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  1. Mas okay na runner up na muna si Bella dahil bata pa naman sya.

    MUP si Gumabao kasi overage na sya, yun lang baka hindi na rin sya mag compete dahil baka ma cancel na ang Miss U 2020 ;-(

  2. this is the kind of activity that MUP ND Madam Supsup shud have engaged at the onset..and not the food distribution at UP dorms…i guess, catriona is likewise doing similar on line worthwhile MUish ganaps..

  3. I will keep saying this, Bella is perfect for Miss World.

    She has the Talent.
    She has good Social Media following.
    She speaks with eloquence.
    She has the height.
    She is very modelesque.
    She slays the runway.
    She is a BWAP.

    She won’t win this MUP title at all. Nakatadhana ito kay Michelle Gumabao. Sana mag MWP after.

    • I doubt Michelle’s capability to bring home the MU crown. For me she is just a “filler” for this competition. The way she walk is forgetable knowing she is from a strong camp. The way she answer questions is not top notch. People knows her by her name in the industry but outside PH, they know her a the one who tried an beauty pageant and did not even land a top 5 placement. She did not even had a good placement in her first International stint. Her bone structure is so muscular… can you name a MU winner in the past or under IMG who has the same body structure. I know most will say it is body shaming but let get it straight.. if you dont have a good body you should be at the best in class like Catriona who doesn’t have a perfect figure but represented her country and really prepared more than a year for BB and MU. Michelle can speak eloquently, but she’s not IMG material.

      • Dami mong kinuda vaklush. Di mo ba gets comment ko? Sabi ko MUP title, not MU. Wala akong pake kahit hindi IMG MU prototype si Michelle (according to your nagmamarunong na analysis) o manalo siya sa MU. Ang point ko, si Michelle Gumabao ang itinakda para sa MUP crown. Chweh!

    • @vina, magka apelyido Pala tayo. Iba naman ang sinabi NG insider ko it’s bet Bella and mitch daw ang tinakda. So may pagasa PA si bella
      Though I prefer bohol, runner ups bicols rep catanduanes and Galeria masususnod ang may hawak NG pageant

    • @Vina Im starting to agree with this idea ha. Apart fromher intangibles and her credentials, strategically we haven’t sent someone in the same template (physically) as Bella to MW ever since MWP parted ways with BBP. And she’s also a good contrast to the dark-skinned chinita Michelle Dee. I just really really hope that her team does something with her teeth. They’re really gargantuan relative to her small face and tend to be distracting most of the time.

      >whoever wins MUP this year, the chances of nailing the MU crown is close to impossible. Two sandwich victories alternately shared by just two countries in only IMG’s 6th year of owning MUO would only diminish even more their already crumbling reputation and prestige (crumbling due to logistics/finances, hit-or-miss staging of MU finals, and uneventful reigns of winners). We can still hope for a win, but realistically our best chance is a runner up finish this year.
      >As per Michele Gumabao, do you really think MUO cares about the candidates’ previous international competitions? Sierra Bierchel was 1st Runner Up in Supra 2015 but only placed in Top 9 of MU2016. Marta Magdalena Stepien did not even place in Miss International 2017 yet she placed Top 10 in MU 2018. Heck, Madisson Anderson never even got the chance to step on the Miss USA stage because she did not win the state pageant for florida yet she ended up First Runner Up to Zozibini. Nevermind what other people outside the Ph would think about Michele. in the end di naman sila ang magjujudge sa MU, so really they’re relatively insignificant.
      >As per Michele’s body, sorry Sierra pero sagarin ko na. Sierra Bierchel reached Top 9, outranking Peru Brazil and (the biggest wtf) Panama who all had better bodies than Sierra. Sa lagay na yun Sierra’s body is actually “fat” pa ha, whereas Michele’s is not fat but toned and muscular. Dagdag ko na, Si Ariella nga reportedly rank 1 sa Swimsuit during MU13 kahit halos walang kurba si baccla at flat ang pwet, tinalo pa si Mareng Molly Brazil at Ecuador that year. So you see, wala sa body type yan. it’s how the candidates carry themselves during each segment of the competition. And especially ngayon na bet na bet ng IMG ang “all women selection committee” ay Dai wala ni isang lalake na maghahanap ng “sexy-makurba-bikini-ready” body.

  4. This is what I’m talking about in my comments in previous blogposts– being relevant in this time of lockdown. Boredom in home quarantines is excruciatingly real, especially to outdoorsy active young people. Candidates, better still, pageant organizations should find creative ways to engage their fanbase in meaningful activities within the confines of stay-at-home directives. Online platforms are available for everyone to reach out to people who now have limited options to connect to the world. I hope this will just be the spark to spread the fire of “empowering women to action”. Congratulations Bella!

    • I am positive that the MUP candidates who are caught flatfooted with this lockdown are cooking up similar activity. Ladies, this is the time to show your beautiful transformation, the time to radiate your inner beauty! I am hoping our beautiful nurse in the person of Isabela will soon come up with an online programmatic expression of her “access to health care” advocacy, in coordination with the Office of the Governor of Sorsogon. What about online daily practical fitness exercises for kids and/or elderly for Michelle, if a creative variant of beach volleyball in the backyard or bed room cannot be hatched? Distance learning can be launched by any candidate for a specific age group– crafts, pottery, origami, drawing, painting, dancing, singing, baking, cooking… the choices are endless!

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