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  1. A well deserved back to back win. Alam ko itong si Stefania may Ukrainian blood. Gandang babae din talaga eh. Gona was also stellar that night. She was Kososvo’s 2nd representative to the pageant since inception. 1st Runner Up finish could have been better for her at the very least. Chweh!

  2. If Binibini did not disqualify Sandra Seifert as candidate for Bb Pilipinas 2009, the semifinal drought might have been broken….or even could stop Stefania from achieving a back-to-back win for Venezuela.
    It could have been an-11 year semifinal streak for the Philippines up to 2019

    • True true true. Galing ni Sandra Seifert. The Catriona Gray of Miss Earth. My fourth best Filipina representative to an international pageant. My Top 5 in order are Cat (1), Shamcey (2), Megan (3), Sandra (3) and Miriam (5).

    • CORRECT. Sandra Seifert was the MOST DESERVING GIRL to WIN the 2009 Bb. Pilipinas-Universe title. Glamorous, sexy and has very good communication skills. Umandar na naman kasi ang pagiging MORALISTA ni SMA, so kinarma siya. Pinadala niya kasi si Bianca Manalo na mukhang siopao at marami pang extra fats. Ipinasuot pa kay Bianca and gown na nagmukha siyang Christmas gift sa LAKI ng RIBBON. Sabi-sabi kapwa taga-KF din daw ang nagsumbong sa BPP about the sexy pictures of Sandra sa FHM.

      BUT SAD to SAY that SANDRA Seifert TWICE EXPERIENCED INJUSTICE. FIRST, in the hands of SMA. And the SECOND ONE in the HANDS of LORRAINE SCHUCK. Sandra was the MOST DESERVING to WIN the 2009 MISS EARTH. SHE WAS WAY TOO AHEAD AGAINST Larissa Ramos in these 3 categories namely gown, swimsuit & Q&A. However, the organizers did not want to have a back-to-back win because Miss Universe just did it with VENEZUELA. They do not want to be a copycat. And the lady tasked to make it sure that Larissa would win was also her Brazilian compatriot – Priscilla Mereilles, the chair of the panel. ITO ANG ISA sa mga EDITION na GINAGAWANG HALIMBAWA KUNG BAKIT SINASABING LAGING MAY COOKING SHOW sa Miss EARTH. BUT, of course, NOTHING BEATS the COOKING EDITION of the crowning of KAREN IBASCO.

      NOT also to forget that SANDRA became very controversial after her reign because of her involvement with that actor. SHE was so SAYANG because she lost a number of wonderful opportunities due to misguidance (not guided well by her handlers) and injustices committed to her.

  3. Dayana and Stefania were lightning and thunder in MU 2008-2009. Dayana’s consistency from the beginning to the very end locked her fate for the crown, although Colombia’s Taliana Vargas nearly smashed her there. Stefania, on the other hand, gave Ada Aimee Dela Cruz a run for her money with her retro and delicate styling during the evening gown presentation. She skyrocketed at that point in the eyes of the judges. I would say Marigona Dragusha should be declared first runner up that night.

    For purposes of discussion, Philippines could have a back-to-back victory if we sent Patricia Magtanong instead of Gazini Ganados. I knew Pat could make it in the top 3 and blow the judges mind with her witty answer during QnA. But fate should have it, in that MUP should give the crown to a penultimate beauty so that the franchise would finally be pulled out from BPCI. My two cents worth view only.

    That’s all.

    • Agree with your point about Patch. Top 3 sana inabot man lang natin sa MU kung hindi man back to back. Nadala lang sa paawra awra ni Gazini ang mga vakla. Hindi na nadala nung kay Maxine. Chweh!

      • @ VINA YU Akala ko ba kaya nanalo si Gaz ay dahil panay lalaki’ng straight ang hurado….?

        May comment dati dito sa blog na kung babae’t bakla ang nag-judge, si Atty. ang MUP 2019.

        Anyway, I hope Bea Patch is pleased by such comments as yours and @ Ana Winter-Lunds’s.

      • @Vina, sweetie, thanks for agreeing with me. Kung si Patch nga lang sana talaga ang rep natin sa MU, malaki ang chance for a runner-up finish, if not back-to-back. And what if others say kung sa Miss International nga, eh, Top 8 lang s’ya, ano pa kaya kung sa MU na maraming gandara? You people have not learned of the precedents.

        That’s all.

      • @CatrionaFaneyney, baka ikaw ang jeepon ang ganda vaks. Palibhasa nadala ka sa pangusu-ngusu ni Gazini sa mga pictorials. Pasabog nga ang ganda, sabog naman sa Q and A. Bagay sayo yung kanta ni Gary V., “Di Na Natuto”. Chweh!

