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  1. magtatalo si Karen Agustin at Carla Balingit sa pinaka lowest of the totem pole among Bb Pilipinas Universe winners. At least tho, Karen Agustin became a runner up of some minor international pageant.

    • @ Panchopolo This kind of crown seems to have cultural, if not religious, reference to the Sto. Nino and this might be why it stayed for a while. We still see it occasionally in municipal pageants.

      Definitely for a more cosmopoliltan, if not, global arena, something more sleek and generic (so as not to reference any specific demographic) is necessary.

      On the bright side, this kind of crown is PERFECT if you had Atty. Magtanong’s MI 2019 HUGE updo. The fit, needless to say, would be snug-secure. 🙂

      • @FlorTula, you’re right about the Sto. Nino crown fitting the celestially beautiful Att. Magtanong to a tee. It would have totally concealed that monstrous, ill-advised, catalyst-to-failure pan-de-coco bun.

  2. The year, when after the finals night….waley! Ahaha. Miss Yunon was a surprise though in MW.

    • They are different individual. Anna Marie Falcon is also known as Francine Prieto. Preciosa Valencia on the other hand started at That’s Entertainment in 90’s, joined 1997 Mutya ng pilipinas and placed 3rd runner-up to Isabela Cabrera. I think she also joined Bb Pilipinas but was unplaced.

  3. You know none of the Top 5, even Noella, would’ve made the semis at Miss Universe 2003 that year. That MU Top 20 was quite competitive and none in the BB Pilipinas winner cirlce would’ve fared well anyway. At least Mafae made Top 5 at Miss World… if she was sent to MU, she would’ve been unplaced.

  4. I know nothing about beauty pageants yet at that time but who is that 1st Runner Up. She is gorgeous! That Miss World reminds me of Michelle Dew. Both pretty.

  5. I can still feel the trauma of the Philippine Pageantry dark ages. During this time, sobrang away rin ng mga pageant fans. I was also the one who was fighting for the relevance of Miss Earth being a Filipino based pageant. May pagka nationalistic ako…kung alam nyo lang kung ano ang ginawa ko for ME. Anyway, hit and miss ang tema ng ME palagi. I accepted it. Hahahahah.

    Keep safe everyone. Practice social distancing especially between the young ones and the seniors. Treat them as frail people :'(. Parang mabangis pa ang Wuhan Virus kaysa sa HIV kasi it is a highly communicable madali makahawa on normal situations. No need to reach into your underwear. I cannot stress this enough. Wala pang cure. The vaccine may take a year to make pa.

    No to 2020 pageants muna. Ang mga lolas ng pageantry, ingat kayo.

  6. Di ba dapat ito ung taon kung saan dapat kasali c Cynthia Kristina Kurleto aka Cindy Kurleto pero dahil sa residency issue eh papayagan sana cyang sumali pero Bb. Pilipinas- International lng ang pinakamataas n title n pwede nyang makuha. Sumunod n taon ndi n cya sumali kasi contract artist n cya ng ABS-CBN and she became FHM Philippines’ 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2004 (Philippines’ Finest).

    At ang isa pang muntik ng sumali was… Dimples Romana.

  7. And because of the backlash in 2003 re the OSQ format, the succeeding editions had all top 15 undergo the final Q&A. Had the OSQ format continued in 2004, Maricar Balagtas wouldn’t have won the Bb Universe crown

    • un din naisip ko nung 2004… mukhang inadjust ung pageant para kay Maricar Balagtas… imagine kung Top 5 at kasama nya sa circle cna Maria Karla Bautista, Margaret-Ann Bayot, Tracy Ann Javelona, tsaka ung taga Baguio na c Princess Jasmine Tiongson n mga makuda… edi ndi sna cya ang Universe.

