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  1. Mr. Tinio, speaking of Anjanette dethroned due to citizenship issues, I am now curious….

    (Unsure if this was the same year, but) wasn’t Porntip Nakhirunkanok a legit USA citizen herself?

    No such considerations with the MUT organization at that time? This, if you recall, is NOT the first time a Thai-Am rep’d Siam at MU. It was at the Korea edition, with Aurora “Chat” Silayan, too. 🙂

    • I’m not sure how the Miss Universe Thailand organization fixes the documents of their imported winner/s before. But somehow, they do in compliance with the MUO.


      In 1985, Miss South Africa was banned in MU for the Apartheid issue hence she was not able to compete. Then she went to Germany, competed for the national title in 1989 and won. She represented Germany in 1989 Miss Universe and luckily was CHOSEN as one of the semifinalists.

      In 2001/2002, Natascha Borger joined Miss Venezuela and LOST. She then went to GERMANY and competed for the national title and won. Natascha represented Germany in 2002 Miss Universe and also chosen as one of the semifinalists.

      Ito rin sana ang GAGAWIN ni Melody Gersbach kung hindi lang siya namatay nang maaga dahil sa car accident. Pupunta na siya sa Germany to compete for the national title in 2010. Sayang siya talaga.

      Another case I believe (if my memory serves me right) is a girl from Portugal who also lost there but went to South Africa, competed and won the national title. She represented SA in 2002 MU and became one of the runners up.

      Marami pang cases Flor, nakalimutan ko na ang iba.

      • @ Pierro Rocco First of all, I can now correct myself. Myrna was AUNT to Samantha (Panlilio). I now extend my formal apology to both ladies and the Panlilios for my error.

        Naalala ko tuloy si Veruzka Ljublisawljevich, MW-Vene 2018, ka-batch nina Sthefany at Mariem…. Wasn’t she almost not able to compete? What did she do?

        Would @ scorg not like this? Having only one’s (selfish?) pageant career ambitions in mind with seemingly little, if any, sense of commitment or even attachment to the country/countries?

      • @ Cool Brew Your “he he” is telling, ‘ah!


        Don’t worry. We won’t tell. Blogger/Admin, promise @ Cool Brew you won’t tell, OK?

  2. NO FLOR. 3 LANG ang ANAK ni MYRNA PANLILIO-BORROMEO. Una, ISANG LALAKING ARCHITECT nicknamed RJ. Pangalawa, the late PATRICIA BORROMEO na FORMER GIRLFRIEND ni RICHARD GOMEZ, at Pangatlo, si MITZI BORROMEO na host ng special programs ng CNN Philippines.

  3. Alou Gonzales was a boring candidate. The major problem way back then was that there were no special groups of people (like pageants camps now) that train our candidates for international competitions. Alou’s performances in 3 segments of the preliminary competition were just average and the scores were not enough to qualify her to be one of the semifinalists. She DID NOT HAVE the right attitude and personality for Miss Universe. Her communication skills were just passable. And she was not provided the best wardrobe by the BPP organizers.

    Patti Betita could have been a better MU delegate. However, she did not do very good in Miss International. She was just one of the semifinalists. Selina Manalad I think (if memory serves me right) received a special award in Miss Maja International. Jenette Fernando became the Bb. Pilipinas- Tourism the following year.

    Anjanette Abayari primarily won because of her excellent command in the English language. She grew up in the States. She was dethroned due to residency requirement (kailangan 6 months ka nang nakatira sa Pilipinas). After, she became more popular when she entered showbiz. But also became very controversial when she was arrested (just like Alma Concepcion & Nora Aunor) by foreign authorities as reported by different media outlets way back then.

  4. Mr. Tinio, why was (host) Apa Ongpin chummy with Alou Gonzales? Were they personal friends?

    Walang kwenta’ng male usher! Ni hindi man lang hinawakan/binitbit ang pins. Si Patty pa…. Ta’s, may temerity/angas bumeso. MEN, indeed. Kung sa MI pa ‘yan, the guys are in tuxedo and assist. Even in Europe Nationals, pansinin niyo. May silbi ang mga (male) ushers. ‘Di lang pa-kyoot.

    (Filipino guys really get queasy-clueless at beaucons. Mag-judge lang, nalilito. Kung saan-saan nakatingin…)

    Thank goodness such is now history with the new crowns. Otherwise, MI provides easy-instant solution – the “twist-stick coronita” or the “de-tali’ng Crown”.

    Myrna Panlilio is Samantha’s mom, right? Mr. Tinio, could you please do a post of the NOT front-runners this year (as in a photo grid)? One more time, they deserve a scan. There might be gems we are missing for the more popular ones. Tiquestiques is an example. Anyway, everything is on hold.

    • NO FLOR. 3 LANG ang ANAK ni MYRNA PANLILIO-BORROMEO. Una, ISANG LALAKING ARCHITECT nicknamed RJ. Pangalawa, the late PATRICIA BORROMEO na FORMER GIRLFRIEND ni RICHARD GOMEZ, at Pangatlo, si MITZI BORROMEO na host ng special programs ng CNN Philippines.

  5. Ito yung mga panahon na usong-uso pa ang mga Katulongic Beauties.

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