitch for inclusiveness etc…..

      Moral of the lesson : the backstory will only get you so far.

  9. She was hyped but I don’t think she’s MU worthy. Yes, top 10 was too much!

    Although I love Olivia, I was hoping that Clarissa made it to top 3. But Olivia was such a comfort to Pia when all the hullabaloo was going on so I really admired her for that.

    Devon Aoki, who is also a halfie, is the daughter of Benihana founder, Rocky Aoki. Her half sibling is DJ Steven Aoki. Devon inherited more of the Japanese blood (physical features) which is quite opposite compared with Ariana, until you hear her open her mouth. She reminds me of Alicia Keys.

  10. I was surprised to se her go as far as she did
    I think there were more deserving girls
    And her gown looked really cheap . I’m not familiar with the fabric economy . Does anyone know how much her gown would cost to make ?

  11. Tito Norms. Do you know who Ariana’s husband is. Is she married and the kid is amybe 2 years old. She married young.

  12. Crap! Why do I ALWAYS think Clarissa Molina is from Paraguay….? 😦

    ‘Oh, ayan! Attention BPCI, sabi Japanese prefer fair-skin, they like compliance, are averse to iconoclasm. Send somebody who is predictable, likes structure, and respects authority.

    Kaya pala naging Axis ang Italy, Germany, at Japan. Mga GGSS. Even today in Italy,…. in parts.

    In contrast, biracial Flora Cocqruel encountered little, if any, home front resistance. Or, did she?

    1 in every 50 infants is biracial in Japan nowadays? In the first place,…. (hihihih….) 🙂

    I like Devon Aoki, Francais-Japon. She was in the Pirelli calendar and was a Chanel muse. And was in one installment of “The Fast and the Furious” film saga.

    There’s this REALLY CUTE halfie guy in Filipinas male pageantry named Riyuchi Sekigeuchi. Mr. Tinio probably met him on one of Blogger San’s Q&A mentoring gigs.

    That year Riyuchi participated at GP, BOTH Runners-up were also Fil-Jap and were brothers! Sekigeuchi San, however, did not place, I think…..?

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