  8. dark era.. low quality ng winners.. kahit si mafae nga eh.. kung wala lang voting di yata makapasok yan sa MW

    • mafae yunon is tall sexy and exotic a criteria that MW prefers for our winners with the exception of our only MW who was universally beautiul. karla bautista and mafae are of the same calibre and beauty that explains their high placement. both are good speakers

  9. Carla has nothing Universe appeal on her countenance to begin it. So, being her as a clapper was no surprise. Natsambahan lang niya ang Q and A. That’s all. I like Mafae a lot here. She could also do very well in MU if ever she was sent. Yung 1st Runner Up din may dating. Longkatu talaga arrive sa akin nitong si Balingit eh. Chweh!

    • Nakita ko po sa personal si Miss Carla Balingit nung parade. I remember kabatch niya si Francine Prieto. Huwag po tayo judgemental kung hindi naman tayo kagandahan kasi surely magbbackfire sayo yan, kundi man sayo, sa pamilya mo, o sa mga pangarap mo sa bahay.

  10. Miss Balingit and Miss Javier could have performed well with their respective assignments if they were given the proper training. Maffy Yunon benefited well from her aunt, Des Verdadero.

  11. I appreciate the fact that the ladies wore classy high heels.
    Marami din matangkad.
    Their walks were horrible though, especially sa presentation beach/pool vid.
    Their eyebrows looked weird as well ✌️
    The male host with the Aussie accent is cute 😝

  12. Bakit “long gown”? May gown ba’ng maikli? Puwede’ng “evening dress”, like at MI…. 🙂


  14. I cannot (STILL) forget the night Carla Balingit was crowned as the 2003 Bb. Piipinas-Universe. Sa sobrang HABA ng proceedings (GMA 7 pa noon), nakatulugan ko na. It was already past 12 midnight. Pagkagising ko they were already crowning the winners. WHAT? Balingit? WHY? I THOUGHT. ANGELINA CORSTORPHAN (just like Catriona she is from Australia) would win as Bb. Pilipinas-Universe. She is tall, sexy (Best in Swimsuit), pretty enough, and has a good command of the English language being an Aussie. She was my favorite that night. Later, I learned through reading reviews that Carla got the top plum for giving this answer:

    “Peace is not only about arms and warfare, but about love and understanding as well. I would like to share with you the words of St. Theresa – ‘Peace begins with prayer, prayer leads to silence, silence leads to faith, and faith leads to hope, love, unity, and peace.'” With all these very POWERFUL words, how could she not win the top prize. Nah…

    Bb. Pilipinas-World Maria Rafaela Yunon (also from Australia), on the other hand, gave this answer: “Peace begins with the family and I would tell the parents to always serve as role models to their children, to teach their children to be kind and loving to all the people. It all starts at home.”

    While Bb. Pilipinas-International Jhezarie Javier sang a song for an answer. “I will sing to the world a song that we were taught when we were young but most of us have forgotten: ‘Let there be peace on Earth, and let i begin with me. Let there be peace on Earth, the peace that was meant to be…”

    This batch has other NOTABLE CANDIDATES. ANNA MARIE FALCON became a popular SEXY star, TV personality & model. Malaman talaga siya mula pa noon. GRETCHEN MALALAD also became a famous TV personality (Pinoy Big Brother & TV Patrol) and athlete. SANYA SMITH, the daughter of late Pepe Smith, became active in modeling industry. Others like BAESA (1st runner up, the tallest) and EVANGELISTA (2nd runner up) also became active models for a while after the pageant.

    YUNON reached Top 5 in 2003 Miss World and one of the top 10 in SS. She is now married to a former basketball star and has a number of kids. JAVIER married a scion of a family that owns a chain of malls based in Cebu. Nothing has been heard about Baligit. Siguro nagtago na ulit sa Pampanga.

    Source: People’s INSIDER. Naku Norman ha, nanghalungkat na ako sa aking mga nakatagong magazine for info. HA, HA, HA… Good morning to all.

    • What I like sa GMA7 ay yung creativity ng production staff pagdating sa stage design at yung mga camera shots, angles at fluidity ng transition from one shots to another ay awesome. Yung time lang ni Shamcey (BBP 2011) nagustuhan ko ang stage na ginawa ng ABS. The rest ay pangit na ang mga stages na everytime ABS ang broadcast media partner.

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