15 comments on “Miss World 2003: It was a night for Ireland, but the Philippines stood out as well

  1. If Mafae was more articulate and her skin and teeth were fixed , she could have placed higher .
    I think a top 5 placement is well-deserved , nothing higher

  2. Her styling throughout the whole competition was flawless.. Her total ensemble on the finals from head to toe was beautiful and timeless.. She really stoodout.. If she answered more confidently and ended it with a bang, she could have landed a higher placement.

  3. I Love the way Maffy Yunon was styled in this pageant. She looked gorgeous in her red gown. She deserved her placement in this contest.

  4. A lot of overthinking
    In the end , what matters is who wins what yr . The circumstances behind the win are hardly in play .
    So why don’t we just accept result and hope for a better result in the future ?

  5. One of my favorite Irish queens along with Rozanna Purcell (MU Ireland 2010) and Emma Waldron (MW Ireland 2010).

  6. The best Chef tlg itong si manay Hulya!!! Kya sobrang credible ang Mess World Cooking Show nya e

    • Agree. And runners up to her are Lorraine Schuck and Nawatski Itsagrilsilcsnjcshfscmnhddi.

  7. SMS vote pa ‘to, no, Mr. Tinio? Hindi pa FB or IG or Mobstar….

    Ba’t parang bungi ‘yung Top 20 announcement? I heard neither Canada nor Ireland called out. Did they top the SMS poll? I counted only fifteen (15) names actually announced.

    Yunon gave an answer the CCP would have adored – productivity = success.

    India & Ireland’s answers were a tad coated with pageant cliche. And at least Canada was able to dull the edge by including everybody around her – family, pageant organization (for winning the Sports Challenge), and co-candidates – in hers.

    Guy looks familiar. Did he host the original “Amazing Race”?

    Venezuela is what you get if you combine Alicia Machado and Sandra Lemonon. Dominican Republic, Tamaryn Green and Amelia Vega.

    PROC looks like Ayu Maulida. New Zealand is like young Sophie Hawkins and Miley Cyrus.

    Ethiopia was GORGEOUS. I am reminded of MW-Lesotho 2017, somehow…..(in a good way). 🙂

  8. I think kung si Mafae ay na-assign to compete in MU, di man nya napataob si Amelia Vega pero one thing is for sure, she would give the other candidates a good fight too. Probably the very least was, a runner-up finish just like in MW. Di Sana naging dark period ang MUP during that decade.

    • @ Adrienne What a coincidence! I had Amelia Vega in mind, too (in my comment). 🙂

    • Actually… katipo ni Mafae c Riyo Mori. Nilamon nga nya c South Africa sa Miss World eh… bka nilamon din sana nya sa Miss U c Cindy (because SA sent the same candidate nung 2003 sa MU at MW, right?). Pati c Bianca Sissing ng Switzerland n naging Top 10 sa MU2005.

      Ang labo nga lang ng judging ni Madame Julia sa MW edition n ito… tlgang inuna p sa TOP 5 ung 3 Asians… Philippines, India, tapos China… then Canada and Ireland n kahit ata wlang gawin nung gabing iyon eh nakatakda n sa kanila ung Top 2 spots… tapos ang nagwagi sa Asia… China! galing… LOL

      Naaalala ko n ultimo Globalbeauties.com n bwisit sa Pinas eh cnabing maganda personality ni Mafae… may award p nga clang binigay eh.

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