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  1. “I find that some of our reps b/w 2000 and 2010 were not any less gorgeous …” Tama. Carla Balingit and Karen Loren Agustin, di naman masyadong gorgeous, nanalo lang sa Q&A. Ang mga MU photogenic winners naman ay nanalo dahil sa public voting kung saan napakagaling ang mga Pinoy fans, with the exception of Lia Ramos na talaga namang napakaganda sa kanyang mga photos. Maricar’s win was also controversial as she was reportedly the favored one even before the pageant finals. Meanwhile, foreign bloggers/vloggers point to Gazini as having the most beautiful face among our MU delegates in the last 20 years.

  2. My vote if I were a judge in MW 2013:

    Winner – Philippines
    2nd place – Gibraltar
    3rd place – Spain

  3. I forgot to mention. This batch also have the Best Top 5 in MW and even in MU. Geographically diverse and all are very strong contenders. PS: I know we have a Top 6 but we also know the 6th isn’t really on top. Hence, Top 5.

  4. In 2013 , the Q&A award goes to Ghana . That part of the contest made me really nervous because Ghana just killed it . She prob would have won the crown if it was on MU stage

  5. sya lang ang bukod tanging pinay beauty queen na hindi malait lait ng mga latinos at aminado silang dyosa talaga…

  6. Out of topic and burning question. How true that Ara arida is the top scorer sa best in swimwear sa mu 2013? So the athletic body type is the epitome of fit sa foreigner not the hourglass like mj???

    • Idk if there’s anyway to confirm that without the numbers posted on screen and without an award given to Ariella .
      In 2015 , I think Venezuela won $1000 for best in SS . I don’t think any such award existed in 2013 .

      • @fabian they said arida tops the swimsuit round which is makikita sa east coast or west coast screen I’m not sure 2nd Lang si Molly Kay arida but arida evening gown 2nd to the last sya

  7. Marami sa mga pinoy laging sinasabi ang Miss World ay cooking show ni Chef Julia, so cooking show din ba ang nangyari kay Megan dito kaya nanalo? Huwag ganun. Chweh!

    • LOL. Cooking show ang MW. Period. Nagkataon lang na at times deserving talaga ang mga gusto ni Mama Julia like 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018 among the recent winners.

      • Ganun din naman Miss Earth. Kaso mga pinoy fans kasi masyadong bitchesa at matataas ang ihi kaya madalas napagiinitan sa international pageant community at pati Miss Earth nadadamay. Pero kasi sa Miss World, magluto man si Chef Julia, magaganda naman talaga ang winners maliban kay 2019 (for me). Sa Miss Earth kasi nagluluto na nga lang ng mga winners (elemental courts), karamihan hindi pa kagandahan. Ayaw ko na lang magpangalan dahil alam kong alam niyo na yan. Chweh!

        PS: Wenxia for me was deserving of her win. Talentado, matalino at maganda naman talaga. Hindi ako kumbinsido kay Wales nun pati kay South Sudan. She’s aging gracefully just like our Megan. Imbey lang ako sa pagkakapanalo nina Stephanie (2016), Mireia (2015), Alexandra (2010) at Toni Ann (2019).

        What I love about Miss World winners is how well accomplished they have become after their reign. Ngayon ko na isip na after all mahusay talagang mamili ng mga gusto niyang manalo si Chef Julia. Hindi ko lang bet sa kanya yung pinipilit niyang ipagsiksikan lagi yung mga chararat na Indonesian reps over ours. Yung 2018, 2015, 2016, 2014, 2012 (though Rehmann ranked higher). Kaloka lang. Chweh 2.0!

      • ULOL. Ano na namang connect sa ME? Oh edi pareho silang corrupt. Tapos. Kaloka.

      • ULOL ka din! Kung cooking show ang Miss World, mas malala naman lutuan sa Miss Earth! Athena, Karen, Larissa, Stefanowitz, Skarne, Mader, and Untalan are waiving. Puro mga pinoys and halfies ang pinapaboran kahit shwakaness to the next level. Chweh!

      • Oh di parehong COOKING SHOW! Yun naman pala eh. Anong problema mo ngayon?

  8. My top 5 MW winners: Megan (obviously), Rolene, Austria1987 , Sweden1977 , India1994

    Alternates: Venezuela1996, Bermuda1979

  9. Oh, Megan!

    I knew that she would get the blue crown the moment she signed up in Miss World Philippines. She was the girl the Philippines had been waiting for in the beauty pageant arena. Although she got the pasarela training for Miss Universe, she nevertheless made it fine and modest when she competed in MWP. Megan has had the loveliest face, at par with Aileen Leng Damiles, and I would say that the country will have a hard time finding a girl that would match Megan’s beauty in the race, that is unless Liza Soberano joins Miss World Philippines or Miss Universe Philippines.

    As for Pauline and Bella, they are pretty in their own right, but they need to blow their registries up. I talk about the “IT” factor.

    That’s all.

    • Bella for me has better potentials if ever sent to Miss World. Kung hindi man Miss World crown, kayang makarunner up niyan. Sana mabasa mo ito Miss Bella Ismael. Not that we don’t see you winning MUP/MU, mas nakikita namin yung potential mo sa pageant na ito.

