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  1. We will, as impatient and anxious we have become, need to endure this upheaval FOR OUR DOCTORS and other front-liners. South Korea’s foremost authority on the matter said, THE ONE THING DOCTORS NEED MORE THAN ANYTHING IS REST. BUT, THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN IF NEW CASES KEEP CROPPING UP.

    Do whatever you can to give the virus a hard time. Do whatever you must to make the going easier for the doctors. Pre-Med students are getting a valuable opportunity to learn plenty in a short amount of time. History is in the making for their profession. It’s a GREAT time to be one! You die a martyr, you survive with resistance coursing through your veins, your legacy to mankind.

    I will use this to terminate the herd immunity concept I unloaded here. It sounds good and looks good on paper. But it is a best-case theory. It can be something for the future and eventually. But it will not happen now, and NOW is what we need solutions for. And since what we have right NOW is essentially a running guerilla skirmish, we need to think like elite forces. Go watch war films! 🙂

  2. One small pageant mentioned the additional precaution of vaccinating candidates beforehand. But that’s ONCE A VACCINE IS FOUND, which could take years…..

    AIDS is now roughly on its 50th anniversary, right? And our best so far are ARV’s and drug cocktails? Heck, does the common cold (rhino)virus even have one?

    This nCoV19 is basically a cold virus which produces a bad case of pneumonia, right? What can we glean from that? Could we actually be overthinking?

    • What is dreadful about covid 19 is that, this is a new virus and we were not exposed to this virus before, hence, we do not have the antibodies in our immune system to fight this organism. In layman’s term, we do not have the armor to fight this invisible enemy. That is why, we must be extra-careful and complacency has no place during this time.

  3. Everything has its own pacing and calibration timeline!

    Noah stayed on the Ark for 40 days surrounded by animals. He can’t even step his foot outside otherwise he will get drown. Our grandfather were called to war not even knowing if they would come back. Our grandmother stayed on a bunker not seeing the light of the day!

    We have food to eat and surrounded by our loved ones! Take this as an opportunity for bonding! At the same time, learn from the experience that this is what life is without a job! When we reach our retirement stage (60 or 65), this is what everyday life would be until we breath the last air! So take this opportunity as a once in a lifetime experience and once all these adversaries end, dedicate your life serving other people!

    Guess what crazy thing I did during this quarantine!

    I pluck all my eyebrows! Para kong nag-chemotherapy!

    I did this previously to my lower lids and nung tumubo mas makapal and mas mahaba so habang walang mga tao titingin sa hechura ko, I take this opportunity!

  4. Commentators, PAY ATTENTION.

    Could somebody pick up on this hopefully-will-become (discussion) thread on herd immunity?

    Is it reasonable to think that “dirty” nations like Philippines may have better potential than “clean” ones like South Korea, Italy, and the like?

    ‘Yung mga basurero, ARAW-ARAW WITHOUT FAIL since the community quarantine began have been religiously performing their task. Although naka-mask sila ngayon, I do not think I have heard of any of them getting nCoV19, ASSUMING the virus is essentially just all around us now and in one way or another they have gotten a whiff of it long before symptoms started showing up in the general populace….

    Also, why is it that with our supposedly below-par health care system and population density, doing the Math that there are relatively few cases here? 1000 out of 105 million is just under 0.001%. Compared to about 8000 in either Italy or SoKor, and their population is obviously less than ours therefore by virtue of big numerator and small denominator they will give a higher percentage than us…. ???? 😦

    • @Flor: I’d like to think it has something to do with the Philippines’ hot weather that tends to kill or weaken the virus. The most affected countries are those in temperate climes. The virus brought by “carriers” to tropical climes may have difficulty surviving in hot temperatures. Yes, it’s true that these viruses have the ability to mutate (just like internet trolls) and adapt to hot weather, but the vaccines may have been developed by then and the corresponding cure for the mutated virus may then just require a minor adjustment.

