13 comments on “Imagine: Catriona Gray dedicates a song to the frontliners

  1. Amazing voice
    I believe Cat should concentrate on more familiar tunes Not pop songs that are still not in the consciousness of most

    Just a question , why ‘ Imagine’ on Easter ?

  2. Mr. Norm, pakipin nga po itong post na ito on top kung pwede para kay faneyney number 1 ni Cat. Baka kasi magpost ka na naman ng tungkol kay Pia eh maghurumentado na naman si vaklang kipayless. Chweh!

    • Gurl, not because may ganitong post si Tito Norms ay invalid na observation ko. Been a frequent visitor of this blog since 2012. So my observation was more or less 7 years worth of data.

  3. Each world-affected catastrophe puts the spotlight on a specific group of front liners. 911 was the time of firefighters who fled to the WTC to do what they could…. Pinatubo highlighted the vital expertise of world-class and experience-proven volcanologists…. Firefighters, again, at bush fires.

    But one group is NEVER absent – policemen and women. ORDER is ALWAYS necessary; disorder and anarchy are concurrent with times of national stress. Criminals will not be finicky.

    The UK Constabulary clapped their hands and blinked their patrol sirens to cheer doctors and nurses unable to see but only hear. And American cops stood in formation as buses bearing the relatives of the WTC attack on 911 came rolling in, saluting silently as the passengers disembarked…..

  4. Ah, my chair would definitely turn for Cat! I love her alto tone, and I thought she was angelic in this rendition. Who wouldn’t envy of this lady who’s got all the talents when God showered them all on earth. Yes, Cat is a Jane of all trade (painting, singing, speaking, martial arts, etc.).

    That’s all.

      • They also did not sign Cat to their pool of IMG models, did they?

      • @ Ana Winter-Lund Conflict of interest, simply.

        MUP organization is associated with Mercator/EmpirePH/GLAM.

        Unless,…. does IMG have a Filipinas subsidiary or partner? Cat could sign up with them. Unless, again, ABS-CBN…. 🙂

      • @Ana and @Flor, this is unverified but from what I heard IMG offered Cat a similar deal that they offered to Pia, a 3-year extension of contract (under IMG Universe, not IMG Models). From what the report has said, IMG earned so much from Cat’s Philippine endorsements alone (which was also one of the reasons daw why IMG did not put much effort sa pagmarket kay Cat internationally kasi Ph contract pa lang tiba-tiba na sila sa talent fees) that’s why they hoped to extend their relationship with Cat. But the contract was too restrictive yata, na it wouldn’t give Cat enough freedom to choose what she really wants to pursue. So she turned down the offer. Also siguro may halong tampo din yun on the side of Cat kasi IMG did not really use her enough and did not give her enough opportunities to pursue her charities

      • Hay naku. Tumpak na tumpak ka dyan! One-sided ang contract. IMG at MUO lang nakikinabang. Pansin mo, Cat is not featured heavily sa MU page unlike Pia and Demi even if Cat has lots of worthwhile activities even better and far more diverse than the current MU.

      • @CatrionaFan actually nagstart yung decline ng activities ng reigning MU kay Demi. Di ba during her year boring na boring mga tao sa reign nya kasi halos walang ganap. Tapos mas na-magnify nang todo kay Cat kasi mas malaki yung revenue na pinapasok ni Cat kahit mas konti ganap nya kesa kay Demi. Plus dagdag ko rin na may issue din na may “unspoken” agreement daw sa mga Latin countries to boycott Cat. Still, sobrang laking market ng Africa Europe at Asia na hindi masyadong inexplore ng IMG. Bottomline wala talaga silang kwentang maghandle ng winner. Kaya very wise choice talaga for Cat na wag nang mag-extend ng contract kasi ang lagay nyan baka sariling sikap nya pa rin ang pagbubuhat sa MUO.

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