6 comments on “KANTAhanan: Isang Pagsaludo sa mga Mahal nating Frontliners

  1. I don’t if it is just me but suddenly, showbiz has become extremely irrelevant. what do they offer? their faces? their voices? trying to be an idol. they become nuisances. keep their narcissism to themselves. I do not give a damn and you erase your faces from this world.

    Cmon look a song has some kind of a story. It may move you. But hey, it is not my story! It is your problem!

    Maybe this is just the effect of the quarantine period. Outside the village feels like zombie land.

  2. Catriona should sing songs that cater to Filipino audience . I don’t know if her performance is bland or out of tune because I am not familiar with her songs . I think with proper training , she can be one of the divas of Philippine music industry . But she needs training … and she needs to blend in first to get the confidence of the Pinoy audience before venturing on who ‘she really is ‘ as a singer .
    Sarah Geronimo , didn’t her paying audience get extremely disappointed with her all-original concert that it spelled the end of her yearly b-day concerts ?

  3. Rachel Ann Go should have been in the center of the photograph instead of Catriona in the bottom row.
    The title of the show is Kantahan, Go is a legit singer and an international theater actress.
    Catriona is an amazing beauty queen but as a “singer”, she is mediocre.
    I’ve watched some of Catriona’s performances in ASAP, she also has awkward gestures when she sings.
    Not hating, just stating ✌️

    • Maybe Cat is the main host of the show
      Go is one- a – dozen broadway singer on the West End . I have seen better singers .

  4. Bakit may mga kasama sa post na ito si Catriona? Ayaw nung number one faneyney niya yan. Dapat solo lang Mr. Norman. Yung siya lang ang highlight. Make sure that your next post is about Cat and only Cat. Baka mabanggit o madawit na naman ni faneyney (na hindi mo naman pamangkin kung makaTito) na walang kipay yung mga salitang “evil Jonas” na pajuliet juliet na lang from her nagmamagaling na mouth. Chweh!

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