4 comments on “Black Saturday Throwback: The tragic death of Miss International 1991 Agnieszka Kotlarska

  1. Ganda niya, even her court. European girls sent in Miss International are some of the prettiest. Iba yung ganda ng mga European sa pageant na ito kung ikukumpara dun sa mga pinapadala nila sa MW at MU.

  2. Such a tragedy.

    I agree, she looks like Mimilanie Marquez, even the smile. I guess MIO is consistent with the facial template they prefer.

  3. Daughter witnessed IT, then?!! YIKES. 😦

    Which installment was it of the Bat Man saga where young Bruce Wayne’s parents are murdered by Gotham City thugs in his plain sight? He thus/then grows up to become a recluse, with trust issues And just how exactly did faithful butler and war veteran Alfred come into the picture?

    Mr. Tinio, YOU need to weigh in on horrific things like this.

    It reminds me of the question asked to Laura Gonzales-Ospina at MU 2017, “How do you explain terrorism to a child”?

    Would losing one’s parents violently and seeing it unfold in real time be a safe approximation?

  4. Wow she looks like a ——ier version of Melanie Marquez
    Well-deserved win
    She was a classic beauty

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