      Why no reported cases of basureros being infected by the virus? I believe, our God of economic justice have given the poor basureros and the slum dwellers greater immunity and internal physiological strength to fight bacteria and virus. How else to explain those scavengers who eat our throw-away food without getting diarhhea afterwards?

      • @scorg, the explanation to your query is the fact that our entire economic and socio-political landscape literally made it impossible for the indigent citizens of the country to get tested not just with the covid but with any other health-related problems. Sure, “being poor hence greater immune system” is such a romantic idea, but the reality is that these people simply just cannot go to hospitals to get themselves checked because they don’t have money to do so. Hence, there’s very little to none of these records of them having these diseases exist.

      • @Unorthodox: Points taken. However, there is some truth to the observation that dirt poor people– the scavengers and street dwellers– may have relatively stronger internal body defence against bacteria and viruses than those of us who have access to sanitation, hygienic facilities, and “better” food and medicine. They can sleep on the pavement with nary a cardboard to protect them and they don’t get sick. Try doing that and we may end up in the hospital the next day.

      • @Scorg apologies, I was at an emotional high when i wrote my previous comment, and didn’t mean to discount totally the greater immune system resulting from not so sanitary environment. I remember years back when my tito who had been a cook in a cruise ship suddenly went into LBM overdrive when he ate (once lang) in a carinderia here in the country. So yeah i think this theory somehow has merits into it in general, but I think it’s not applicable to the current Covid epidemic. Strong immune system or not, the Covid virus is a relatively new strain and any human body is not equipped yet with the necessary defense system to combat this.

    • @Flor SoKor’s high rate of covid positives is exactly because they have above-par health care system to the point that they can even covid testing to non-residents within their country. The Philippines on the other hand has low numbers simply because the percentage of our population being tested is so tiny. The Philippine numbers floating around does not reflect the reality of the situation here in the country. Conduct mass testing now and I’m sure these numbers will shoot up higher than Italy’s

      • @ unorthodox Thank you for the comment. Points taken. Philippines stats are deceptive due to inadequate testing, and possible folks are simply asymptomatic, immunity issue or otherwise.

        BUT, there is that proposal to CAREFULLY begin “unlocking” by permitting at least the FITTEST individuals to get exposed (UK experts say up to 60% of their population needs to undergo this for a herd immunity to take hold). Also, persons who recovered from nCoV19 MUST donate their antibodies to treat those in critical condition.

        Folks are getting all sorts of ideas…. As one front-liner in Italy said, “you go crazy if you stay at home. At least out here, I can help”.

      • @Scorg apologies, I was at an emotional high when i wrote my previous comment, and didn’t mean to discount totally the greater immune system resulting from not so sanitary environment. I remember years back when my tito who had been a cook in a cruise ship suddenly went into LBM overdrive when he ate (once lang) in a carinderia here in the country. So yeah i think this theory somehow has merits into it in general, but I think it’s not applicable to the current Covid epidemic. Strong immune system or not, the Covid virus is a relatively new strain and any human body is not equipped yet with the necessary defense system to combat this.

      • @Flor that “unlocking” idea sound really far-fetched as it is highly difficult to determine which individuals are actually “fit” to be exposed to the virus and not have a high rate of infection in return. But the one where Covid patients who recovered must donate antibodies seem doable since their bodies have already developed the necessary defense system to combat the virus. Logistically it might still be hard to do with all the blood type compatibilities and all that stuff, but generally it’s not such a bad idea

  5. I think it would take two years for things to get a semblance of how things used to be. The economic and cultural impact to the global community that has been brought to its knees can’t be quantified yet. Whether we like it or not, COVID 19 is here to stay just like SARS, the swine flu & the others that came before it.

