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  1. Facewise, Gazini tops all our candidates in the last 20 years. Tama yung foreigner vlogger. Least sina Barrientos, Balingit and Agustin.

  2. I think Ximena deserved to be a winner in MU 2010, although initially I wanted Rozanna Purcell to clinch the crown. Venus made news in every corner of the pageant circle, and Filipino fans went gaga for the first time about Miss Universe since 1994. The controversy about her purported dethronement made people aware that there was more to her than meets the eye. She was worth followed during the competition. However, beauty pageant experts had spoken two days before the finals that Venus was facially weak, and I agreed to them. Why? Because she looked exhausted and dehydrated. She got off the momentum. I thought she was a lot more beautiful and glowing during Binibining Pilipinas finals than Miss Universe’s.

    Rozanna Purcell, on the other hand, was a bomb. Her beauty was something everyone would envy–sassy, alluring, flirtatious, etc. However, her performance during the finals went beyond the border of queenly standards. In short, she went overboard.

    Ximena came in full blast but with a gentle arrive. She gave a perfect blend during swimsuit, evening gown and Q&A. She got the stars beside her that night, notwithstanding the superb performance Yendi Phillips gave during the competition. I also thought that she’s got one of the most perfect facial structures amongst Miss Universe winners.

    Was Venus Raj indeed a charmer for giving a basal luck for the country’s continuous streak in Miss Universe after a long dry spell? A sort of. There are actually several factors why the Philippines always make it in Miss Universe since 2010. First, the pressure and excitement it gave to the handlers of our beauty queens. Filipinos are now woke that we wouldn’t want to suffer the same fate again, hence, our beauty queens’ handlers and organizers push hard to bring the best in them. Second, Philippines have grown to love and feast on beauty pageants, a thing that pageant organizers look forward. Admit it or not, curiosity in pageantry has been revived because pageantry trends on social media courtesy of the Filipino fans. And now, neighboring countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam are heavily influenced and have become strong competitions of the Philippines. In short, there is hope in Asia in pageantry and we even beat Latinos’ craziness in it.

    That’s all.

  3. @Norman, request ko lang po sana na magkaroon ng thorough review if deserving ba ang mga placements ng USA sa MU.

    Napansin ko lang kasi na mas maraming deserving candidates ang dapat makapasok sa semis na nakukuha ng USA kahit di kagandahan.

    So fellow readers, sino talaga sa analysis niyo ang hindi deserving na naka placement sa mga rep ng USA sa MU?

    • @ Lireo Just for me, immediately came to mind was USA in MU 2000 (Cyprus, Lara Dutta).

      I went back to that post and, lo and behold, your observation that the Question Round was given premium over facial beauty! 🙂

      Very sorry, but the WIFI is buckling here, again. I was no longer able to watch the Video, so I was unable to get the name. But I recall even the commentators said that her Prelim interview with Sinbad registered smug (or something to that effect).

      In any case, someone named after a French fashion brand couldn’t be too bad. And “alagaw” is a medicinal plant. 🙂

      Our bet registers Nepali. I WILL PREDICT NEPAL WILL BE THE NEXT ASIAN PAGEANT DARLING. Mr. Tinio, you know where The Camp should go now – KL, Kingston, & Kathmandu.

      • Nope. MI does it too but not too much na papanalunin or Top 5. 2012 was the exception. But same pa rin. Mas maraming semi-finalists ang Japan sa MI kaysa sa atin. Do they deserve their placements too? Same level of scrutiny please.

    • Mga iba kasi diyan, todo lait sa ME. Dapat same level of scrutiny sa MW, MU and MI. Nothing follows.

      • Sa MU, magaganda naman talaga ang mga candidates na sinesend nila. Palaban. Even Rima Fakih who went unplaced in 2010 ay deserving din sa Top 16 spot. Sa Miss Earth, hesusko kahit chakabellas talagang ipagpipilitan. Kahit di kagandahan, pasok sa Best Face and Poise; kahit sangkatabaan, makakamedal pa sa Swimsuit Round; kahit olats sa interviews, pasok sa Top ng Intelligence Round; kahit walang appeal, basta may dugong Pinay, pasok din. Same level of scrunity?No, Miss Earth is and shall be in topnotch. Deserved nila yan. Chweh!

      • Evident naman na kung saan nakabase ang pageant ay may greater edge talaga ung bansa. Sa MI ko lang bihira makita na nakakapasok sa semi ang Japan.

  4. Thanks for the flashback, Miss Tinio! It was my first time watching live with friends, and I can attest that some Mexicans in attendance were not very nice. Pinoys were cheering for Ximena, but Mexicans cross armed and pouted whenever Venus took the stage.

