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  1. I knew that your name KF goes already a long way in beauty pageant.” Kudos KF ”
    DO YOUR OFFICE TRAINED ORDINARY GIRLS i mean just for personality development?

    • @ Eva Lopez From the article, it would imply the negative (answer to your question). 🙂

  2. Tito Norman, so it’s clear professional fees are waived . And I understand that everyday clothes and make up are candidates’ own expense .

    What about other expenses like rent for the building they use for training , food , electricity and water , and transportation ( I see them I getting off an air-conditioned bus to register ) .. Are they all provided for free ?

  3. KF is the best indeed. 25 years of selflessly training beauty queens and helping them maximize their potential. 25 years of giving glory and honor to the Philippines. Maraming salamat KF!! Napakagaling at napakabuti nyo.

      • Yes, please take note. KF will do everything to give the best training to every aspiring beauty queen.

      • Yes. Kaya bilib ako sa kanila. Hindi nasisilaw sa PERA, clean, scammed or laundered. SELFLESS is a word not everyone knows or practices. 🙂

  4. Malakas sa lutuan sa Miss Earth ang KF. Sa MU naman laging olats. Miss Earth lang talaga kaya nilang gapangin. Chweh!

  5. Congrats!
    Many more decades to his pageant camp.
    Sana all pageant camps will start the 2020s by stopping the use of chunky tacky platform shoes 🤞

    • seryoso ba tong tanong nato or baklaan lang? kanino mo naman narinig yang hanash na yan?


      • Wow , Rodgil did a good job . Who knew A homeless person like Jonas would end up graduating at UP then become an astute businessman . Rodgil should be so proud !

  6. The training camp that popularize the “Duck Walk”!

    Everything takes time talaga! Akalain mo umpisa sila in 1995 then they earned their first winner in 2005, which is ten years after! If Rodgil given up his passion in 2000, we will not have all those crowns!

    Jonas started in 2002 and earned his first crown in 2015 which is 13 years after!

    Whatever entitlement they have, they earned it! Hindi biro yung journey to the crown nila! The mere fact na mag-umpisa ka from scratch is already a challenge!

    Wish ko na lang sa KF, maka-jockpot na sana sila ng Miss Universe and Miss World crown! Hindi ko alam kung saan sila nagkulang dahil very secretive tong camp na’to when it comes to training!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Hindi naman siguro pinaiinom ng dugo ng pagong, like what the China sports coaches do to their future-elite national players. “Pageant athletes” daw kasi, said Tito Rodgil.

      (Magagalit ang mga animal rights.)



      So, tama lang pala that camps must be able to project pageant trends at least two (2) decades in advance, considering it took both KF and A&Q more than ten years to harvest…. Parang Waling(2x), an orchid that when grown from seed will start blooming only ten years at the earliest.

    • They will win in MU or MW is they stop being baduy! From their cansidates’ styling to theur wau of answering q&a! Baranggay levels! Cringe!

  7. NOW I KNOW WHY FOREIGN FANS/ADMIRERS SAY Jazz is the most bella MU-Filipinas….

    This photo of hers reveals it. She bears resemblance to Brigitte Bardot!


    • She was very pretty on finals night of MU 2020
      But the way she talks is very irritating .
      And attitude , she’s got lots of it .

      • Mas lots ang attitude mo Fabian. Number 1 ka sa attitude. Pak na pak!

    • Agree ! Gazini was described by MU 2016 semifinalist and vlogger Siera Bearchell as the most beautiful face of Miss Universe 2019.

    • Most pageant experts agree that Gaz has the best face of Miss Universe 2019. She could have placed higher if she competed in the Trump era.

      • I believe that. Ni review ko ang mga mukha ng ating mga Miss U delegates in the last 20 years, lamang talaga many notches higher ang facial beauty ni Gazini. Sorry po, pero yung iba parang nanalo lang ng Ms Friendship at corporate awards.

  8. Guys, Just read from GMA news website, Jonas Gaffud’s father passed away yesterday. So kung may balak kayong mang-bash sa kanya eh di ko alam if it’s the right time for a mourning son. Fyi.

    • @ Adrienne PEP.Ph has an article on the matter. Prior, was an appeal for blood type A+ donor.

      Both men, Rodgil and Jonas, are personal friends. Whatever competition is purely professional.

      SILVER…. an electrical conductor superior to common copper, an antimicrobial, & just plain shiny-attractive. We wish KF ruby (40th), gold (50th, like BBP Gold), diamond (75th) & platinum (100th)!

