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  1. Sir Mr. Tinio… paki feature naman po si Lizbeth DePadua… UP medicine… for the sakes of your UP commenters. Thank you

    • @John, I second the motion. I stumbled upon an online article on her and I read that she was a UP summa cum laude en route to her College of Mediceine studies when she was cajoled into joining the Miss Philippines Pageant. She obliged and won the right to represent the country in the Miss Universe pageant. The newbie won the local search in May and was into MU derby in July. Luckily or unluckily she did not place so she went right away to medical school. She is now a practicing neurologist in USA. I think she is one good example of former queens who are now successful in their chosen careers.

    • Colleague! Hehe same med sch..different batch nga lng! D pko pinapanganak graduate n cya! Hehe😘

  2. Akala ko dati papasok sa Top 10 si Nina Ricci. Nandoon yung ganda. Nandoon yung talino. Kulang lang sa “packaging” siguro.


  4. From year 2000 to 2009, 4 lang yung nakikita ko talagang medyo nakakahinayang dahil talaga namang may tsansang makaplace. Sina Nina Ricci, Maricar, Gionna at Ana Theresa. The rest are chakas at hindi na kata-kataka kung bakit pumalakpak sila lalo na sina Karen Agustin at Jennifer Barrientos.

    • Nina Ricci and Ana Theresa were overconfident. Giona lacked pasarela skills. Maricar seemed to be boring. In short kung hindi sobra, kulang sa Templa. Proper training was the key.

    • Yup…Karen Agustin, Carla and Zorayda (these girls looks very promdi and ate looking for sure. They lack the look (Zorayda may look exotic but lacking some styling or the X factor. Karen and Carla look (next)

  5. I have observed that the Miss Universe winners in the past 2 decades have something in common. They were in some degree flirtatious, bouncy, charming, empowered, cheerful, with sunny disposition and with good body proportion. Being very intelligent and pretty do not seem to have bearing, as long as she is presentable and can communicate. These winning characteristics can only be achieved through formal and rigorous training, which is the reason for the Philippines winning streak since 2010. These trainings are what the Venezuelan girls went through. Gaffud and Flores pattern their training of the Filipina representatives after that of Osmel Souza. Of course luck has something to do also with our repsentatives’ victories.

  6. I think the reason why 2000 to 2009 is the dark period of PH in the Miss Universe… because SMA did not trust pinoy designers and trainers. Our candidates are being trained in Latin America, syempre they were not trained properly dahil may sarili silang candidates. Same with their wardrobes or gowns, masyadong umasa si SMA sa mga second rate na gowns at costumes ni Baraza. Kawawang mga MUP walang choice sa kagustuhan ni madam.

    • @ miss tissa If you saw the earlier comments about this being the Telemundo era, would you say Mdme. SMA NAIVELY assumed we, too, could stand to benefit from such “association” with Latin American trainors and designers?

      Operative word is NAIVELY.


      • Flor: The operative word is not NAIVELY. If one considers that SMA is also the Charge d’ Affaires of the Honorary Consulate of the Colombian Embassy, there is no naivety at all but SOPHISTICATION. The Barra@nza thing and the training in Colombia did not happen by chance but by choice or, hopefully not, by fiat.

    • Magaganda naman designs ni Barraza. Wala lang talaga budget si Madame Stella. As for the training, meron na bang mga training camps nun dito na makakapagprovide ng enhanced pageant training for our candidates?

      PS: Ganda ng gown ni Carla Gay Balingit. Sino kaya nagdesign nun?

  7. Just noticed nung time na ang GMA7 ang broadcast/media partner ng BBP, kadalasan may mga dancers sa opening number. Mga dancers na di naman sabay-sabay ang kilos kaya lalong nagiging magulo any production number. Dapat hayaan na lang mga candidates ang sumayaw, understandable pa kung di synch ang moves kasi di naman talaga sila dancers.

    • Pero mas kabog ang camera angles nung sila ang broadcast media partner unlike nung nalipat sa ABS na parang laging nakasakay sa roller coaster ang cameraman na laging si Bianca Manalo ang bida. Chweh!

      • @Vina Yu Tama ka na pagdating sa camera angles eh talagang palpak ang ABS. Pero teka, di ba ng maging winner si Bianca Manalo eh BBP 2009 na GMA ang nag-broadcast?

      • Oo. Pero di naman siya contract artist ng 7 diba? Lately lang naman siya nagkashowbiz name nung nalipat na ABS ang BBP airing hanggang sa maging peyborit na siya ni thunders M na walang alam na anggulo ng camera kundi mala-ASAP. Very ASAP from angles to lightings.

  8. The 2000 edition of BPP is what we call the UP-Ateneo-La Salle ranking in Philippine pageantry and in BPP in particular. All Three titleholders are excellent speakers (specially Nina & Katherine). BUT why all of them did NOT PLACE in their respective international pageant. Here are my thoughts.