    Ximena described her red gown as having national significance. Venus said her gown was very very flowy. I kinda figured by then it’s game over.

    Also got to meet Madame Araneta and her brother during the show rehearsal. It was open seating and we were just a few seats behind her. Wanted to ask so badly why she repeatedly punished girls with Cumbia and Barazza gowns. Decorum won so we kept it shut.

  5. Nakuh, naglaway c aling Flor Tula Kay kuya Carlos😊 hihihi
    Ang cherette cherette Ng mga post ni Auntie N now at bentang benta😊

  6. Very well-deserved win by Mexico
    I find her the prettiest in the group
    Our own Venus looked really gorgeous as well . But Mexico. Was the real winner .

  7. Had Venus answered the question in a better way, she could’ve at least placed as 2nd Runner Up. Mexico and Jamaica were really battling neck to neck back then. Jamaica topping the swimsuit and Mexico topping the evening gown. Si Australia dapat di na nakausad after swimsuit round or evening gown. Lame ang performance. Even Ukraine. Malakas lang ang kapit nila nun kay Trump dahil kay Oleksandra Nikoloyenko na may asawang DOM na owner ng isang casino sa Vegas. Ukraine pwede ng pang-Top 10. Dapat sina Ireland at Albania ang nagadvance sa Top 5 with Jamaica, Mexico and Venus. Agree mga vaklings? Chweh!

    • I disagree. Na kay Venus ang mata ng lahat, kahit ng interbuyhin si Donald Trump ay nagpahayg sya ng paghanga kay Venus. Sa kanya na talaga nakalaan ang korona matapos syang maging sentro ng atensyon ng Miss U simula pa lang nang lumaban sya na ibalik ang kanyang korona bilang Miss U Philippines syempre sa tulong ng mga Filipino. Pero napakahina talaga ng performance niya sa Q&A.

      • May scores naman na naka flash sa screen right? It was between mexico and jamaica if u do the math.

      • Cancaloo. Panuorin mo ulit vakla yung MU 2010. Wala ka yata sa huwisyo dyan sa make up stories mo. Marami lang fans Felepens nun sa audience seat along with Mexico and USA. May data na nakaflash sa screen. Chweh!

      • Venus was 3rd in swimsuit and was 5th in evening gown before the Q and A

  8. I think Venus is favored to get the crown until the final Q&A. Ximena just got lucky that her question was easy enough that it can be answered in college/university pageants.

    We were given a chance again to vie for the crown in 2011 but seems the judges were not receptive when your answer has “God” in it.

    In 2012, I’m very, very sure that Janine’s answer is indeed worthy of the crown. We clearly robbed of the victory. I’m thinking US wants to seal it’s dominance in number of titles in MU or it needs something to cheer them during the successive shooting incidents.

    In 2013, Ara could have placed higher if not for her poor delivery of her answer. But wait, the crown would look lovely in her jet black hair.

    In 2014, MJ lost due to her evening gown. She could have worn a red gown or a flowy white gown that defined her curves. Basing her from her interviews, she answers well. She could have placed 2nd or 3rd runner up.

    Thank God we finally clinched the crown in 2015.

    In 2016, although I was wishing a back to back, Maxine’s communication skills is clearly a challenge. She could have entered the Top 3. She could have ask the interpreter to repeat the question and I was really hoping she will answer in Filipino.I’m happy to see her as 2nd runner up.

    In 2017, Rachel could have been in the Top 5 but she lacks the fire to win.

    And thanks God again for our 4th crown in 2018.

    Lastly, in 2019, I think Gazini deserves to be in the top 10 atleast.

    • I agree Gazini should have been in top 10 … and she will advance to top 5 because she is strong in both gown and swimsuit … but then , she will be stopped , no top 3

      In 2010, Ireland and Philippines were tied to winning the crown on the night before the finals…
      Mexico did get lucky with the question she was asked on finals night … Australia I am not a fan

      • u mean the prelims right? because during the actual pageant night .. the scores are shown on tv, it really was between mexico and jamaica.

    • I agree also with 2014 … culprit was the gown for MJ out of top 5

      In 2017 , Rachel should have been with South Africa and Jamaica in top 3

      Pinas should have been in top 5 or top 6 in all of 2010 – 2019 !!!

      • Jared, simply because the Latinas were in a very strong competitive field. Not enough slots for them if only based on continental allotment. Why would they put 2 South American amazonas in the wild card?

