6 comments on “Firsts: The first Asian winners of Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International

  1. Akiko Kojima is 5’6″ and 37-23-35… well, how’s that for stats…. Gemma Cruz (daughter of the eminent essayist Carmen Guerrero Nakpil from a previous marriage) is 5’9″ i think, and was an easy stand out for her tall, exotic looks…

  2. Ang ganda ni Ms Gemma Cruz. Kaya pa din makipagsabayan ng ganda niya sa mga recent queens natin. Mas higit na maganda dun sa mga Miss Philippines Earth titleholders natin na nakarunner up or crown pa sa Miss Earth lalo na kina Catherine Untalan, Athena Imperial, Stefanowitz and deadly Karen Ibasco. Justice to #MissEarth! Chweh!

  3. AYOS ‘yung mga hurado sa MW. Parang mga nasa VIP, lang…. Naka-de-quatro, pa. 🙂

    That “quarter turn” REALLY screams “cattle auction”….

    We all now know about how uncle Leon Ma.Guerrero objected to his niece’s participation due to the swimsuit segment. Or, was it aunt Carmen? But, my REAL point is…. Philippines Ambassador to the UK Guerrero (allegedly) claimed the British Courts held in its Archives THE notarized Deed (Sale or Transfer/) that became the basis for our claim to Sabah (Malaysia). In fact, parang dito ko nga dati sa blog rin nabasa, but I no longer remember who…. could have been @ Closer2Fame….. Guys, any word from him? Haven’t heard anything from him lately…. Is he OK?

    • Was it a Deed of Sale? Or, a Deed of Transfer?

      Speaking of (again),….

      @ jed How are you, po? Anything we can help you with? 🙂

    • Flor, your comment on the quarter turns screaming “cattle auction” gives me images of the male judges looking like “meat inspectors”.

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