18 comments on “A Message from Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi

  1. She exemplifies what a beauty queen is all about. She may not be very beautiful but her personality really shines through.

    • With all due respect, it is only from the narrow Western cultural lens that we consider Zozibini “not beautiful”. She is very beautiful from the African standard, and from the standard of the world that recognizes diversity, inclusiveness and racial equality. She represents the growing movement in Africa to love the skin and the body you were born with. More importantly, she epitomizes the modern African woman– intelligent, highly educated, socially aware.

    • From the perspective of a race that was enslaved for centuries in America, and was segregated from social, economic, political and cultural mainstream in their own homeland, Zozibini’s reign as the world’s most beautiful woman is a triumph of raclal justice. I hope we pageantry enthusiasts broaden our cultural lens, and accept the truth that in this diverse world, there is no universal standard on physical beauty.

      • True. That is why, beauty is relative. It is in the eyes of the beholder. What is very beautiful for you, may not be very beautiful for me. There is no argument.

  2. Sinungaling naman ako kung sabihin kong napakaganda ni Zozibini Tonzi sa photo na yan.
    Hindi lahat ng maganda ay deserving… may matatalino din.

    • Mas maganda naman siya kay Karen. Mas sexy. Mas rampadora. Mas articulate. Magaling lang si Karen sa Math at Science. Pero sorry, hindi kasi Quiz Bee ang pageant. Chweh!

  3. Her reign may have been interrupted by the corona virus pandemic, but which isn’t? The Olympics and all major sporting events were postponed, global conferences and meetings either got cancelled or put off, and even MU crowning will most likely be pushed to a much later date which could be in 2021. The world screeched to a halt with this pandemic, and will remain in an induced coma for some indefinite period. While most of humanity is in lockdown, she can still engage her fans via the internet. She can continue to be the beautiful persona who inspires confidence to countless followers in Africa and beyond. The true measure of a reign is not the number of jetsetting and personal appearances; it is the number fo followers who get motivated by what she says and does.

    • I still see the tail so, it is not that convincing but, I am a cat lover. Mine is a Siberian and is pregnant now.

    • Eyeball tayo Vina Choi, then pic tyo…post natin d2. Tas survey natin….better yun

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