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  1. na-appreciate ko sobra ang blogs niyo tito norman. I check it everyday and it makes me happy! i am curious to know who are your favorite filipina representatives to Miss U? i know, it’s too much of a question to ask. i hope you can share naman.

    • Thanks Roy!

      My Top 5 favorites would include our four Miss Universe crowns definitely because they did our country proud. Kahit saang anggulong tingnan, they deserve to be there. As for that fifth and final spot, I would go for Chat Silayan because she always brings back good memories of Miss Universe to me.

  2. I think the most important global milestone to achieve is the discovery of vaccine to combat COVID 19. Without the vaccine, the global community will always be in danger of second or third wave of pandemic breakouts, and no amount of lockdown extensions or terminations will bring lives back to normal. As the scientific community estimates that the vaccine may take up to 18 months to be fully developed, economies that simply cannot afford to wait that long are constrained to open up, albeit, very cautiously. But entertainment and leisure businesses that depend on a large assemblage of people, like sporting events, concerts, and beauty pageants, may be the last to open– unless these companies are able to reinvent their business model. For pageantry, unless it is able to creatively present a contest within the constraints of social distancing, and the leverage afforded by internet technology, it may as well wait out for the arrival of the vaccine.

    • @ scorg …. or a cocktail of repurposed meds. There’s a race to get clinical trials begun so that anything useful can be manufactured and distributed. It’s potentially lucrative for drug makers.

      • @Flor, the challenge to pageantry, local or international, is how to reinvent themselves in the face of the constraints posed not only by social distancing and stay-at-home ordinances, but also by the global economic recession caused by the sudden and prolonged lockdowns. Granted that the cocktail of repurposed meds are produced sooner, the debilitated economy worldwide will take time to recover and pageantry may have a difficult time in the short-term hunting for corporate sponsors. Please take note: repurposed meds are no match to the potency of a vaccine.

  3. I was watching YouTube and chsnced upon videos of Miss Global 2019. I don’t remember tit o Norman discussing it. It’s baffling because it was very scandalous and a former actress Riza Sant os repped the Philippines

  4. Tito Norman, u r well appreciated . U have become part of our daily routines…. At work and inside our home … of course behind closed doors . Fascination with beauty pageants is very hard to explain to family and friends .. not like sports .

  5. No , Tito Norman . It ain’t easy . LOL. U can be funny sometimes .

  6. your efforts are very much appreciated.. keeping us always informed and entertained with your throwbacks… and yes, looking forward to your out-of-town/behind the scene stories.. we certainly need some “chismis” in these boring times.. more power, and keep safe…

      • Tito Norman after the ECQ pwede na ba ibalik sa zoo ang chimpanzee by the name of pabyan? That’s where she belongs. Malay mo magkaroon ng Ms. Chimpanzee Universe titl. Sya karapat dapat isali bearing the sash of the Pearl of the Orient Seas—-PHILIPPINESSSSSSS!!!

      • I wonder if Chezka is the evil personification of Tito Norman. Just a thought hihihi

    • @ VINA YU Protections? Uhm, you have another virus in mind, right? 🙂

      • Always use protections when going outside (mask, PPEs, gloves, alcohol and the likes). Kaloka!

      • Flor u don’t die anymore from that virus
        Within 3y of my stay here ( 1998 -2001) , It turned from deadly to just one of the chronic illnesses like hypertension .
        This one is different . And I don’t think a vaccine will be universally available by the end of the yr . So I’m not hopeful about MU 2020

    • apologies. this post is meant for the 2014 MU topic. magrepost na lang po ako.

  7. Blogger King, this is the time to spill the personal stuff, like your on-the-road adventures at pageant judging and mentoring stints beyond NCR. At ang pasalubongs, nasaan? 🙂

    May as well extend. Everybody is. Switzerland, for one, will unlock 27 May, and ONLY VERY GRADUALLY WITH STRICT GUIDELINES – for example, restaurants with no more than 20-head seating capacity before malls (but then again, I don’t know that “Schweiz” has plenty of shopping destination options).

    Isn’t it curious that relatively-easy-to-isolate islands with relatively-minimal tourist traffic like Catanduanes are considered high-risk? Benguet, I imagine, would be like Switzerland, sharing borders with many other regions but even then still hard to get to whether on foot or by transport. SGF must be devastated. 😦

  8. Tito Norms, rest assured that your efforts to come up with worthwhile pageant reads during these house arrest days are very much appreciated. Thank you very much and stay safe – you and yours!

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