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  1. Isa lang masasabi ko, milya talaga ang layo ni Cat kay Zozi sa pagandahan at talakan. May matalak kasi na hindi engaging pakinggan. Chweh!

  2. Bitchina talaga mag comment ang inggiterang si pabyana. Palibhasa nagkumahog syang sumali sa local beaucons, gwardya pa lang kaharap nya tsinugi na sya!!!! akala siguro chimpanzee ang gagagita!!!!

  3. Minsan, mga Pinoy din ang naghahatak pababa sa mga Philippine MU delegate.

    Commenting something shady on the instagram page of Miss Universe especially if you are an IG Admin is like bringing to a battlefield your followers to initiate a commotion!

    May nanalo na and eto yung gustong branding ng Miss Universe para sa organizacion nila! And for as long as sila ang may-ari ng organizacion sila ang masusunod! Hindi nila itu-tweak yung selection parameter nila para mag-fit or mag-mold sa gusto ng mga Pinoy o gusto ng mga Indonesian o gusto ng mga Colombian!

    Ngayon kung ang mga Pinoy continue na ipipilit yung magaling sa pasarela na mukhang living Barbie Doll na just just ang communication skill na walang in depth knowledge on current events, hanggang Top 20 lang talaga ang mararating natin! And huwag sasama ang loob niyo kung hindi yon ang napili ng organizacion!

    Spokeperson ang hinahanap nila! Kaya quesejoda na sabihin niyo na hindi ‘to oratorical or quiz bee contest, yung may laman ang utak ang hinahanap nila with the right attitude!

  4. @ Fabian Reyes According to @ unorthodox, there was talk that WME/IMG offered Catriona a contract post-MU, but their demands might have placed severe limitations on her, so she opted to decline. Again, it’s just talk and surely Cat would prefer to keep mum about the matter. Is she embarrassed or arrogant? We should just respect her. We are not privy to her reasons. I myself got a hint of the kind of smugness she is capable of. Not personally, of course. But that group interview in Thailand was telling…. Then again, aren’t we all smug when we are very sure of ourselves? She’s just human.

    MUO apparently made ENOUGH just on her endorsement jobs in the country. So, it was no longer necessary to peddle her, so to speak.

    I said before that Cat has probably brought in so much for Paula Shugart that MUO can afford to crown a less-stellar candidate the following year and the organization would STILL be financially sound. But as we can see, ZT is no slacker herself. 🙂

    I agree with you that if she can benefit/profit from third party guidance/coaching, why not?

    Do not fret. From what little I have gathered, most folks do not mind what you perceive to be a “loftiness” on her part. But, after all, she is first and foremost a BQ; she needs to elicit ADORATION. And that, she is getting WHEREVER she goes.

  5. Switch off the pageant mode and get real pls .

    BTW, that farewell performance is one for thE books .
    Cat is one of the prettiest outgoing MUs.. ever
    That blue color really suits her well

  6. Best Miss Universe in the digital age!! She uses her platform to give to the voiceless and an eye to those who are ignored by society.

  7. Nakakahiya ang speed ng internet natin….

    Anyway.. I love you Cat! ❤❤❤❤

  8. South Africa’s reign will be the longest since there won’t be a Ms. Universe pageant this year.
    Taghirap ang ekonomiya ng mundo ngayon, mahihirapan makahanap ng sponsors si tita Paula.
    Last year nga nahirapan diba?
    Baka June pa next year ang MU, in time for summer sa US.

  9. Cat’s ‘bubbly personality ‘ only thrives in the pageant world . In any other setting , she seems aloof and out of touch . Is she nervous mingling with the Showbiz people ? it’s just me though . Others may see her differently .
    Again , I hope she sings familiar tunes more often . That’s the only way the Pinoy audience can relate to her .

    • Fabian dear, yes it’s just you. Cat is well-loved and she’s fine around and with everyone. And she’s an artist who can be an artista. San ka pa?

    • LOL ka Fabian. 2016 pa lang anti-Catriona ka na. HAHAHAHAHA. Dont me. Walang objectivity ang nananalaytay diyan sa dugo mo. ULOL.

      • I wasn’t claiming objectivity at all. I said ,it was my opinion.
        However, blind fanaticism won’t help her at all.

        How was her reign as MU? A lot of fans said the MUO underused her.
        How is her career after MU ? It has been 5m since her reign ended.
        Has she signed a contract to be one of the IMG models?
        Has she been invited back to perform at ASAP ?
        Does she have shows or ads lined up in the next 3 months ?

      • BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Google mo lang teh may sagot na sa tanong mo. But what would I expect from you? Nada. Para kang si Hipong Cuay at Evil Jonas.

      • Catf , those are rhetorical questions .. no answers needed
        All I am saying is that something needs to be said .
        Is she too shy or too proud to ask for help … to get more shows or ads ?
        She is very talented and registers really well on tv . She sings well but she needs a coach to help her Lose the awkward facial and body movements .. and to Connect better with the audience

    • People , pls watch her ASAP performances on Youtube and you will know what I am talking about.
      Also, did she get invited to Sarah rose’s wedding ?

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