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  1. The tall lady is beautiful.
    She should have been Ms Universe PH.
    The lady in black looks Indian/latina.
    She should have been Ms World PH.

  2. Arguably, the best batch of the 90s.
    Charlene brought the house down with her high tide or low tide answer during MU94.

  3. Mga Millenials,

    Ayan na! Kita niyo na Nanay ni Ashley Montenegro na representative natin sa first ever Miss Charm International!

  4. I love the segment when Shiela Marie Dizon was proclaimed Miss Lux and the song of side A Band “so many questions” was played as the background music. Very memorable.

    • @ Serge “…. ikaw pa, rin.” And so went the TV ad of that little chocolate bar. 🙂

      Lux, Camay, and Heno de Pravia.

      ‘Yung bago’ng sabon ngayon, Shield, medyo may pagka-HdP pero cheaper than current leading brands. Try mo.

    • My understanding is that the three major crowns were to be called in alphabetical order to indicate the equal importance of all three. Hence, International, Universe and World were announced in that order. I remember this being the case until Bb. Pilipinas 2010.

  5. Charlene rightful MUP as well as Cara as MWP..but I would prefer Shiela Marie Dizon as MIP then alma concepcion as BBPT. Bet na bet ng mga hapon ganda ni shiela Marie Dizon

  6. Oh wow! I wasn’t even born yet during this edition and only knew that Charlene demolished the competition. Watching these videos now I can say that it wasn’t that easy for her because of Caroline Subijano. I don’t know what the pageant standards are back then, but seeing Caroline for the first time during the introduction part pa lang I was immediately blown away by her beauty. Sure, Charlene’s beauty was definitely miles ahead compared to the rest, but Caroline had a different aura in her that you can already feel she’s a winner. Kumbaga in modern pageantry, Caroline Subijano is the Tamaryn Green to Charlene Gonzales’ Catriona Gray.

    • @ unorthodox Did you notice the 1990’s Fil-Am trend – Charlene, Caroline, and Anjanette (1991)?

      Recently, we have/had Samantha Panlilio, Samantha Ashley Lo, Nicole Guerrero, Maureen Montaigne, Maria Andrea Abesamis,…

      If I am not mistaken, both “Cara” (face, Subijano) and Alma (soul, Concepcion) resumed adversities at Ford Super Model of the World – Philippines Finals. You can confirm for us?

      • Cara was Ford Supermodel winner back in 1991 but didnt place in the intl finals. Alma on the other hand, was RP’s bet to Miss Hawaiian Tropics International 1992. And speaking of Alma, VRS revealed that Alma was the top scoring candidate in Bb that year. Because of strategic placement, she was replaced by Charlene for the Universe crown for BPCI knew that a mestiza host delegate in Miss Universe would gain a lot of support from her kababayans

      • @ Cool Brew It did not hurt that Charlene was first cousin to the then MASSIVELY-popular Bonins of Filipinas show business.

        Would you say “deliberation” is the new euphemism for “strategic placement”?

        If so, the FIERCE ones – Resham and Sam Lo – should have been the Runners-up, then. 🙂

      • @Flor apologies, but I only officially got acquainted into the pageant scene in 2011. So I cannot confirm anything per your inquiry. I’m also not really aware of that trend up until now that you pointed it out. But, come to think of it, we’ve long been sending mixed blooded reps naman pala even before, so it makes me even more baffled that the uproars towards our recent halfies in MU and a calling for “pure Pinay” beauties only got strong during 2014-2015 and continuing to present.

        Anyway, among the ladies you mentioned, Nicole Guerrero has the greatest chance of winning Miss Universe or any international pageant by face alone. I was at the Parade of Beauties last year and her beauty is second only to Vickie’s. She honestly couldve been MUP last year. Problem is she’s too stiff at times and seemed like she didn’t receive any training at all. Sigh.

    • If my memory serves me right, Cara Subijano is a graduate of University of California- Berkely with honours. She’s tall, very Asian-looking, confident and brainy. Had she been coached and handled well at MW, she would have given Aiswarya Rai a stiff competition.

      • @ scorg Speaking of very Asian-looking, she WAS at Ford, with her dead-straight jet black mane.

        And now with daughter Ashley, and thanks of course to Blogger NT, Cara is back in the spotlight.

        NT San, what year was Marina Benipayo BBP-Maja Internacional, po?

        And speaking of Marina, could you feature again pageant-alums-become-happy-ever-after’s, such as herself and Ricardo Cepeda Go, and Precious Lara Quigaman and Marco Alcaraz (both Go and Alcaraz were Runners-up at Manhunt Philippines, weren’t they?).

        Aahhh…. Love in the time of nCov19. 🙂

      • Marina was Miss Maja Pilipinas last 1992. She eventually took over the responsibility of representing us at Miss World that year after Bb. Pilipinas World Marilen Espino contracted chicken pox just days before leaving for South Africa.

      • @ Norman Thanks for the information, Mr. Tinio. 🙂

        And just like that, Marilen Espino lost her opportunity to compete internationally? I remember those two at the 1992 edition. During the Question Round, one of them said, “(siempre), iba na ang matangkad”.

        I lost track of BBP after the excitement of the 1994 MU hosting job, somehow. I dove headlong into university and employment. The whole pageantry mindset (mine) only returned after the 2015 Steve Harvey blunder-of-sorts. I followed the developments ONLY on Inquirer.net’s tweets margin on the right-hand side of their page. For the most part, the 1995-to-2015 time frame was lost to me, a blur at best. I only found out in the newspaper about The 2013 Conquest. And thanks to your blog, I finally jumped in 2016, by joining my LITTLE voce in calling for crowns for Kylie and Apriel, specifically. My comments are gone now, for sure.

