19 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 1987: Throwback to the Year when a Luli, a Lilu, an Avon and Pebbles reigned supreme

  1. Wow, after seeing the candidates intro, I do wonder how they made it to the cut??? It must be the 80’s beauty??? I mean Peebles is pretty for sure, but the other girls are (nevermind)………..MU 87 was the first televised pageant that I’d ever watched and I was glad that she made the finalist. She looked really regal on the stage and her black gown suited her well. I just wished that she could have done better during the Q&A, she sounded somewhat cocky with her answer (I believe going to see her family in the US???)

  2. Another year of Binibining Chaka Universe. That’s all I can say. Kung nagagandahan kayo at nangangabog ang beauty niya, bahala kayo. Chweh!

  3. Akala ko tlg candidate si Zorayda Sanchez! D nmn ngkakalayo s iba kasi

  4. If my memory serves me right,

    Avon was the daughter of actress Marissa Delgado, right? She was also dating Ronnie Ricketts that time!

    And Pebbles just accompanied her friend for the screening but she ended up joining the pageant too.

    And of course who can forget her black evening gown at MU designed by Louie Mamengo which in today’s standard would be like a prom dress, sa bagay, lahat naman sila parang prom dress ang suot!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Last I read, Mamengo had an atelier in California.

      He is USA-based now?

      Like those Pinoy designers who made the Preliminary (red) and Finals (ice-blue) evening dresses for Pia and Kylie, respectively? Sorry, I do not remember who they are…. 😦

      • Madam Flora,

        Unfortunately, sumakabilang buhay na si Louie Mamengo,

        The red dress by Pia was by Oliver Tolentino while the blue gown was by Albert Andrada. And yeah, Oliver was based in US already!

        Kylie’s gown was by Francis Libiran.

  5. It was the time of Peebles Asis when little sisters serenaded the candidates with “You are my star” medley During the long gown competetion. It was so celestial. That brought out the regality of every candidate. How I wish MUO will bring back this segment of the competetion.

  6. Not a fan of this girl
    I Was surprised when she won . I remember the big face .
    .. but I was happy to see her make top 10
    Didn’t she end up with some porn guy ? Scandalous !

    BTW, Grade 3 Ako nung manalo si Pebbles !! The nerve of some people to flaunt their age … as if anyone would believe them. , tse

    • Above comment was not intended for Pierre . It was for someone else

    • I suppose you are referring to Greggy Liwag who appeared in several bold films in 1980’s. He is Cita Capuyon(1983 Bb Pil-Universe) husband and they are happily married. All I know about Peebles is she married a Visayan guy and got separated.

  7. Peebles Asis deserved to win the MU1987 crown. Luck was not just on her side.

    • @ Serge Ikaw pa rin…. (chocolate bar advertisement). 🙂

      Peebles? I recommend for your listening pleasure this quarantine period Peabo Bryson, arguably THE SINGLE MOST BEAUTIFUL male voice ever! He is assigned the honor of caressing the notes of Celine Dion and Regina Belle in B&tB and AWNW, respectively.

      Pebbles was IMPRESSIVE. She made it look EASY-EFFORTLESS-NONCHALANT in SG.

      • I know Flor favorite mo si Pebbles de Asis. 1987 was very memorable to me because it was my very FIRST time to watch MU live on TV. I had to travel all the way to the capital town to be able to watch it in my Aunt’s house. First year high school lang ako nun Flor (another clue). He, he, he… Pebbles was ONE of the early favorites to win the crown. She was ranked 6th both in the swimsuit and interview segments in the semifinal round of the competition. Pebbles was 4th in the gown segment. I think she was underrated in SS. Chile’s Cecilia Bolocco ranked number 1 in all the three segments. The top 5 finalists were the prettiest. They were very glamorous and blessed with bubbly & radiating personalities. Puerto Rico’s Laurie Simpson became the 1987 Miss International when she competed in Japan months later.

        Si Maria Luisa ‘Lilu’ Jimenez, 1987 Bb. Pilipinas-Maja International, is ALSO a schoolmate of yours, Flor. Kung hindi ako nagkamali she is a Fine Arts graduate just like Maria Isabel Lopez (Bb.1982) and Nina Ricci Alagao (Bb. 2000).

        Ikaw Flor ano ang course mo? He, he, he…

      • Pierre , the comment was not meant for you . It was for some one else

      • @ Pierro Rocco ‘Eto na! It has begun. By process of elimination….

        Neither Multidisciplinary Studies nor CSSP (refer to comment somewhere else). But, with lab at Bulwaga’ng Palma then…

        There used to be an in-campus desfile, neither Lantern Parade nor Oblation Run (PROMISE! I witnessed it once. Funny thing, I was totally unaware at the time. It LITERALLY SPRANG into plain sight. Hihihih). The Corp of Officers (ROTC) served as consorts to the pretty colegialas, the path marked with a garlands of sampaguita (Jasminium sambac).

        Italy was 1st RU to Cecilia Bolocco, no? I wanted Italy to win…

        I once had an Italian fren on FB. He “heart-ed” Bianca Tirsin, MI-Romania 2018 (ka-batch ni Ahtisa). Wala lang. Shi-nare ko lang. 🙂

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