15 comments on “Miss Earth 2011 Olga Alava and her battle with #COVID19

  1. I think in the year she won another Ecuadorian also won an international crown. I can remember a photo of them both wearing gypsy-like dresses.

  2. Can’t blame The Philippine delegates for winning the title . Even the non -Filipino winners look like the Filipino winners .
    Each pageant to its own standards and preferences
    Miss USA has won the US-based MU the most number of times but. But no one is pointing fingers.
    While people say they were all deserving , u have to realize USA reps do not do well at other pageants

  3. A blessed Good Friday to everyone in the pageantry community. As our Christian faith looks forward to a glorious Easter Sunday, may this be a day of resurrection from this disease-causing climate change, so that pageantry can continue to celebrate life’s beauty on this earth.

  4. So, this means Ecuador has won twice already; Katherin Espin was the second?

    Maybe Ecuador can host the next edition of Earth? Nellys Pimentel would not need to travel so far to crown her successor….Carousel needs to BUILD (3X) their brand in LatAm. Sayang momentum.

    But yes, crown another European again. Serbia, for one, is unable to comply with EU membership STRICT environmental standards. Russia is fossil fuels HEAVY. And maybe Belatus? 🙂

  5. Yung Miss Water na batchmate niya hindi deserving sa placement. Sabi nga ng mga ML players, PINILIT. Chweh!

    • Pero bakla, mas hamak naman na mas maganda sayo si Athena Imperial…. kung ikaw ang isinabak ng Pinas sa Miss Earth 2011, siguradong ligwak ganern tayo.

      • Wala akong paki vaklang walang kipay. Wala naman akong planong sumali sa cooking show ni Madame Lorraine. Chweh!

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