    And with COVID 19 unlikely to disappear soon, what we can do is take precautions, take things in stride and continue living. And yes, that includes pageantry, albeit at a later time and take in consideration a mpre appropriate & sensitive handling that wouldn’t ruffle the feathers of some quarters from society

    • @Cool Brew: And during this hiatus, what can pagentry do, especially MUP and BPCI who were caught off-guard by the sudden lockdown? During the lockdown, they can come up with creative online activities that can make “bored” home-quarantined people preoccupied. And educated. They can innovatively reach out to their fanbase within the constraints of home isolation directives and social distancing ordinances. For MUP, this is the best time to show the programmatic expressions of their “empowering women to action” tagline. With COVID 19 likely to batter our personal, economic, social and cultural life for sometime until the vaccine and antidote drugs are discovered, and the ensuing global psychological, emotional and financial restructuring in the aftermath, local and international pageantry is well advised to postpone its search for titlists. In the interim, they both can indulge in activities that can add value to their brands, that can show to the world that their industry has social relevance after all.

  6. I know that most of the pageants are held later, usually end of the year. The thing is we don’t know when will this covid19 issue end. There’s still a continuing threat of proliferation worldwide. Until now, no medicine or vaccine has been invented or discovered that would help to prevent from further escalation. I know all of us miss our normal life… doing our daily routine and freedom to move without fear of being infected. But as I said, no one can clearly tell now when all thes things gonna end. Even the international leaders, medical practitioners and scientists finding a hard way battling against these unseen enemies.

  7. Kung matutuloy ang mga international pageants late this year or early next year, I suggest gawin na lang simple ang mga local pageants. Example, pumili sila ng 10 finalists from an online interview sa mga candidates. Tapos, magkakaroon ng simple finals or coronation night sa 10 finalists.
    Sana matapos na ang crisis sa lalong madaling panahon para matuloy lahat ng pageants. 🙏🙏🙏

    • Miss Tisza, that would be the most boring show imaginable . Even though many of them are just fillers ,it’s always more fun to watch more girls on stage

      • I think it will not be boring… parang nanonood lang tayo ng Miss Universe na nagstart sa 10 semi finalists.
        There will be individual statements, swimsuit and evening or long gown competitions to determine the top 5. Q and A to determine the top 3 finalists.
        Then the final question for the top 3.
        Boring pa ba yon?

        Mas boring yung mga candidates na sa umpisa pa lang alam mong hindi aabot sa top 10.

  8. Scary times
    U never know who’s gonna get it bad
    So SA 2019 will Iive a boring live for 2y ? That’s untenable .
    I wish I could take off
    But we are not allowed

  9. PAGKATAPOS ng LOCK DOWNS at QUARANTINES (hopefully sa May na), I hope ganito ang mangyayari. Ipatatawag ng BPCI at MUP Team ang kani-kanilang mga kandidata para sa announcement ng winners. Hindi na kailangan ng magarbong presentation. Diretso na sa announcement of winners. He, he, he…

    For Bb. Pilipinas pwede na either sa KIA Theater or sa Novotel. The winners are:
    Bb.Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Vickie Marie Rushton
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – Maureen Montagne (new choice)
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Samantha Bernardo
    Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational – Either Carina Carino or Justine Felizarta (new choices)
    Bb. Pilipinas-International – Hannah Arnold

    Sa mga MATATALO, they will be advised to join Miss World Philippines & Mutya Pilipinas.

    For Miss World Philippines. Pwede na along Bonifacio High Street sa BGC. The winner is –
    Miss Universe Philippines – Michelle Imperial Gumabao

    Then the REST of the candidates are advised to join Miss World Philippines (Ysmael, Ortega, Mateo, Amelinckx, Maywalker, etc.) or Mutya Pilipinas. Makiusap sina Alaiza Malino, Apriel May Smith, Sigrid Grace Flores, at Tracy Maureen Perez kay Cory Quirino na gawing 28 years old and age limit para makasali pa sila.

    Ano masabi mo dito FLOR? He, he, he…

    • @ Pierro Rocco Apriel May Smith?

      April May…. Long. 🙂

      And Apriel Smith.

      For MWP, the winner is MUP, MIG? So, yet another “artista” scion, like MMD before her?

      So, sino’ng MUP?