      • You are right there that Bella is a lot Miss World-ish. I also thought that I saw her beauty in the High School Musical and Glee. If she ever gets destined to penetrate Hollywood, that would work a-ok for me.

        That’s all.

  10. Megan Young joined Michael Aspel, Peter Marshall, Judith Chalmers, Angela Chow for being main host of Miss World for at least 5 consecutive years.

  11. Hosting Miss World for 6 straight years is not easy especially you are a former titleholder. The only difference between Megan and Stephanie’s hosting stint was Megan hosted the main show while Stephanie hosted the Spanish speaking segment of the telecast just like the US version of the telecast in the late 1980s (American host talk about some segments of the program for US audience).

  12. I saw her face to face in an event in MOA for Watson!

    Tipong 2 meters lang ang distance ko sa kanya kasi daming security guard na nakapaligid sa kanya!

    I’m around 156 cm in height and by ratio and proportion, naka-heels pa siya halos pantay na tenga namin!

    At a distance para siyang mannequin! Parang yung hulma and proportion ng face niya was sculpted to perfection which is the same characteristic nung nakita ko si Anne Curtis! And of course, very petite yung katawan niya!

    Pero pag face to face ka na sa kanya, yung beauty niya makikita mo na rin sa mga former classmate mo in High School or College! Ewan ko ba kung marami lang ba talagang magandang Pinay or hindi lang siya fit sa standard ko!

    • Ganoon din impression ko Kay MU 2011 when I saw her right in front of me . I said , “Wow, how did she win MU? “
      But then again that was the same impression I had when With Shamcey etc .
      One BQ that got me startstruck was Evangeline Pasqual . But that was a long time ago .. in the mid-80’s . I wax too young and I had not been abroad

  13. Super ganda naman kasi ni Megan. Her beauty can represents any nationality. We are lucky to have her. Maski rep nation siya, Megan doesn’t fail to amaze us. Ganda-ganda! She is also lucky to be wedded to a person who truly loves her and one whom she really loves. Nice couple.

  14. MEGAN is ONE of the MOST DESERVING (as well as one of the MOST Beautiful) MISS WORLD WINNERS of ALL TIME along with India’s Aishwarya Rai and Yukta Mookhey. She is also one of the MOST ACTIVE and WELL ACCOMPLISHED TITLEHOLDERS after their reigns as MW (again along with Aishwarya and Priyanka Chopra). SIYA LANG MASYADONG NAPAKINABANGAN ni JULIA because she has many SKILLS to offer. BUT Megan COULD HAVE BEEN OUR 3rd Miss WORLD titleholder if EVANGELINE PASCUAL & RUFFA GUTIERREZ WERE NOT DENIED of the CROWN.

    We are awaiting for our NEXT MW winner. Will it be Ahtisa Manalo or Ysabella Ysmael? Watch out.


    • @ Pierro Rocco As per article, Filipinas’ second Blue Crown will be in your lifetime. 🙂

    • I agree with Aishwarya and Priyanka being deserving winner.

      But its a no for Yukta. The whole universe, the world rather bore witness to a grand robbery in 1999. Venezuelan goddess Martina Thorogood was totally robbed.
      Osmel usually sends the 2nd placer to Miss World, but JM had something in mind. So Osmel was forced to send the 1999 national winner to Miss World.

      • And Martina was rejected by MUO for the 2000 edition for a flimsy reason hence an instant search among former Miss Venezuela finalists to select its MU 2000 rep. Claudia should thank Martina for the fortuitous events.

  15. A winner from the start. Even JM adores her. So much she became her yardstick for crowning another Filipina.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Now THAT’s a thought…..

      What if Megan and Arida swapped…. Would Russians have taken to the American halfie? Conversely, would not Indonesians find the chemist plain Jane?

      Speaking of Russians….

      The quintessential Russian lass is AleksanDROva Kseniya, 1st Runner-up to Popova Palina, the “Russian Super Beauty” (as hailed by SF) who actually looks more Scandinavian.

      MW 2017 had, in addition to Palina, Magdalena Bienkowscka, MI 2016 semifinalist (Mr. Tinio, I can smell that KV post coming soon!) ash-blonde VERY JOWABLE tennis player. Manushi Chillar won, no? Nonetheless, Polish and Russian princesses would have been nice complement…. 🙂

      “Mama World” was also in Tokyo when KV won, no, Mr. Tinio? Lucky charm!

      How interesting. Gwen Ruais chatting up Olivia Jordan.

      900 meters is the highest point in Bali. That’s quite high, even more than Tagaytay City’s 600-ish. That’s about 900 x 3 = 2700 fasl (feet above sea level), enough for night temperatures to dip to 18 degrees Celsius (65 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least part of the year.

      • Ariella got lucky
        Her clapping at MEP shows that her beauty is not for everyone or every pageant . Her lack of good communication skills would definitely be a hurdle at MW
        I don’t even know how far she’d go at MU if she repped the country before 2010 . I find that some of our reps b/w 2000 and 2010 were not any less gorgeous than our reps from 2010 up.

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