4 comments on “Recommended Netflix Watch: “Dead Kids”

  1. Mas naaliw ako sa “My Single Lady” ni Jodi Sta. Maria when I watched it sa Iwant. Napanood ko to siguro almost 2 months ago tapos inulit ko just 3 days ago. It’s worth watching while at this point na lockdown is in effect.

    • @ Miswa Thanks, again,for sharin’. 🙂

      Does MUO STILL “eliminate the highest and lowest scores (Christian de la Fuente and Kim Alexis in the case of young MU-Spain, 9.99 and 8.20, respectively), with the remaining scores averaged”?

      Mr. Tinio, could you post on what/how commentators feel about FULL score transparency, meaning LIKE THIS?

      Would they agree to doing this even from Preliminaries, so that candidates THEMSELVES see their status IN REAL TIME and know who will advance into the First Cut ALREADY? At wala’ng samaan ng loob. Ligwak kung ligwak. Wala’ng re-reklamo sa pageant organizer.

      And, would they prefer SAME set of judges THROUGHOUT, or a DIFFERENT set per segment (for example, the Swim Round consisting ENTIRELY of fitness experts and/or outdoor recreation company sponsor representatives)?

      Wasn’t there a time that MW had ONLY SMS (text) poll to determine the winner? When was that?

      Should the Popularity Fan Vote be honored? For example, could this be done so that you CANNOT vote for YOUR country? And is the Judges’ Wild Card susceptible to politics?

      @ Norman You occasionally serve on Boards of Judges at Regionals. How do you deal with situations wherein fellow judges or handlers/managers approach you to ask/request for your “favor” as far as skewing scores? NO, I AM NOT SAYING YOU HAVE DONE SO. But, c’mon, surely….

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