16 comments on “1981: The Year Venezuela won both Miss Universe and Miss World

  1. Wag mo kami lokohin mr. blogger, si Annabelle Rama yung Ms World 81 sa picture 😉

  2. Miss Venezuela – Juices! I saw Rabiya Mateo’s dress at the Manila Hotel desfile.

    Miss World – Talaga’ng kin-eri ni Pilin Leon ang green from Nationals to Internationals. Pero, ba’t ganu’n? The usher simply placed her continental trophy on the stage (floor) once she was announced MW?

    Miss Universe – Brazil had a Giselle Bundchen thang going… My Final 3 would have been Saez, bubbly Sweden, and her.

    Mr. Tinio, ‘eto ‘yung mga panaho’ng kapag nagustuhan ko ‘yung kandidata, I would go over to the TV and LITERALLY KISS the screen.

    There was one year I kissed a European, and she won. I don’t know what year that was. But it was THIS decade. I will guess it was Angela Visser…. (Btw, how is ELV, po?). 🙂

  3. Ang gaganda ng mga shondidates nila kahit sa nationals pa lang. Average man yung feslak ng iba, binawi naman sa poise at bearing ng bongga. Hindi katulad dito sa atin nung mga panahong iyan, 89.99% ng shondidates talagang yayahin hindi lang sa mukha kundi pati sa kilos din. Parang laki sa farm nung panahon ng mga T-Rex and friends. Chweh!

      • No, we are not related. I’m not related to anyone Chinese except my husband. Our roots actually originated from the Nah Family in Korea. Kilala mo si Keena Nah? Closest cousin ko yun.

      • @ VINA YU I would advise you to monitor blog so that you and @ Dakkough Houten meet. 🙂

  4. The country nearly replicated Australia’s feat a year after when Evangeline Pascual narrowly lost in MW1973.

    2013 could have been close. Ara topped the SS round, but had a disastrous EG presentation.
    Had she won, we could have a hold of the 3 alpha crowns in a single year.

    • No, no, no. Ara’s EG presentation was superb. She was actually able to salvage what’s left of that horrendous gown and made it look good. She was able to give movement and life to the stiffness that is that yellow Barraza. It was really her gown that’s disastrous, not her presentation. But while I do find Ara the most gorgeous among that year’s Top 5, the ladies who ranked above her especially Gabriela Isler just really performed better than Ara that night.

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