    First on Nina Ricci Alagao. Why did she not make it to the top ten? Considering that Nina is FAR BETTER in all aspects (facial beauty, height, figure, intelligence & communication skills, and yes, even on talent) as compared to her immediate predecessor Miriam Quiambao, she should be there along with Lara. Many are puzzled? I remember Missosology ran a 5 or 6 part analyses on why she had failed to enter the top 10. WHY, WHY, WHY? Though Nina has superior physical attributes, she DOES NOT HAVE the RIGHT ATTITUDE of Miriam Quimbao (and the competitiveness of Lara Dutta). While Miriam was radiant, bubbly and engaging (tip for Apriel & Alaiza), Nina was a bit suplading and did NOT take the pageant seriously (again as compared to Lara who already MADE AN ANSWER even before hearing the question).

    Second major reason – POOR PACKAGING & WRONG STYLING. BPP gave her a LAMP SHADE national costume. One of the worst in the entire history of Bb. Pilipinas. Then she wore that very boring and ill fitting gown from Colombia. But Miss Colombia was given a very beautiful gown by the same designer. SABOTAHE! Nina is a professional make up artist but her make up was horrible – ang PANGIT! And this is her favorite hairstyle – part the hair on one side, then comb it asymmetrically to cover part of the forehead, and tie it to a bun. SO BORING and PANGIT. Poor also when it comes to accessorizing and her stage presentations were not that strong/fierce. However, I also believe that Nina was MORE DESERVING than MISS Canada – Kim Yee to be in the semifinals of the competition.

    In the case of Katherine, she is tall, intelligent and a solid communicator. The weakness is she has the face that is not liked much by the MW organizers (just like Daisy Reyes). Mas bagay ang beauty niya sa Miss Asia Pacific Quest (not the MAP-International). In this MW batch, all the three winners have gorgeous faces led by Priyanka Chopra. I think mas bagay din ang beauty ni Kathy sa MI.

    Moreover, the case of Joanna Penalosa has something to do with a judge – Dewi Sukarno. It was reported in local tabloids that the said Japanese socialite prevented the inclusion of Joanna as one of the semifinalists. Galit daw si Dewi sa mga Filipino dahil sa away nila ni Minnie Osmena. This is also the same reason (according to reports) that prevented Patch Magtanong from being one of the top 5. Dewi was one of the judges (daw) in last year’s Miss International. I also believe Joanna should been switched with Kathy in terms of title.

    Goodness, that was 20 years ago. Nina has grown up kids now.

  9. Blame it on something else. But there was a clamor of the Filipino pageant fans to better handle the candidates. There is so much to be wished for on our candidates can be trained and styled. The new MUP is actually a result of this clamor. With due respect to the previous owners, it was not the organization that improved the winning streak of the MU candidates but by the candidates themselves who are able to stand on their own almost rebellious to the organizers and that it was the fans who saved the candidates. Pia was saved by Filipino designers and Catriona had her own set of team. Our training and designs used to be second rate to Colombia. It was Aces and Queens, with critical eye and passion that improved MUP candidates now.

    • LOL. MUP was not the result of the people’s clamor. Result yan ng greed ni evil Jonas with the help from plunderer Singson and scam Frontrow.

      • Katindi ng galit mo… kung walang Jonas walang placement sa MU… kung si Caloy ang unang humawak kay Catriona, mala SamLo ang kakalabasan nyan… Edi magprotesta ka dun sa BGC kung ayaw mo sa MUP… sigurado ka bang kay Jonas nanggaling ang pangbabash kay Cat? Bat hindi si MaRuffa na mas matalas ang dila sa mga ingratang naging alaga ang tanungin mo….

      • Guard!!!!!!

        Paki-block na nga ito dito. Paki-dala sa mental. Char lng.

        Sinisira pa ang pangalan ni Catriona.

      • Nagkalat ang kampon ni scam Frontrow at evil Jonas dito. HAHAHAHAHA.

  10. Mr. Tinio, I hope you could get Theresa Licaros herself to reply to what I thought at the time, and still think (to this day), a blast of pompousness in an article she wrote for the Sunday edition of a Manila major broadsheet. The whole thing just smelled of arrogance.

    What exactly was her intent?

    I think it was MU-France (she called her “Teh-rez”, after all she is French) who corrected Licaros for saying the pyramids were in Cairo. It’s Giza. And MU at the time was in Mexico? Were the contestants visiting the Mayan (?) version?

    It’s not the pyramid gaffe.

    It’s the ENTIRE article. Mayabang ang dating…. To me, at least. So much so that I remember the TONE though I have forgotten the content.

