8 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020 in this time of #COVID19

  1. Laudable project! However, I hope they can expand its coverage to include the bed-spacers, room-renters and of course dorm residents in the University Belt. Like the UP dorm residents, they may also not have the means and facilities to cook their own food. I know the difficulties of dorm living where one is not allowed to cook inside. Having been a UP dorm resident throughout my college years, I felt like dorm facilities for out-of-towners were a privilege my U-belt friends did not have. If the Iskolar ng Bayans need help, the U-belt students need it more.

    MUP can network with other food service establishments , student organizations, church groups, and other affinity groups for this project. While hoping the onslaught of COVID 19 will soon disappear, we just do not know how soon is “soon”.

  2. I admire these…but until when? Mukhang matatagalan pa ang COVID-19 crisis….

  3. cguro, e direct nila ung relief efforst nila in line with their advocacies. .UP students stranded sa dorms? parang off..

    • @ Marvin1978 EVERYBODY was caught off guard by the Community Quarantine. From what I know, majority of dorm students wherever are not Manila residents and maybe could not get out in time or perhaps were advised by elders to simply stay put.

      • yes i know..but as u sed, isnt it the UP.Admins primary obligation to provide food assistance to its constiuemts among other services..MUP could have established a sort of a business continuiy churva, or made a headcount of its contestants and ensure their well being during tjese uncertain times in asmucb as they are in tje middle of the oageant activities, while they havee put on hold the oageant, still, why digress to other relief efforts when they can do worrhwhile acticities within the organization..i dnt know..basta i find it off.tangent..dapat inuna nila ung employees nila, contestants, and otjer stakeholders.

  4. Is that adobo’ng manok with leeks on top?

    Speaking of UP Diliman, I remember one of those REALLY LONG novels we were assigned to read in Humanities, with a title to mirror this post’s – Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Set in some fictional backwater port town in Latin America, it pursues the JOURNEY of a wooing until both, now made less physically attractive with the passage of time (it described saggy body parts), have no choice but to savor their company on a riverboat that became an isolation chamber. A cholera epidemic ravaged the land, and the now-elderly pair cannot go to port lest they contract the illness.

    And why is the UP administration not the one doing this?

    Mr. Tinio, what is the situation with UST students in the dorms in the district?

    And,… when can we expect another round of tourism videos, which were committed to be shown for the duration of the community quarantine?

    • Saan po kayo madalas nung panahong nasa UP kayo Madame? CSSP po ba kayo galing?

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