      • THANK U FLOR. TIGUWANG NA JUD! AT lagi kasing nagmamadali at daming iniisip, kaya nagkallitse-litse na ang mga pangalan.

        ERRATA: APRIEL SMITH and For Miss Universe Philippines

  10. Pageantry is a celebration of beauty. This idea should be paramount on all pageant organizations. Amidst this global onslaught on everything that is beautiful in this life—personal, social and economic health— and in the traumatic post-pandemic psychological and physical recovery, pageantry can take on a new and more meaningful dimension. National and international contests may be postponed for the last quarter of this year or for next year. For MUP and BPCI who were caught off-guard by pandemic, they for the meantime SHOULD CONCEPTUALIZE CREATIVE WAYS OF CELEBRATING BEAUTY within the constraints of lockdowns. This is the opportune time to present beauty as an agent for change and action, not as a crowd-drawing physical concept. While at it, MUP and BPCI can convince their international franchisors to likewise postpone their contests, and to relax their rules on age limits for current candidates who are unwittingly affected by the postponement.

    • With technology, this is the best time to present beauty as an action-oriented social construct. For instance, MUP can create an online platform for distance education among the kids and teenagers in home quarantines. This can be coordinated through the APs and the candidates themselves. Whatever the projects are, lockdowns cannot, and should not, be a hindrance for creative minds to present beauty as an action word.

  11. Olympics is different from Pageants. Safety of the delegates is one thing but the negative impact of post-COVID-19 pandemic is another thing. Most of the international pageants were held near the end of the year, so they still can give solution to this problem.

    Either move to early 2021 just like Miss Universe 2014 and Miss Universe 2016 or accept appointed delegates if the national pageant organization is unable to hold the national pageant.

  12. I don’t know but people may want to get every thing back to normal, and that includes pageantry. Businesses may also want to recoup from their losses brought by the month-long cessation of business operations. Thus, I am pretty sure that beauty pageants will be pushed through.

    Cancellation of the 2020 Olympics and its proposed opening a year from now is understandable, considering the logistics Japan shall need to make in order to host the biggest sport event flawlessly and successfully. Hosting beauty pageants are far more different from hosting Olympics.

    Can BPCI and MUPO afford to cancel the staging of Binibining Pilipinas and Miss Universe Philippines, respectively, now that they have spent a substantial amount during their respective preliminary events? Well, their sponsorship agreements may have carve-out provisions in case of fortuitous events, such as this Covid-19 catastrophe, thereby limiting liabilities of the sponsors or vice versa, the thing is it is business-as-usual after all these.

    My two cents worth, hunnie.

    That’s all.

  13. Health and safety are paramount. What’s the sense of winning the crown in the pageants or gold medal in the Olympics if the ramification of gaining them is putting in danger the human lives not only the victors but the others like the contestants, the game participants, the spectators, the organizers and a lot more people who will be involved in those events, whether local or international. So I am for postponement of these events (beauty pageants or Olympics) because if we won’t, there’s no way we can fight this outbreak that’s plaguing the humanity. And I truly believe that winning a fight against covid19 is everyone’s ultimate goal now!

    • I’d like to believe that this covid crisis would be over before the year ends. By that time, I don’t think BPCI and MUPO would have enough time to stage Bb Pil and MUP. Therefore, the most practical way for BPCI is to handpick Aya as the country’s representative should MI pushes through.

  14. Sorry, Miss Univ is no longer with BPCI. Then maybe Aya could be sent to MI. As to our representative to Miss Universe, I could not think of any way how would Mrs Supsup Lee and company do about it. Handpicking any Miss Univ Phil candidate in this year’s batch to be sent to MU would be unfair to other girls who were not chosen.

  15. If China was able to recover from COVID crisis. I have high hopes that Philippines can recover too. As to when, that we do not know. If it is not possible to stage Bb Pilipinas middle of this year, they can handpick last years runners-up to represent the country in 2 major international pageants that would be held later this year. Aya could be sent to MI and Sam B to Miss Universe.

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