      • Yes, they’re friends but the fans aren’t. Yun ang problema… bashing to the max ang ginagawa nila kahit personalan na. But for Jonas and Rodgil, I know they’re friends. What I’m trying to say, please refrain from bashing especially one of them is in deep sorrow.

      • I thOught Flor said he\she was friends with both Jonas and Rodgil.
        Flor , pls clarify

      • @ Fabian Reyes Sorry. THEY are. Not me. Ambiguity in writing is a crime. 🙂

  9. Blogger Tinio, tell Barnaby Lo to grow facial hair. Like Joseph Morong and Danno Tingcungco. 🙂

    And how are Bea Rose Santiago’s kidneys holding, po?

    Honey Be Parennas of Sultan Kudarat is like an extra-dusky Datul. Tiquestiques reminds me of Alejandra Vengoechea. Cenarosa is TALL; mowhdel-mowhdel, please! Viado looked DIVINE in the camel-themed Glam Shot; she can get Premio Fotogenico. Dimaculangan, Rosales, and Taruc should be shoo-ins for the semi’s. Patrizia Garcia, like I said before, looks like Denise Omorog and by extension Clarissa Molina, MU-Paraguay 2015 (whom I consider having the best twirl in BOTH Swim and Evening Dress in MU history); I want her to be one of the two KF girls to get crowns.

    KFMen include, aside from the two gay guys, Ajdani, Karklins, Poli, Campos, & a few foreigners.

    Finally, Sir Norman, can KF act as agency? For example, if a ward has no manager/handler and she is offered modelling jobs, can KF represent her and ensure her well-being and uphold her best interests in this regard? Sa madali’ng salita, can they be like a parent? Is KF registered with the DTI/SEC as “modelling agency” or “charm school” (like JRP or DC)?

    • Flor , isn’t she on permanent dialysis already that Is …. unless she has received a new kidney ? I’m glad she is in Canada . Dialysis and maintenance meds of transplant patients are extremely expensive .

    • That’s the danger of taking water pills unnecessarily and eating too much protein . They can ruin your kidneys .

    • Flor, KF has not really functioned as an agency like Mercator has for A&Q. That is one of the reasons why KF ladies like Bianca Manalo and Hannah Ruth Sison have turned to Mercator for post-pageant work contracts or engagements.

  10. Norman, what is the business side of these beauty camps? Are the girls paying the beauty camps for the training they receive? Or are the beauty camps getting shares of the trainees’ prize money? Or is this pure pro bono?

    • This is essentially pro bono. The ladies get to spend on their trusty heels but there is no money involved. And I am referring to the ones that the group has patiently scouted and “courted”. I cannot say the same for those who may simply want to be “accommodated” for training or the status of being part of the camp.

    • Oh and by the way, KF significantly earns from their event management/pageant production – a business the group is now known for.

      • No disrespect meant , Tito Norman . Your description of the business is confusing . Sounds like they are vending these girls to the highest bidders . I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees it that way .

      • Fabian, the trainings and the event management/pageant production are separate from each other. The latter is the business where they earn for the upkeep of the camp and the salaries of its employees. The former is borne out of passion.

      • @ Norman So, KF is registered as an EVENTS PLANNER. Parang PEPPS at Carousel, din….

        Kaya pala nag-tre-train ng Earthlings at Misters ang KF…. Cartel-ish….

        Why doesn’t Tito Rodgil set up his own agency, then?

        But, “Kagandahang Flores” is NOT the legal/registered business name, is it?

        How about The Camp, po? When will you share with us their identities….? 🙂

      • The individuals behind The Camp are no longer a secret. It’s just that they want more focus on the ladies than them.

      • If it’s not a secret anymore , tito Norman , Would you please enumerate The members of the camp?

  11. When I see this post about KF, alam ko na maglalabasan dito ang mga bashers. Maraming magko-compare ng beauty camps na ito dun sa isa, mga accomplishments at kung anu-ano pa. Di naman dapat ganon. Let us emphasize the good things and beauty of this camp and not on the bad or negative side. Wala akong kinakampihang camps dahil pare-pareho silang may naiambag sa larangan ng beauty pageants para makilala tayo internationally. Regardless of the camp, our candidate competing globally wears only 1 sash, the Philippines!

    • Pls do not mistake frumpiness for humility . I prefer my trainer to practice what he preaches .
      But humble or just plain fashion -challenged , I still like Rodgil . He seems very likable smart and articulate

      • Talo ng mapagkumbaba (KF) ang mapagmataas (—). Sabi nga nila, CHWEH!

    • YES, di gaya ng ambisyosa at traydor na ilong ranger, kala mo kung sinong magaling

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