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  1. not counting 1994 and 1999 , who had the greatest chance of possibly landing the semifinals of MU among the MUPs between 1990 through 2009 ?

    My top 10 favorites (disappointments) are:

    1990 Gem Padilla
    1997 Abbygale Arenas
    2000 Nina Ricci Alagao
    1995 Joanne Quintas
    2009 Pamela Manalo
    2006 Lia Ramos
    2004 Maricar Balagtas
    1996 Leng Damiles
    1993 Dindy Gallardo
    2007 Theresa Licaros

    • p.s. I was also thinking of 2005 Gionna Cabrera but there were so many lovely gorgeous candidates that year …. it was too much for her …

  2. Angeli Dione Gomez also from the Gold Edition also won an international title. Miss Tourism International 2014 i think

  3. Shamcey is my favorite among the pure ‘Pinays’ MUP winners from 2010 to 2019 , close 2nd is Ara

    not counting Pia and Cat among the half ‘Pinays’ , my favorite among them besides these two is Gaz

    There are more half Pinays MUP in this ten year span … 6 as opposed to 4 ‘pure’ Pinays MUP

    • Forget about ethnicity – for me only Rachel and Cat are the real halfsies. Other ladies are more immersed coming their respective provinces like Venus (Negros), Mj (Davao), Pia (CDO) and Gaz (Cebu). But ghorl ipapasa ko na rin Cat for trying so hard embracing her roots.

      • @ Observing You Wasn’t Venus from Bato, CamSur? And MJ from Cotabato? Jazz Zamboanga-born and moved to Cebu later? And I wonder if Pia knows Cebuano, the lingua franca of CDO/Misamis Oriental….

  4. Parang PI – Universe, International (Lingkungan), & Supranational (Pariwisata)….

    Ganito, Mr. Tinio. Tell Mdme. SMA to give the the three titlists – International, Supranational, (The) Globe – the OPTION of an eighteen (18)-month contract assuming an April coronation (April of current year to October of the following year) para in case hindi agad palarin, they can get a second chance at Intercontinental and Angkol’s. Huwag na lang mag-RU; wala naman’g ganap at hindi rin guarantee na automatic inclusion in the Final/Official Roster on their repeat.

    Ta’s, like MUT, ONE repeat only.

    IF YOU CROSSOVER, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE RE-ADMITTED. (Look what happened to Arienne Calingo…. MWP 2016 Ist Princess, BBP 2017 unplaced, MWP 2018 unplaced)

    CROSSOVERS FROM RIVAL BRANDS – mup, mwp, mpe, mutyap, etc. – WILL TOTAL NOT MORE THAN THREE (3) PER YEAR. This way, sala’ng-sala at mostly fresh faces!

    Winners of “dedicated nationals” – DN’s – like CTS, RA (Reyna ng Aliwan), & MBP could be given option of Pre-Enlistment for the BBP edition corresponding with the termination of their earlier pageant contract, somewhat like a “slot reservation” or “earnest money/expression of intent”. Their managers/handlers will be asked to post a refundable “participation bond”.

    Finally, have the total number of participants at TWENTY-FIVE (25). Do we actually still bother about the clappers afterwards? For example, how many of us know that Malka Shaver finished Runner-up at a municipal-level contest? I don’t even remember what that was….. 😦

    I am happy Alannis Reign Binoya got that facial soap endorsement. In addition to her, am awaiting the RETURN of MUCH-IMPROVED Darren Jane Genobisa, Denise Omorog, and Magbitang. 🙂

  5. according to my perception, Ariella, Maxine, and Venus are my favorite MUP.

  6. Imelda ended up as the dethroned Miss Earth Philippines as well. Galing ng batch na ito!

  7. Arguably, the best batch in the history of BBP.
    Ariela could have placed higher as well had it not for that hideous yellow gown.

    We know too well what the 1st runner up had achieved two years later.

    Charmaine Elima, one of the semi-finalist – a personal favorite – gave up her pageant dreams after 2017. Her distinct Filipina beauty and bone structure ate to die for. Sayang.

    • Dear John, what are you talking about? it’s her answer to the final question that landed her in the 3rd RU position. You have to remember that she advanced to the Top 5 with that gown. She was the most beautiful on that Top 5 with her delicious tan, but her answer wasn’t the most palatable. Just saying.

      • Some tv watchers saw Ara topping the swimsuit round and 9th in the evening gown. So it is safe to say she was ranked 4th or 5th going into the final 5. Her weak answer didn’t help her either.

  8. Ara will always be my favorite since Venus Raj. She did get a lot of flak because of her diction, but the girl was a fighter. She had gracefully displayed her strong character, a common trait from Elbi alumni.

    Also, that face is multi-million. I’m happy with her Tatiana stint. Hope to see more of her.

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