    • Flor wag mo masyadong laitin si Tere, schoolmate mo yan. He, he, he… Half baked siya Flor. Parang hindi talaga siya seryoso sa pageantry. Napilitan lang. Besides, nagpapraktis pa lang si Jonas Gaffud at company sa pageant training. Plus the fact na hawak pa silang lahat sa leeg ni SMA. Ang pangit ng gown na pinasuot sa kanya ng BPP. Mukha siyang poste na binalot ng Christmas wrapper. IF ONLY TERE HAS the PERSONALITY & pageant ATTITUDE of Miss Japan Riyo Mori, hay na lang. Tere did NOT have the right training, packaging and styling as well as right attitude towards pageantry.

      I still have the copy of that article you are referring to. Mahanap nga sa aparador. He, he, he…

      • @ Pieero Rocco ‘Ay, good! Mabuti na lang matiyaga ka mag-archive. 🙂

        Speaking of “mukha’ng poste”, the description of same (?) broadsheet to the body of Bessie Badilla – “poste ng Meralco (in reference to her willowy-ness complemented by full bosom reminiscent of BULBOUS outdoor high-discharge street lamps)”.

        Proper pageant personality and attitude = Samantha Bernardo! I give you my word. Had KF not boycotted MUP, I would LOUDLY campaign for her. For her guts alone to declare that the dynastic political system worked in Palawan, she gets my two thumbs up. Good for Palawan, for them!

      • True. The very first summa cum laude grad of the UP masscom…pernes

      • @ Sjeffie Cheon Let’s, rather than obviously fresh college graduates like Licaros or Magtanong, field representatives who SOMEHOW have put in immersion-of-sorts already before Nationals. The theory, as we all know, rarely holds intact out (there) in the real…. universe.

        Both Cheslie Kryst and Fred Cull spoke with CONVICTION because they had already walked their talk prior. NO, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GAZINI. (Mariya) Poonlertlarp was honest enough to admit she felt lost after completing her Master’s Degree and so went into charity work. And of course, both Catriona and Pia were GUTSY halfies who made FULL use of what cards life dealt them.

        I now hope the nCoV19 pandemic does not accrue into 2021-22. I would really be interested to see how Atty. Patitay makes sense of her year-or-so-long pageant respite, and what she will then have that’s NEW and STRONG.

  11. During Venus Raj…the lucrative economy of the Philippines..its ideal location at the very heart of Asia…and the proof of it all— the TRUMP Tower!!….from then on…swak na swak na tayo…Venus had it almost within her grasp…subtlely given to her…only…she bungled her q&a…. She should have been our 3rd MU….as for Janine..being held in USA..and the need for USA to get 1 more crown kasi lumalapit na sa most number of MU winners ang Venezuela….kailangan nila ng isa pang crown to affirm that status.

      • i agree with you on the boston bombing the incident was the major news and USA needed the win to uplift the morbid atmosphere at that time.

  12. The so-called dark perod in the Philippines’ MU quest starting Year 2000 can be explained by the acquisition of MUO by Trump in partnership with Telemundo. Note the successive wins by Latinas in the MU editions during the period. Why was the “jinx” shattered by Venus Raj in 2010 and started the onward successive top finishes by the Philippine reps? The geopolitical economy of beauty pageants came into play– the Philippines economy suddenly surged in that year as the fastest growing economy in the world at 7.63%! Sealing its staus as a newly industrialized country in the world from 2010 onwards, with annual growth no lower than 6%, the Philippines as a country has always stayed in the global pageantry’s radar as a lucrative market for pageantry, let alone the fact that the world witnessed in MU 2010 in Las Vegas the incredibly huge Philippie fanbase unparalleled anywhere in the world.

    • It indeed was unfortunate because the 2000 to 2009 decade saw formidable brains and beauty reps in the person of Nina Ricci Alagao, Zora Andam, Karen Agustin, Lia Andrea Ramos, and Teresa Licaros.

      • It’s not all about brains, scorg. Except for Nina, lahat sila ay hindi talaga total package. Yes, they are beautiful in their own rights, but their beauty is not what we call a beauty queen material.

    • The decade 2000- 2009 saw some non-Latina winners (years 2000, 2004, 2005 and 2007), but look at the composition of their respective runners-up– all Latinas, except in 2007 where a non-Latina snatched the 3rd runner up placement.

    • Bongga si Scorg – from pageant critic & enthusiast to being an economist. Complete with numerical data. Ikaw na!

      • @Pierre Rocco: All commenters here contribute their own fields of specialization in their own inmitable styles. I also learn a lot about things outside my area of competence or interest– styling, gowns, presentation/video creatives, photography, geography, folklore, tabloid gossips, pageant politics, insider “horse trading”, and camp “wars”. All these enrich the conversation that hopefully contributes to the development of pageantry. Since my academic training is econometrics and corporate planning, my professional work is always data- and research- based. To me that is just one little speck in the overall contribution by everyone– by all the Pierre Roccos, the Flor Tulas, the Ana Winters, the Lukes, the Rois, the Cool Brews, the Just Sayings, the Unorthodoxes, the Lilys, and many others– in the the development of the pageantry industry.

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