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  1. I think She got the most appropriate title .
    Why people think she was too big for the pageant , I don’t understand it .
    She was not going to be MW MU MI ME or MSupra due to poor communication skills

    I wish Mcgarry joined 2014 or 2016 . She would have done really well at MU

  2. Ann Colis is very very beautiful. Yung tipong Filipina beauty na hindi matatabunan. Favorite ko siya as candidate pa lang. Meron siyang X Factor. She deserves to win internationally. Ngayon international model na siya.

  3. She was the clear standout from the get-go. I remember how well she stood out in that otherwise bizarre queue of candidates on a sidewalk of downtown Toronto.

  4. 2018 is the best batch who performed well internationally, 2nd would be 2015– Ann Colis’ batch or 2013?…unless you guys can better assess the previous batches. 😊

    • MU MI Supra Intercon Globe MGI Tourism % Placement
      2013 3rd RU Winner Winner NR NR NR Top 15 4/4 = 100%
      2014 Top 10 DNP Top 25 NR NR NR 2nd RU* 3/4 = 75%
      2015 Winner Top 10 Top 20 1st RU Winner No Rep NR** 5/5 = 100%
      2016 Top 6 Winner Top 25 Top 15 2nd RU 1st RU NR 6/6 = 100%
      2017 Top 10 DNP Top 10 1st RU 1st RU 2nd RU NR 5/6 = 83%
      2018 Winner 1st RU Top 10 Winner Top 15 DNP NR 5/6 = 83%
      2019 Top 20 Top 8 14th*** Top 20 2nd RU DNP NR 5/6 = 83%

      DNP = did not place
      NR = no representative for the pageant
      *Parul was crowned 2014 and was sent to MGI 15
      **Ann Colis competed in Miss Globe
      ***Supra org released official rankings of the Top 20 via their IG

      While 2013, 2015, and 2018 have two crowns each, I’d say 2015 has the best performance because all crowned reps placed in their international pageants. So ranking the last seven editions, I’d say:
      1. 2015
      2. 2013
      3. 2018
      4. 2016
      5. 2017
      6. 2019
      7. 2014

  5. This is the pageant that has always been honored by the Philippines with outstanding crownworthy candidates. But after Ann Colis’ much-deserved win, it cannot realistically crown our candidates in succession, nor even make them always within the Top 5. It has to expand and diversify its market geographically. It has to develop and excite a broader fanbase. It has to find ways to attract global franchises and sponsors. Pageantry is a business that also needs to grow, if not survive the intensifying competition. The widespread howl by pageant-crazed Filipinos yearly may be justified, but in the end the political economic consideration is too important for this pageantry’s business to thrive.

  6. She’s obviously the prettiest girl in the whole batch of Miss Globe 2015… Nobody can hold a candle beside her, even her runner-ups.

    • I totally agree with you! That said, do u think she was overqualified for this pageant?

      • @ Anonymous I would like to butt in.

        Perhaps. But what could we do? As the article said, she was appointed just as BPCI took on the franchise for the first time (as I understand it). All the better ones of 2015 – Pia, Janicel, McGarry – were already handed their respective assignments. She was apparently the one who was still available. Not too different from Parul, who was BBP-Tourism and happened to be right there just as the organization took Angkol’s offer.


      • @ flor….yes, the article touched on her appointment.

        I think ang point ko lang, and almost merely agreeing with Closer, was the fact na ungos na ungos yung beauty nya (nobody can hold a candle beside her) because she was, indeed, overqualified. A minor pageant didn’t deserve her!

        Para bang pag nakita ko si Lea Salonga off broadway, instead of sa BROADWAY, ehdi talagang aangat siya, expectedly. (Sorry, wala aqng maisip na ibang example…lol).

      • @ Anonymous OK na, ‘yan. Buti nga, outstanding. Kaysa naman matabunan. To win is the aim!

        I do not know that this “minor pageant mentality” – aka, we deserve better than this – is helpful. Not everybody will be fortunate enough to be assigned to a BIG one. And when we win, we will still be happy anyway, brand scope notwithstanding. 🙂

        The kind of comment you and @ Closer2Fame give is testament to the QUALITY of BBP alums. So much that smaller braads like MGI and (The) Miss Globe choose to work with them.And now, Mias Pilar is honest enough to name Hannah Arnold as her personal preference.

        Mr. Tinio, this reminds me…..

        How is Jeslyn Santos, po? Your town mate?

  7. Nichole Manalo and Nelda Ibe could’ve won this pageant too. No, they should’ve won! Nakakahiya lang kasi mga mayayabang na pinoy fans na nagkakalat sa LIVE stream nito yearly. Akala mo Miss Philippines na lang ang may karapatan manalo. Naapektuhan tuloy mga shundidates natin. Sa halip na panalo na, na olats pa. Chweh!

    • @ VINA YU Seems last year, napundi na si Mias “Biday” Pilar, at nag-complain on The Miss Canada Globe page. 😦

      Incidentally, TMCG organization took the Canada franchise for what hopefully will be the revival of that other pageant in the earlier post.

      Do some sleuthing and you will find out who the new “brand owner” (Mr, Tinio, is this the appropriate term?) is.

  8. She’s so gorgeous; I knew she would do really well at Miss Globe! That crown was perfect on her head. But I can’t watch her crowning videos… she was so nervous and totally hyperventilating that even I am uncomfortable watching it.

  9. Albania was 1st RU. Naalala ko tuloy sina Trejsi Sejdini at Cindy Marina. Lithuania (Top 15) wasn’t too bad, too. At wala’ng Latina sa Final 5 – France, China, & Macedonia round up the Cut.

    Mr. Tinio, mayro’ng LONGER version na DAKDAK ng DAKDAK ‘yang male host, kung anu-ano’ng pinagsasasabi….. 😦

    At the time, puro MU Pre-Arrivals ang nasa YouTube; Vietnam was on everyone’s mind. Pia was just outside the 5-Picks, but never beyond Top 15.

    The first white gown, with its sexy-bare back, looked like Leren’s final sans sleeves. Was this a DELIBERATE attempt to reference Ann, Mr. Tinio? The way Catriona’s final pink emulated Megan’s at MW 2016 (the year that was UNDENIABLY OWNED by Kylie, but that’s another post-to-come)?

    Si vhaks na nag-record ng footage na’to, “OMG, ANG GANDAH MOH”! (Naalala ko tuloy ‘yung reaction video nu’ng office mates noong MI 2016, tili ng tili ‘yung vheks nila’ng office mate, ta’s nu’ng in-announce “Feeleepeens”, SIGAWWWWW si bayot sa sobra’ng kaligayahan. Napatili rin tuloy ‘yung straight guy office mate nila, who ended up the butt of jokes and teasing)

    The SERPENTINE-looking (The) Globe crown is truly distinctive! I hope they NEVER change it. 🙂

    Ann was practically eclipsed by Pia at BBP 2016. But I will never forget the AWKWARDNESS of that moment, where Ann LITERALLY held the BBP-(The)Globe crown on Nichole Manalo’s head. What happened? Did not fit? The crown was defective, kept falling off? No bobby pins were provided?

    “A woman heart,… sensitive and naturally-nurturing,…. makes her a good leader”. – ALC.

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