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  1. Sequel to @Flor’s insightful homily below: Indeed if tomorrow’s Palm Sunday is a “commemoration of the defiance of One who dared question the status quo,” how then should we live out the “Hosannas” we acclaim Our Great Frontliner, Our Redeemer? Amidst this pandemic, it is commendable to “Salute the [medical] Frontliners”, but I think pageantry should have more concrete programmatric expressions of its purpose of “celebrating beauty” in this. In the backdrop of social distancing and home quarantines this Lenten Season, it is incumbent on all of humanity to ponder on the chilling thought of the transcience of life by one swish of this deadly virus. With “Our World As One”, “Together We Heal” all viruses, real or cyber, that negates all things beautiful in this life.

    • * Errata: programmatic, not programmatric;
      “celebrating beauty”., not “celebrating beauty” in this.

  2. 24/7 is an understatement. More than anything, our medical front-liners yearn for REST. But of course, they cannot. Only they possess the skills and knowledge to deal with this. To those of you with a God, PRAY HARD that there will be no (more) avalanche of new cases, so our healthcare system can catch up.

    Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, which commemorates the DEFIANCE of One who dared question the status quo, BOLDLY entering their seat of power, His path lain with fabric so His feet are not soiled. Events will transpire very quickly thereon, and He will have no time to process these. All He has is His marching orders. In a sense, He, too, was a front-liner. His MESSAGE, not Him, is the point!

    By Easter Sunday, we will know if our leaders will permit a partial unlocking. One Filipino scientist in the USA said another 2 to 3 months are required to gather enough data to know if our curve has flattened; if I am correct, mass testing is slated to begin by 14 April.

    But, back to MWP….

    Back to “Beauty With A Purpose”…. No more “Fresh Filipina for the World”? And what’s the 7th crown? Tourism/Pariwisata (Glyssa Perez) has no international assignment? She will (only) work with the DOT? If so, please tell her to ask that Balabac NEVER be developed to where Batanes, Mountain Province, and Siargao are now. May it always stay #JustBeyondRadar. Or, gaydar for the beautiful commentators, here. 🙂

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