        In the case of Gaz, it’s a token placement. Fred of Indonesia went on to top 10, Paweensuda advanced to Top 5, so did Colombia. Gaz didn’t. I won’t be surprised if she’s actually no. 20.

      • Kay Rachel pang top 3? SINASABI KO NA SA INYO, BUKOD SA PARANG TUOD SI RACHEL NUN, JUST LIKE HOW LAME SHE WAS DURING HER MISS WORLD PHILIPPINES STINT, GANUN PA DIN SIYA. AT HINDI ELOQUENT SI RACHEL, FLUENT LANG SA WIKANG INGLES. Layo kay Cat kahit graduate pa siya sa isang prominent university sa Australia. Most of her interviews are boring. You won’t stand a minute listening to her.

        MJ? Partly agree with that. She lost because of that horrible gown. Pero may part din sa akin na parang fault din ni MJ way she lost. She looked dry and hobbling that night kung ikukumpara mo kina Jamaica, Colombia and Ukraine. Pero naniniwala din ako na dapat siya yung nasa pwesto ni Miss Netherlands. Trump pick si Miss Netherlands nun dahil sa connection nila sa CORDAID. Kutob ko lang naman.

        Gazini? Prettiest among the recent MUPs from KFCamp. Pero speech wise kung malaglag man sina France at Peru, I’ll go for Dominican Republic and India to make it to the Top 10. After niya magstutter while delivering her speech, it was very evident on screen that she lost from where she was going. Nagjump siya sa speech niya, ramdam ko yun. Yung di niya pagadvance sa Top 10, hindi na nakakabigla yun.

        Yung kaso ni Maxine, may chance sana siyang makapasok sa Top 3 kung tutuusin eh. Nagbigay sa kanya ng kalituhan yung interpreter. Alam ko hindi ganun kachikadora si Max pagdating sa interviews pero malay natin mas naging maayos sana sagot niya sa Q and A nun kung hindi siya nadala dun sa translation ni vaklitang interpreter. Yung trinanslate na tanong ni vakla ang sinagot niya. From “significant change”, ginawa niyang “significant event”. Gagang vakla! Yung translation niya tuloy ang sinundan ni Maxine. Kung wala sana yung interpreter, baka naiba pa sagot ni Max. Chweh!

    • Lest we forget, Gaz was already LUCKY to be part of top 20 as a WILD CARD. She’s not even MUP material in the first place. If not for that wild card in MU 2019 our semis streak would have been broken.

      We have to learn from that experience and choose a better candidate next time. Oh and no to all-male panel of judges if we want a deserving MUP with a real fighting chance at MU.

      • I believe that the WILD CARD is not really what it was purported to be but was put there for suspense…just look at Colombia and Brazil …do you think they are really WILD CARDS for Americas?

      • Kung mapapansin nyo po, last year (2019), hindi Wild Card ang tawag kundi FINAL FIVE. I think some of the Wild Cards were already integrated in the regional divide. (Kindly watch again if you do not believe me)

        Good afternoon! Keep safe everyone!

      • Alex2, when Steve used the word “final” in that announcement of the wild card selections he simply meant the “last” five to be called among the top 20. Ever heard of synonyms?

        The real final five were those who advanced after the Swimsuit and EG round.

  9. I will assume that was Carlos Navarrete who gave her away at the wedding. Wafu. 🙂

    I am getting a Thing for the Dads. Even Sophie Hawkins’ dad (the one who kept racing pigeons).

    Mr. Tinio, why did the wedding remind me of Jehza’s own with that baller dude?

    Kaci Fennel, Yendi Phillips, and Davina Bennett. THOSE THREE. Mr. Tinio, advise The Camp to open up a Bureau in Kingston, quick!

    I prefer Venus’ silver to Yendi’s blue evening dress, though. But as far as physique is concerned, over-all the best for me is Keysi Sayago – limby, hourglass figure, and toned. Abesamis and Peters join Raj locally for the national (Filipinas) honors. Malinao, somewhat…. Ganados, not really.

  10. It was an “unusual” top 15, with the inclusion of Belgium, Ireland, Guatemala, and the Philippines (after a long drought). Sash factor wasn’t a FACTOR, especially without the candidates from Venezuela and USA.

    I am not sure who was front runner from the get go but I’m not hating that Ximena won. It wasn’t a major major disappointment 🙂

    Venus surprised. And the rest, as they say, is history….

    • It might be an unusual top 15, pero engaging and articulate naman si Venus so may K naman na masama sa first cut. Too bad, OFF lang talaga yung question sa kanya, which she was able to answer fine, wala nga lang impact.
      Even Obama was asked the same question at tameme si Barrack.

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