15 comments on “Miss Maja Pilipinas 1980 Ma. Asuncion “Mara” Spirig during Maja Internacional 1980 in Mallorca, Spain

  1. She didn’t walk like most of the contestants. She was ahead of her time with her walk. Must be because of her modelling experience. She’s got a beautiful face as well.

  2. She speaks Chabacano.👍
    That’s why she was send to a
    Spanish-speaking pageant😉

  3. Usapang thunders tayo lately dito ha. Hindi ako makarelate. Char! Anyways, maganda itong si Miss Sigsig ha. Pwede sa MU ang beauty. Hindi siguro nabetan ni Madame dahil poorlaloo ang comm skills. Chweh!

  4. Diane Jean Alegarme Chiong was a repeater. She competed in 1977. There were more deserving candidates from the 1980 Bb. Pilipinas Batch other than her.

  5. NOW we know where Pablo G. Mendez III got the idea for Atty. Patitay’s “ribbon manga warrior” at the BBP 2019 Application/Screening. Maja Francia, to be exact. 🙂

    Rosario, NOT Aurora. Reyna ng sablay me, as always. 😦

    Spirig, in the first photo with (her?) kids, reminds me of Lemon(on). Her traje de bano pasarela is giving (Mutya) Datul precursor vibe.

    Speaking of bosomy, I am of the opinion that German extraction imparts this and Spanish gives HIPS. Pia AW, definitely, has T_TS. April May Short is also a Zam-mer, but seems flat-ish. Therefore, I conclude CASGERNOY (Castille-German-Pinoy) will give BEST results, BALANCE up and down. Imagine Jake Cuenca and Marian Rivera (quite “hippy”) paired with Pia/Melody(+)/Thia/Valerie and Stockinger, respectively. And neither Spanish nor German stock confers exceptional height. Heidi Klum is not very tall, and she’s “pura”. Anyway,…

    Mr. Tinio, TELL Mdme. SMA to get in touch with her contacts in the Iberian Peninsula to make possible “manton de Manila negra” as gifts to BBP Batch 2020. And for all dear commentators, the following will aid greatly in putting you in a Euro mindset – “The Parisian life” by Juan Luna, Florestas Submersas Lisboa (Amano San’s last GRAND commission), Hamburg’s plans to essentially “cover/conceal” all its freeways with overpasses/developments, Croatia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Luz Casal’s music video for “Historia da un Amor” (todo el bien, todo el mal).

  6. This may be wishful thinking given Mr. Tinio’s workload, but in this time of lockdown when we need to feel good and be inspired, I suggest some entries on previous queens who are now successful career women, or who may have left a legacy of empowerment that has inspired a generation, or who may have made a mark in Philippine history and culture. Some name suggestions immediately crop up in my head like Gemma Cruz, Maita Gomez, Nelia Sancho, Margie Moran…

  7. Mara Spirig was one of the prettiest Filipinas to have won a BP title in the 80s. She placed as one of the Top 10 finalists and received the Best National Costume award at Maja International 1980 in Spain.

    • @ Mikko Mr. Tinio she did not place (in the article). Am a bit confused…. 🙂

    • Maja International 1980
      1980 November 23
      Auditorium de Palma de Mallorca, Canary Islands, Spain
      26 participants

      1 VENEZUELA – Belen Margarita Marrero Borjas
      2 U.S.A. – Debbie Anthony
      3 SPAIN – Rosa Ana García San Martín
      4 GERMANY – Renate Reissman
      5 JAMAICA – Heidi Ann Wells

      Top 10
      HONDURAS – Rosa Maria Moncada Ortega (Coffee ’81)
      PERU – María Cristina Boza Pardo
      PHILIPPINES – Maria Asuncion Spirig
      PUERTO RICO – Cynthia Gonzales Elles
      SWEDEN – Catharina Wiessner

      Norman, do you remember the Top 10 candidates of Miss Young Pilipinas 1981 pageant. I only recall the winners: MYP 1981 Joyce Ann Burton, 1st Evelyne Andrews, 2nd Monina Catherine Tan, 3rd Elizabeth Williams, and 4th Maria Angela Apelo Cruz. Who were the remaining 5? TY

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