    • Unorthodox , why do I feel like you are bullshitting us with your age ? Give us a break !

      • @Fabian why are you so harsh to me (and my age)??? I’m only turning 25 this year. How old do you think I am and what made you think that way?

      • @ unorthodox Dude, sabi mo kasi “I wasn’t even born yet (at?) this edition…”.

        Sarcastic ‘yata arrive kay @ Fabian Reyes.

        I think one of the STRENGTHS of this blog is that commentators of all age brackets can come together and exchange views on equal footing in a level playing field (redundant, me?).

        Don’t fret. Am not too particular on numbers. Be as young or old as you wish.


      • thanks @Flor! And I agree with you re:this blog. Admmitedly IG has become a faster medium for pageant news and ganaps, but there’s still this undeniable comfort that the comment section of this blog provides. Sure, maraming episodes ng freakshow commenters pero di pa rin mawawala yung mga matitino who we can talk and exchange views with in a more educated manner. We may not agree on all things but at least we address each other with more respect. Ang kalat kasi sa IG sa totoo lang


  8. And, oh, yeah! They should bring THAT back. GLOVES. 🙂

    The Fall-Winter 2020-21 collections have been shown. PLENTY of ideas, there…

    The “tin can” crowns, all precious metal and devoid of gems, like that of Miss Suomi (Finland), should also be pleasing to the Metal Rat.

  9. It’s good to be able to watch these editions
    I was in college then and did not have a lot of opportunitIes to watch tv
    Happy to see Charlene win
    Just wish Ruffa had gone home with MUP

  10. There were more taller beauties and more articulate ladies in this batch alone than the 1993 season which was so underwhelming and full of disappointments (ex Dindi Gallardo). The 1994 Binibinis is touted as one of the best in history.

  11. I first saw Cara Subijano when she competed for the Supermodel of the World Philippines way back in the early 1990s. HINDI PA SIYA MARUNONG RUMAMPA nun (very awkward on stage). But she won basically for her height & fresh oriental features. In Miss World, Cara DID NOT MOVE ON to the final 5 primarily because she wore one of the WORST if not the WORST GOWNS in Philippine pageant history. This is one of Cara’s gown stories that circulated in media. Her (original) white gown got dirty during pre-pageant activities and was advised by the MW staff to use another one for the finals. She brought a couple of gowns, and UNLUCKILY the other one was very, very bad. Had it been she was provided with more beautiful gowns, she could have moved on to the top 5 and showed her excellent communication skills, and who knows she might have ended up as a runners up to Ashwarya Rai.

    In the case of Charlene Gonzales, her scores during the MU 1994 semifinals had showed that she ranked in the middle of the top 10. In the top 6 Q&A, her answer was NOT that strong enough to be able to move on to the top 3. India, Colombia & Venezuela were really the favorites of the judges that night (in the US) or morning in the Philippines. But I was more than happy for India and Sushmita Sen.

    Alma Conception’s charming personality & friendliness made her win the Miss Congeniality Award. She was also one of the 15 semifinalists in that year’s Miss International. Christina Lekka of Greece won the title.

    What the girls needed then was right pageant coaching and substantial support. There were a handful of people helping them, but not as extensive as what the pageant camps are doing these days. Over all, 1994 was really an excellent batch that includes Abbygale Arenas (another Supermodel of the World winner) who became Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 1997 & ranked 11th in 1997 Miss Universe.

    • I heard a different story…
      Her original gown was suddenly missing or possibly stolen hence one of the nice African girls lent her their extra gown.

    • I personally think Charlene not being able to go beyond Top 6 was due to her styling. In my opinion she looked better here in the Nationals than during the MU pageant.

      • @ unorthodox Charlene wasn’t too bad as hose delegate. What REALLY did her in was her “SuperWoman”, which did not exist in the superhero comics of that time. Flubbed her Q&A. 😦

        @ Pierro Rocco concurs (in his comment).

        I personally don’t like that animal print thingy Jose “Pitoy” Moreno did. Was Charlene Tiger year-born?

        But the hoop earrings at MU 1994 were YYAAASSSSS! Choose between Charlene and Minorka Mercado, in white “manton”.

  12. Sovietsya Bacud was super sexy and exotic how i wish sya pinadala sa Miss U, and Aileen Damiles sa Internaional

  13. Their batch was one of the strong BbP batches in the 90s. Batch ’96 winners were the luckiest ladies as they found rich partners.

    That’s all.

  14. A very strong batch indeed. This batch placed in all international pageants and we are mostly contented that time our representative are called in as semi-finalists/finalists. I think the local pageant was held in late 1993 in preparation of our 2nd hosting for Miss Universe 1994.

  15. Arenas was Bb Pilipinas Universe in 1997 and Bb Pilipinas International in that same year was Susan Jane Ritter from Zamboanga and Bb Pilipinas World was Kristine Floriendo. Strong batch also. I like Susan Jane, she finished top 15 finalist in Miss International. Miss World then was held in Seychelles, not sure about Kristine’s fate there.

    • Kristine joined Eat Bulaga for quite some time but left the show after being associated with Vic Sotto 😂

  16. 5’3″ (lang) pala si Sovietskaia Bacud…. I missed the stat in the magazine she came out in later.

    1994 was my FIRST EVER plane ride. I accompanied my maternal grandfather in what would turn out to be his last visit home (Bohol). Because of that trip, I missed this edition. Thanks, Sir NT! 🙂

    Time magazine, at the time, trumpeted, “India on a Roll”, when Aishwarya followed-up to Sushmita.

    • I always see Sovietskaya when we were still living in Bacood, Sta Mesa. She’s from there too. She just moved out of Sta Mesa when she joined showbiz doing TF films

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