        @Flor Tula, nadala yata sa sigawan ng mga vakla sa Araneta nung binakla ni Gazini ang pagrampa kaya pati mga judges nadala kahit mali naman ang sagot sa Q and A.

        @Ana, it’s always having the right pageant for you Madame. At until now, marami pa ding vaklita ang mga hindi natuto dyan. Sabi pa ng mga Gazini fans, mas mataas naman daw kung tutuusin ang naaccomplished ni Gazini kasi Top 20 daw sa MU kumpara kay Patch na Top 8 nga eh sa MI lang naman. Kung hindi pa sa voting baka hindi nakapasok yang si Gazini sa Wildcard at mapanalunan yung NatCos Award. Chweh!

      • Agree with you on this big time. Dyan siya nababagay. Top 5 finish siguro inabot natin sa MGI kung hindi man korona.

      • @Vina Yu sureballs korona tayo sa MGI kung dun pinadala si Gazini. For sure kahit anong animosity ni Angkol sa Pinas hindi nya kayang palagpasin ang ganda ni Gazini. Jusko kumpara mo naman dun sa nanalo

      • @ unorthodox I do not know Angkol would crown Gazini…..We all now know the Caracas hosting was going in a home court direction, in one way or another….. Even Hector Cermeno was stupefied to tears by the result; he was in favor of MG-Mexico, who finished 1st Runner-up. 😦

  4. Dayana deserved her win. Even though Taliana won the SS and EG rounds, Dayana came in second but only at arms length. So when Taliana bombed the Q&A and Dayana nailed it with a smart/sweet reply, it became apparent who will get the crown.

    Stefania is a different case. Hers is one of the WTF moments in MU. She was middling during the semifinals and barely made the top 5. Maybe, just maybe, Ada isn’t Trump’s cup of tea.

    • Gurl, hindi arm’s length ang gap. Please. Malaki ang agwat sa scoring. But one cannot deny the substance and charm of Dayana’s answer. It was clearly Taliana until Dayana “curved” the path to get the crown with her answer.

  5. Marigona Dragusha looks like a combination of Catriona and Audrey Hepburn (and by extension, Amelinckxz).

    Mr. Tinio, was Dayana allowed to keep the Viet-spoke crown from her Nha Trang win?

    I will place here my comment to @ Fabian Reyes’ in the earlier GG post. We forget – MU MUST be able to COMFORTABLY engage Americans! After all, it is an American brand and its future depends on its relevance THERE; anywhere else is secondary and just a bonus. I think Sophie Hawkins, Catriona, Pia, Zozibini, and Glebova had been successful in this regard.


    Dearest candidates, also bear in mind that Pres. Trump is aiming for re-election. And CoV19 has added another layer-dimension to his aspiration. 🙂

    Yes, Lemon! CCP’s Belt-and-Road “Build (3x)” initiative is tied into it, albeit indirectly. If you are to be asked about it again, you MUST be able to say something substantive (by now).

    Also, CCP’s “plan” to fund President Maduro’s #PetroleumGoals could be asked to MUV 2020.

    MG cannot simply go there as a “cheerleader” (@ Fabian Reyes) with a plus-size advocacy and hope her show business connections will be enough to get the Filipinas expatriate community mobilized in keeping WME/ING afloat by “buying the merchandise”. Again, she should be able to demonstrate a GRASP of Americans’ current aspirations; she can start by gaining a deep(er) appreciation of the his/herstory of the City she represents, named after the man whose remains are interred in the public park where she shot her “Beyond The Coastlines” introduction video.

    Speaking of coastlines…..

    Blogger, beach na beach na ang mga bakla sa FB! Share niyo naman ‘yung Panglao photos ni @ Cool Brew, po, please. Happy Easter egg hunting…..Look carefully. Maybe hidden/buried sa sand.

    • Flor, Sandra is gorgeous . If u look back at BP 2018, you can see how gorgeous she was in that blue dress. And regardless of her Q&A performance , I think she should have won a major crown. Now . Jetsettiing to 2020, I still feel like her personality is not big enough for MU . Unfortunately , personality is not something built overnight . Though I will be happy to see her get the MUP crown, I think someone else will get it
      Sandra Michelle and Bella can easily adapt to NY life and won’t have trouble getting alOng with MUSA and M Teen USA
      it will be a challenge for Pauline Apriel Cavite and Sorsogon if they win MU

  6. Venezuela is the top dog in pageants .
    US and Colombia only do consistently well at MU but Vnezuela does really well everywhere ..except maybe Supra and Globe

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